Season 1 Episode 16

Semper Fidelis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • A squad of Marines rolls into town with a tank. The situation with Hawkins and Sarah reaches a boiling point.

    Another great episode. The Hawkins plot line worked itself out very nicely in my opinion. I really can't say much about it without giving something away, so I'll just leave it at that.

    As far as the Marines plot line, I have got to say that I was impressed with how that unfolded. There are a few minor plot holes to consider (like the damage to and the repair of the radio), but overlooking that, it seemed to work out nicely. Johnston's military history is coming into play more and more as of late, and I like seeing him as a capable man instead of the coughing, feinting invalid that he was at the beginning of the show. Now he is capable and determined, and I think this makes him a superior player.

    Gray's role as the Alpha has been shaken, although he wins points for taking the first punch when it came down to it. Gray's character isn't too bad of a leader, he's just reactionary. Despite his use as a political rival of one of the lead characters, Gray has shown himself to be a player who is not afraid, and who isn't sniveling. Even though his role here is small, I have to say that I like the role he does fill.
  • Here comes the Marines!

    Semper Fi Do or Die? Well, not in this episode. I really liked the subplot of the Marines and their stories of what is going on in the rest of the world. I totally bought into it until Jake heard those firecrackers and I realized something was up. So did Jake. It was too bad the way that ended for now the town realizes no one really is coming.

    Hawkins got down and dirty with Sara. I was glad to see her go but I still don't know how I feel about Hawkins. I pity his family that's for sure.
  • The marines show up and dont worry everythings gonna be A Okay

    A squad of marines show up in a british tank
    (there first clue)
    and promise aid for the people of jericho once the goverment gets back on its feet
    The people are relived and pleased ,the tax bird contemplates returning to her old life brad is annoyed at this.
    they marines tell the town leadership that iran and north korea are to blame for the bombs and those countries no longer exist.
    Jake ,while fixing a soldiers radio, hears fireworks outside in the street and on the radio while there base is talking to them.He grows suspicious and the rangers find a lone soldier outside town with a radio simulating miltary chatter.
    The jericho leadership and the marines pull guns on each other once johnston figures out the ruse.
    the soldier march out of town with crowds cheering .At the edge of jericho they leave there guns ,supplies and the tank .
    They figure the moral boost will be good for the town even if help dosnt show up.

    A good episode they sure had me fooled
    the con men certainly put on a good show and admit it has worked on several other towns.
    they confess to killing the owners of the tank and the soldiers in a food riot at a refugee camp
    i almost feel sorry for them at the end
    once again we are given info that things are a lot worse outside jerichos borders
  • The marines arrive in Jericho

    Easily the best plotted episode of the series so far. Everything worked and furthered the plot.
    The Hawkins storyline was OK, I'm glad the traitor is dead, but I wonder what this event will do to their marriage. I thought the daughter was brave and I'm sure Robert is extremely proud of her.

    I loved the main storyline and thought it was very convincing and only certain details, known to an ex-marine, revealed the truth of the episode, relatively late in the episode too. Gray was obviously outmatched and outsmarted, though not entirely through his own fault. I thought the relationship between Jake and Maggie was a bit too much, but it worked well within the episode.

    Excellent episode.
  • Review

    I thought that this was the best episode of the season hands down, with every scene having some direct impact with the main storylines that have carried this series so far up until this point.

    The marines coming to town was something I was real interested in at the beginning of the episode. I usually dont favor stories that turn out to be false, but I didnt see this plot twist coming from a mile away. I like how Jake was the first to put it all together, followed by the former mayor of the town. I liked the unspoken disagreement between Johnston and the new mayor, as it showed that Johnston still has the experience needed for the job. He did everything correct in this situation.

    Hawkins storyline almost died, but it picked up again when he was still in contact with the mytsery person. I thought all the scenes between him and the mole were really good, including the ending fight scene that ended with her death. I thought she was a very good 4 episode story arch.

    Overall, I think it was the best episode that the series has produced up until this point.
  • the best episode so far.

    A company of marines arrive at Jericho giving everyone a hope for the future. The marines inform everyone, that the government aren't broken but up and running. Everything goes well when Jake and his dad mingle with the marines. Hawkins links up with an old colleague, his family is endangered when he welcomes his old girlfriend into his family's life. This is a really good episode, the appearance of the marines uplifts the underlying themes of this show. The writers definitely came up with a really good episode, the acting was done well, the story was well written. Everything was well crafted.
  • This has got to be one of may favorite episodes of "Jericho" to date.

    This was one exciting episode. I was on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. When the "Marines" showed up telling their story of the end of the war, I will say that I was quite confused. I knew that something was up with their story. I love the fact that in this show, the action never ends.The conflict between Sarah and Hawkins was thrilling. A lot of answers come forward about their previous relationship. It was sad, though, that Jake's romantic interest in the female "Marine" was cut short because of the lies. But there was also humor to the situation in that Jericho acquired a nice tank. As Johnston said, "You never know when we might need a tank."
  • Keeps up the qualiy level from the previous 2 episodes. Provides a bit more info about the outside world, but needlessly carries on with the Hawkins subplot.

    You know that the world outside is pretty messed up if people are making a 'living' by impersonating military personnel and going from town to town existing on handouts and leftovers. This rpisode was rather like potatoe chips. Empty calories, but once you start, you can't stop. For the simole message that a faked military offers it is done very well.

    However, I am findinh Hawkins and the 'lost'like nystery more and more irritating. Yeah, okay so he was involved in a vast conspiracy (yawn), and he harbours big secrets (yawn), but so far he has contributed absolutely nothig to the whole concept of sociological post nuclear survival and he unique problems likely to be encountered.

    Shrug. It could have been a lot worse. Please, more of the bleakness of Black Jack and heart of Winter. And keep the soap oepraishness out of the show.

  • I mean hell the tank says it all.

    This is without a doubt my favorite episode yet. From the tank, to the knife fight. It has a lot more action sequences and I mean hell they put a tank on a network tv show. You have to give them credit for that at the very least. The show soldiers on in its Wild-West-in-the-21st-century with Jake falling for a Marien (or is she?) and then discovering the real reason that she is in town. Meanwhile, behind the sound of fireworks and the good news of the marines, something dire is happening in the Hawkin's household. Can't wait to see where the Chat conversation leads.
  • Such a happy moment!

    After everything that the USA and Jericho has been through so far, there is finally relief to Jericho. Over 12 marines and a tank march into Jericho making a tearjerking speach about what they will do to help Jericho. When they were talking to themselves out side of the tank things started looking really odd. One of the main factors which contributed to me loving this episode so much is that a whole group of strangers came to Jericho and all looked good. When the leader told that since Jericho is so great they might not get supplies, I started to get really sad and then when I found out who they were I got so nervous. I thought that they were cappable of anything until the whole PE teacher thing and their weapons won't even loaded.
  • HooRah, Tanks, Another love interest for Jake, Mimi and Stan need to 'Get a Room'.....

    US Marines enter Jericho with a tank bring news of the War and that the US are winning and they finally have one president. The Marines promise that the town will have power restored by the end of the year.

    The town celebrate - Stan and Mimi and kissing and Jake says ' There are kids out here, get a room' love that quote.

    There is a female Marine Malone who Jake takes a fancy to, they work together on getting a radio working, they get a message from Dodge City that the Marines are to return back there. The Marines plan to return but they don't have much supplies, Gray promises them fuel and supplies in exchanged for a spot at the top of the priority list of towns who will be looked after first.

    Jake and Malone share a kiss and the town celebrate with fire works and a banquet for the Marines.

    Jake goes back to get supplies and receives another Radio transmission from Dodge City, he heres fire works on the transmission and realises something is not right.

    Meanwhile, Johnston realises the men are not Marines by the way they are addressing their Commanders and shouting Hoorah.

    Jake, Johnston and Mrs Green meet up and decide they need to run the imposters out of town, they get the usual team together and expose them. The fake Marines leave town leaving their Tank behind.

    Johnston takes charge and looks like he's running the town again leaving Gray looking an arse.

    Hawkins decides not to trust Sara and kisses her to steal her Notepad away, he reads her messages to find her working against him, she realises it's gone and holds his family hostage and forces H to bring her the package. There is a fight and Sara gets shot by H's daughter. Darcy and the kids leave H along in the house with Sara's dead body. H receives a message from 'The old man' (thinking it's for Sara) H says he has the package and where should they meet. The message back to TBC.....

    Good epi as usual - but I want Heather to come back, need some love action.
  • Tanks coming rolling into Jericho with something all of the town needed to hear... but there's the interesting twist among many.

    Watching this I really enjoyed how the introduced the tanks and soldiers I was little down hearted at first thinking are they going to wrap up this war thing but shame on me for jumping first and not thinking the best of Jericho writers as the soldiers have a another motive half way through the eposide it is reveled they are stripping towns of all it's food. (Wait isn't Jericho scarce when it comes to food?!?) I love how they played this eposide overall I think EVERYONE from writers to producers should be very proud of this eposide I think Jericho is finally coming out of the shadow people had it cast under when it first started which thankyou I've been trying to say for quite a while NEVER judge a book by it's cover or in this case a show by a few eposides !

    The Hawkins drama was top notch I was trying to figure out who was going to shoot who I love show downs (especially when they involve Hawkins that man is one fine character)

    I also love how they are building relationships especially with Hawkins and his wife they two are starting to relate to each other slowly but surly which is nice to see the writers aren't rushing this relationship my only beef is how neglected my favorite character is becoming Heather.... show me some Heather guys!
  • Aren't they supposed to yell "Semper Fi!" back?

    Since being elected Mayor, Gray has yet to make a good decision. He started freely distributing food with no sense of conservation when they got the airdrop from the Chinese. He wanted to destroy the bridge when Ravenwood threatened. He sent our boys on a senseless hunting trip instead of using valuable fuel in trucks and trying to trade salt for food. And now he almost gives away half of what meager supplies the town has left for a promise of being put high on a government distribution list? That wouldn't have been worth it even if they were the real government!

    Well, we found out in this ep not only who should be in charge of managing things, but who actually is. J&J each independently scoped that something wasn't right and did what had to be done to salvage what they could from the situation. Actually, not half bad. I'll bet none of the neighboring towns has a tank -- and diesel fuel to run it (from Stanley's tractor fuel tank). Time will tell how much of what the fake Marines told about the outside world is true; but the story they told that the US retaliated against North Korea and Iran with nuclear devastation would at least be a morale boost. I'm guessing that the truth won't be revealed until later.

    As for Hawkins and Sara going all Ninja on each other, dramatic as it turned out, it didn't seem very realistic. First, I can't believe she left her mini-PC out where he could find it, no password, no encryption, and all her text messages intact! Then knowing he's the target, he saunters upstairs to chat with her? Wouldn't he sneak outside and shoot her through the window if he really cared about his family? Why risk putting them in danger at all by entering the room where he knew Sara and Sam were? At least that afternoon Robert spent bonding with Allison at he firing range finally paid off.

    We learned some things about Hawkins' situation. His vehicle is a truck, although that could mean a lot of things. Apparently "the package" is a barrel-nuke. You don't talk about it not being armed if it's a turkey fryer. And company is still coming, but not to see him.

    I liked the writers' idea of the town getting duped by the opportunistic refugees masquerading as Marines. They were so elated to have contact from the US Government that nobody thought it odd that they promised that Jericho was going "back on the grid"; but the only thing they did during their brief visit was restore their own communications. This is a realistic portrayal of what life would be like in that situation. Lots of people pretending to be whatever it takes just to keep on being at all.
  • Best episode yet. It had both action and suspense and suprises to be revealed.

    The episode open with a US Marine Corps tank rumbling into town bringing with it hopes of national recovery and an eventually return to normalcy. But as soon as they begin speaking Johnston Green smells a rat but keeps quiet as they appear well armed and plans a trap for the impostors. The "Marines" tell stories and rumors some of which are true, some not. While a firework display is set off for the "Marines" jake hears someone on their radio that is supposed to be 200 miles away in Dodge City, but he can also hear Jerichos fireworks in the background. Now Jake is on to impostors and tells his father Johnston who has already set up a farewell dinner for the impostors to verify they are impostors by asking alot of questions. Then the female "Marine" walks in on Jake and holds him at gunpoint, but Johnston comes to the rescue and gets the drop on the impostors. They explain how they took the tank after the real Marines were killed in a refugee camp riot. Johnston want to let Jericho feel good for awhile before breaking the news about the fake Marines so they escort them out of town as heroes then take their tank and weapons and send them off into the cold night with a few days provisions; far more than they deserved. Shows why Green should be mayor again. Gray Anderson just doesnt have temperament to be Mayor. If Anderson had his way there would have been a shootout with dozens of deaths and injuries. Fortunately he allowed Green to take charge at a critical moment. Anderson may be a good politician but hes ill suited to be Mayor under these conditions.

    Meanwhile, it was suspense and action back at the Hawkins house where Sarah is holding the Hawkins family at gunpoint as she forces Robert to brink the "package" to her. He breaks down the concrete block wall and reveals the bomb to his wifes shock and amazement. She was incensed that he would bring a thing like that into their house. At which point Robert goes for Sarahs gun and they being slamming each other around the living room like a scene out of Terminator 3. Then Hawkins daughter, Allison, puts her new marksmanship skills to use and plugs Sarah right in the chest. Now Hawkins plans to meet up with the bombers to whom Sarah planned to sell the bomb and eliminate the threat to his family once and for all - should be more "fireworks" when that happens.

    Some people probably would have preferred a shootout between the resident of Jericho and the fake Marines, but I liked how Johnston Green skillfully defused a tense and potentially deadly situation . Now Jericho has its very own tank and several high end military weapons as a bonus. The best possible outcome. And, as the Morse Code at the beginning indicated, "They will need it[the tank]".
  • Good Episode. Had a feeling something was up with those marines.

    Something didn't quite feel right to me after the marines showed up, but I thought the episode was really well written. Like in the movie 'Signs', the characters do not know what is going on in the rest of the world since communications have been disrupted, so a group of people can easily pass themselves off as military for their own personal gain.

    Gray has got to go as mayor. He comes across as spineless as well as narrow minded to me. He was sucked in by the marine's story and sooo quick to give them half the town supplies. The look on his face at the end, to me anyway, showed that he realized how close he came to dooming Jericho. But former Mayor Green had it right. They need hope, even if it may not be possible that help will come to them right away, to survive. Otherwise, why keep trying to survive?
  • This episode is exactly what I was waiting for from Jericho. This allowed various characters to really come to light and develop.

    After watching the episode I was very pleased. The writers brought to the show exactly what I was looking for. Of course like most, I was delighted when I saw the preview that the military had arrived but I knew there was going to be a twist. This episode touched on just that, the twist! The general public assuming roles of people they really aren't to get rations and various items it what made this episode so revealing. Also you finally got to see some of the characters with true leadership ability assume responsibility for the people of the town. This is very important in progressing the show. The viewer needs to understand that elected officials only have the power that the people give them. The former Mayor of Jericho proved that he is a true leader and that the current Mayor is merely a figure head. I am still very much in confusion as to why Jericho is not connected with the outside world and that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) have not come to light. I sure as the story continues we will finally get to see exactly what has occurred to the Federal Government. To close I again must say that this show has made me a fan and overall this is a great addition to the CBS line up.
  • Marines come to town..

    So I have one big problem with this episode. The Marines show up, and everyone is all happy, and they all think they are finally being saved. If I remember correctly Ravenwood was part of the military too at some point. So this tank with about 8 or 9 soldiers rolls into town, and they actually believe its real? I would think at least one of them would be suspicious, but whatever. Ignoring that whole stupid story, I was really into the other (more important) story concerning the nuke or bomb, or whatever the hell that is. It was very suspenseful, and it kept up a good pace. I enjoyed the fighting scenes as well. It kind of reminded me of Kill Bill, but a lil less bloody. Anywho.. the marines thing was stupid but I have a feeling the tank will play a roll later on in the series so I guess they kinda had to show up and leave with out it.. whatev.. still love the show though.. i hope that pregnant chick dies in 2 weeks.. i hear she goes into labor way to early.. should be interesting.
  • You realize that things are getting pretty bad out there when a PE teacher pretends to be a Marine to keep himself alive.

    Where did they even get the tank from? I actually thought it was pretty smart for them to pretend to be a part of the government. In the middle of a disaster like that, you're willing to believe everything. I actually thought the military coming was pretty shady, but of course I got a little dose of this episode from last week's trailer.

    They also bring in another love interest for Jake. Like Heather and Emily isn't enough for him. But this time, it's one of the"Marines" and they actually made connection. Her name is Maggie and she has the smart to fix a radio. She was actually a pretty decent girl and is so much better than Emily.

    Sarah finally dies, surprisingly in the hands of Allison. We also get a glimpse of the Package, which I'm pretty sure is a bomb. Darcy's had enough and leaves with the kids, but where are they gonna go?

    All's fine in the end when Dad Green kicks the "Marines" out of town, but decides to keep it a secret. There's also this weird part when Gray looks at Johnston and realizes he should be mayor. Well of course! He wasn't the one kissing the "Marines" ass in a desperate attempt to keep Jericho alive and make himself look good. This show is definately picking up speed and I'm just waiting for the season finale that makes me look at the TV in awe.
  • At least they got a tank out of it.

    I usually enjoy Jericho, but this episode was so-so. It explained a little more on Hawkins (atleast Sarah is gone), I find his wife is p.o'd alot and has never even said 'thanks for saving us' to him. Now she took off with him maybe bleeding to death. Jericho still needs supplies and hope will not keep you warm during the winter. They may not have killed those 'marines', but they probably sent them to their deaths by sending them out in the cold without weapons to protect themselves, and as we know, there is a fair amount of bad guys out there.
  • The long con.

    Ever since Jericho returned, it's quality has raised dramatically.

    Not only the storylines are much more interesting, but the characters got some depth too.

    U.S marines arrive in town, and it seems that the citizens of Jericho are finally saved, until Jake and Papa Green finds out the truth. This was actually a good one, as it was really unpredictable. Well, at least for me, who doesn't watch reviews or reads episode synopsis.

    The other storyline was Hawkins centered, and finally, the showdown between Hawkins and Sarah is on. Finally some incredibly well done fighting scene in Jericho! this was much needed. Some good fistfight, and a little predictable outcome, but still, somehow, it was a bit shocking.

    The episode, although, suffered from cheesy dialogs(especially in the beginning) and the Mimi/Stanley arc is just forced. Way too forced.

    However, it's REALLY good to see how the writers took the focus away from Eric and co.

    Johnston is the man, as he's not mayor anymore, he kicks ass, very good character development for him.

    Overally, a great episode, one of Jericho's best, but still, it's suffering from cheesy dialogs and forced storylines.
  • The package is out in the open and there are now "3" thanks to Robert's daughter's marksmanship...

    Sarah is out of the picture and rest of the Hawkins family is safe: for now. The faux Marines are cast out of town, leaving the food and energy shortfall a continuing concern, sans some "X-Factor". Robert will remain under pressure (a body in the woods? and the bomb) in the coming episodes.