Season 1 Episode 16

Semper Fidelis

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: There is a major flaw in the episode although it looks impressive. The "Marines" would never be able to drive their tank from town to town, especially in a place like rural Kansas, where the population centers are so far apart. An M1 Abrams tank consumes fuel at a rate of about two gallons per mile, so they would burn an incredible amount of fuel. Because of this, tanks are transported by rail or airlifted to the spot where they are to be used.

    • Goof: When Hawkins sends the messages at the end of the episode, he does not hit the right keys on the keypad.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

    • Johnston Green heard one of the Marines say Hooah and says that is what soldiers in the Army say. Oorah is what Marines say while Army soldiers say Hooah.

    • Goof: The tank featured in "Semper Fidelis" is a British Chieftain standing in for an M-1 Abrams.

    • Title: Semper Fidelis

      Latin for "Always Faithful." It is also a motto for various cities and military organizations including the English city of Exeter and the U.S. Marine Corps.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: What do we do?
      Johnston: We soldier on.
      (Jake nods)
      Jake: What do we do with that?
      (Eric, Jake, and Johnston turn to look at the tank)
      Johnston: Oh.
      (Stanley inspecting the tank)
      Johnston: Stanley? Got room in your barn?
      Stanley: Seriously?
      Johnston: Why not? Never know when you might need a tank.
      (Johnston walks away)

    • Sarah: You've been lying to me Robert, when did you fall back in love with your wife?

    • Maggie: So…you're really not going to tell me what happened?
      Jake: Doc says frostbite.
      Maggie: Uh, huh. Doctor also say who kicked your ass?
      Jake: (chuckles) Someone ran us off the road. Most of it's a blur. Just, uh, tried to stay alive, you know.
      Maggie: I do.

    • Mimi: I just realized.
      Stanley: Hmm?
      Mimi: If the government is up and running, you know what that means, right?
      Stanley: No.
      Mimi: Paperwork. They'll need accountants again.
      Stanley: Does that mean I'm back in debt?
      Mimi: Don't be so negative. New York made it. Come next summer I'll be taking walks through Central Park. (Stanley shakes his head) What?

    • Robert: This is my family, Sarah.
      Sarah: It never mattered before.
      Robert: Yeah, well, now it does.
      Sarah: What's it going to take, someone slitting your wife's throat before you get it?
      Robert: Hey, hey... You're right. We will drop them at the safe house and then we'll keep moving.
      Sarah: It's the right thing for them.
      Robert: Yeah. (Robert kisses Sarah)

    • Jake: Is any of this real?
      Maggie: The gun's real. I'm sorry.
      Jake: You con people out of stale food and enough fuel to get to the next town.
      Maggie: You don't know how bad it is out there.
      Jake: Yeah, I do.

    • Sarah: How can I be sure you won't follow me?
      Robert: I won't follow you.
      Sarah: Not if I take your son with me you won't.
      Darcy: My God.
      Sarah: I'll leave him just outside of town.

    • Jake: Hey.
      Maggie: Our own personal escort out of town?
      Jake: Look, you're a smart girl; you need to get out before these guys get you killed.
      Maggie: And go where? Towns aren't taking refugees and there's only one thing they want women for.
      Jake: Stay here, all right, you'll be safe.
      Maggie: It's not going to work, not after the story we told.

    • Stanley: Not now, Mimi.
      Mimi: Like hell right now, Cornhusker.
      Stanley: Cornhuskers are from Nebraska, I'm a Jayhawk...What? What?
      Mimi: You drive me so crazy and you know that I can't stay here for ever but, the truth is I can't live without you, either.
      Stanley: Really?
      Mimi: Yes, really.
      (Stanley kisses Mimi)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mimi: Like hell 'right now', Cornhusker.
      Stanley: Cornhuskers are from Nebraska, I'm a Jayhawk.
      Mimi and Stanley make an allusion to the nicknames of State colleges to describe where Stanley is from. JayHawk is the nickname of the University of Kansas. Cornhusker is the nickname of the University of Nebraska.