Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • One of the better villians

    At least the acting has gotten a little better, although still not very good. So far Season 2 is better overall, but the premise of Season 1 and it's apocalyptic survival scenario made it most interesting for those who are of the survivalist subculture. But again, the bad acting really ruined Season 1. The only good actor is the Black dude. *SPOILER* And why was the best villain so far killed off? And why did he only embezzle $10k? He could have easily made more while looting, etc. Make it a little believable. And enough of the weapons drawn every 10 minutes. So damn stupid. And why do they have to rack the slide every time? Wouldn't most law enforcement keep a round chambered at all times and especially during such volatile situations? Shouldn't a round get ejected every time they rack it?
  • It was a pretty good episode, things are coming to their conclusions... quality of the show definitely picked up and is at a pretty good lvl now. *SPOILERS*

    It was a pretty good episode, things are coming to their conclusions... quality of the show definitely picked up and is at a pretty good lvl now. Although as the plot unfolds it is getting predictable, but that is with every show at this stage. Everyone expects that Beck will make havoc now cause Getz is dead, but the point here is that Getz was NOT J&R/Ravenwood employee at the moment he was shot. Therefore Beck can and will look at it only as a murder of a civilian, which can easily be classified as self defense (although the shot was from close range, which might leave a possible choice for further development of this issue, but probably not right away).
  • The countdown to the end?

    I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters this week, when Bonnie is shot by Goetz. 'At least she died a hero,' I thought, but that didn't stop me from bawling when Stanley said goodbye to herI don't think I could have picked between her and Mimi though. It might not have been as tough as April's passing, but I hated her being killed. Was it even for the benefit of the story?

    The fight for Goetz ends with help from Hawkins and Mimi. Even Trish helped, but seeing as in she was in with Goetz, I can't cancel out all her bad points. But neither New Bern or Jericho can take credit because Stanley did the deed, shooting Goetz in the head. I can't say what he did was wrong. I felt that someone had to pay for Bonnie's death. And if it made him feel better, why not? Luckily, New Bern cleans up the mess by stringing up the dead body up a tree for Beck to see. Wow, he does not look happy....

    Seven episodes was never a good idea, was it? CBS just did it to pacify all the angry nut-throwing fans, myself included. But here it is again, the dreaded final two episodes. Thanks a lot, CBS!
  • Another good episode by Jericho, I think it was the best episode yet this season. We see the aftermath of Bonnie's killing.

    Another good episode by Jericho, I think it was the best episode yet this season. We see the aftermath of Bonnie's killing.

    The way the Goetz situation was handled was simply great. First they got him fired from J&R and then when it was going to be a fight between New Bern or Jericho to take him, then Stanley came and shot him in the head, thus taking revenge for his sister's death.

    In the end of the episode Beck finds Goetz killed and hung for a tree on the border of New Bern.

    The reaction of Beck will now be interesting to see.
  • Self defense has new meaning now.

    This show picks up right where the last one left off. It was touching the moments Stanley spent with Bonnie's body. Very gripping writing there and the scene was expertly played out. Goetz claiming self defense and his subsequent firing didn't come as a shock. What did come as a shock was his final moments as Jake and the New Bern guy just stand there as Stanley strolls up and takes revenge for his sister's death. The hanging from the tree was an added bonus for the Bonnie's death.

    Perhaps Stanley can cry self defense to Beck and unlike Goetz...get away with it...
  • Thrilling episode...

    Oh.. Again a really superb episode - they really are doing amazing job with those and to cancel after this - the ones making decisions are crazy.

    It starts like a bitter aftermath of last episode happenings and soon turns into the crises between Ravenwood and Rangers who stand on their way to luckily survived Mimi. And it is not so easy - one of their own turns against them, a lot of excitement and action, cleverly plotted storyline. And then the end on the field - the way it was done - a little victory and then the end of the things what had boiling all episode - Goetz is killed by Stanley. And the way it was done - so much speaking, so impressive, emotional. Thing he would never do but for revenge for his sister.. he is able to over come that line..

    And the totally last scene - the picture.. it was again.. well done.
  • Jericho takes on Ravenwood

    When Jericho takes on Ravenwood I remembered exactly why I watch this show! The first season was thrilling and exciting and I could not wait to see every next episode. Season two was even better when you look at the new developments and new characters but I missed the thrill I had during the first season. Untill now that is! This show continues to provide drama, excitement, action and has an original cliffhanger at the end of each episode. The way humans and their greed/ego/fight for survival are shown makes it even more interesting to watch. And this episode is a great example and I hope Jericho stays on for a long time.
  • cant believe they almost cancelled this show.

    cant believe they almost cancelled this show. it keeps getting better and better. the whole plot seems more intriguing and exciting than ever. the first season was really good with the setting of characters and giving you the feel of the whole story. but this season reveals unlimited possibilities. There are some tv shows that go on for seasons with less and less character development and more boring and repetative story lines. Yeah should name no names after all but 7 seasons of meteor freaks and an insecure super-guy who just can not put on the cape and be done with it... c'mon guys be realistic!
  • Review

    I thought that the beginning started off kind of slow but after the first 12 minutes or so everything started to pick up. Ive read a couple of reviews that say that they liked Stanleys reaction to the death - I wasn't a big fan of his actions during the first 18 minutes. He was still very calm. Granted I guess it had been a few hours since the death, but I still think he would have been massivly more upset then it came off as. The 2-3 minute scene with Bonnie and himself is more the kind of reaction I was expecting. You have to respect the writers of the episode who made a 3 minute long scene of a man talking to no one (no offense, btu she was dead) and still have it come across as such a powerful and dramatic scene. That, to me, was there the episode picked up steam and never really looked back. Loved Hawkins in this episode. He felt like the season one Hawkins all over again. I havent been his biggest fan in this season, but thats mainly because he has had the sole job of being apart of the conspiracy theory stuff and not able to interact with our own characters enough. Him sniffing out the Ravenwood bluff was very well done, I think he had more then enough information to know that they didn't have anything that could help him. I liked how they showed us the spy, instead of keeping it a secret. Then we have the end of the episode - where Goetz gets what he had coming. I did like the way Jake and the New Bern guy were arguing and Stanley just kind of drives up right in the middle of it and no one tries to stop him. He just walks right up to Goetz and kills him. I actually liked the scene, I dont think anyone there would have seen that coming from Stanley so - why not. A much better conclusion then Jake bringing him back to Jericho or a New Bern guy killing him. Certainly the best episode of the second season so far. I think the previous episode was very overrated, but the 9.8 on this one is much deserved I think.
  • Fantastic. Jericho works brilliant as a shorter series

    Five episodes in to the this shortened season of 8 and Jericho is still great tv. I suppose due to the short length this season the writing and direction can be alot more focused without the need for padding and filler episodes (which occured far too often in season 1) I really hope Jericho gets picked up for another season because on the basis of the past Five episodes this show is one of the best on television right now. After a shocking and suspensful episode last week it was great to see this episode picking up right after the end of episode 4. It was good to see the suspense still right there will the ever increasing evil of Goetz hanging around (no pun intended) and more action again with the standoff in the hospital and Hawkins doing what he does best. Only 3 more episodes remain, and on the way the last Five have played out its going to be a great finale, and maybe a great season 3.
  • Yet another incredibly exciting episode which again proves how hard the writers are trying to save the series.

    I finally get around to doing this review only to find out that Jericho's been cancelled again. My heart's not in this review but I'm gonna write it anyway but it's gonna be short.

    It shows how much Jake has come to trust Beck that he's the first person Jake goes to. With bigger fish to fry – New Bern again – he leaves Jericho in Jake's hands and though Jake tries, the situation quickly gets out of hand. Without Beck to keep Goetz on a leash, Goetz actually declares the med centre a hostage situation and starts kidnapping people's families! Our traitor Fred is finally exposed, he's lucky no-one shot him. The siege was excellently done. After the disclosure about Jake's semi-military past, we see him searching with Hawkins, very efficient, very cool.

    Stanley killing Goetz was a shock – usually in tv series, the hero will always stop his best friend from doing something bad, the bad guy will get his justice in the end. Not in Jericho, which has not been pulling the punches in season 2, and Stanley actually does kill Goetz. Which of course, is incredibly bad. No matter what they do, Beck will find out, too many people know what really happened. Gotta admit, the look on Goetz's face when he gets fired is one of those little moments that make you all warm inside. Brilliant to get him fired before he dies, J&R won't retaliate.

    New Bern is a powder keg that's been waiting to blow since the New Bern War and no surprise that Heather's on their short list, a prestigious list that includes Goetz too.

    Some truly great moments in this episode but my favourite was Stanley signing a conversation to Bonnie. Very touching. Beautifully done. Another scene I enjoyed was Stanley going to see Mimi. Naturally she starts apologising, she'll always blame herself for Bonnie, but Stanley doesn't allow it, instead saying that Bonnie would glad she was able to save Mimi.

    Another very intense episode in a series of such episodes in season 2, the writers are managing to keep up the tension effortlessly with each episode, without ever being repetitive. Really impressive.
  • Getz goes to war with jericho

    Bonnie is dead and getz claims self defense.Major beck is called in to investigate a bombing at the new bern J&R office.Mimi is still alive and being operated on, jake and his rangers guard the medical centre against ravenwood trying to get to the only witness.After a tense standoff getz starts pulling the rangers families out of there homes as hostages.Then they make the mistake of knocking on the front door of mr hawkins.Hawkins turns up with his own ravenwood hostage who mysteriously escapes his imprisonment.They have a strong suspicion one of them is a traitor.Ravenwood storms the medical centre but find only there stoolie.The rest apparently escaped through a hole in the wall.
    Meanwhile heather encounters the new bern resistance they tell her things are really bad in thier town and constantino has rallied the people to fight back.They ask her to stop helping Beck.
    Ravenwood is met on the road by more J&R men but in stead of reinforcements getz is fired and disarmed.They even take his car.Jake and the rangers attack and getz is taken alive until stanley shows up.Hawkins predicts dire consequences for jericho when beck returns .
  • This show just keeps getting better and better.

    Out of all the seasons of shows I've ever watched. This is my favorite season. Ever. I've loved every single episode. But this is the best. We find out several things about Jennings and Rall, we see Jericho's finest at their finest, (Jake and Hawkins fighting side by side!) and our heroes make a stand against their enemies.
    And we finally get to see what the Rangers can do when they need to. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT:
    We also get to see Stanley recuperating after his sister's death. Which brings us to the conclusion of the episode which was amazing. Stanley gets his revenge and at the same time condemns Jericho to Beck's wrath. I can't wait til next Tuesday.
  • The best Jericho episode - yet.

    I didn't think that the previous episode was all that amazing. It was VERY good, actually, great, but it was mostly Bonnie's dramatic death that boosted the ratings.

    However, this episode... now this is something special. I'm so glad the writers didn't drag out the Ravenwood storyline until the series finale. Not only did it get finally wrapped up with Goetz's really well done death, but it was done a very unexpected way.

    Made me recall the last couple of episodes of season 1, where Jake and co had those awesome and intense firefights. The aftermath of Bonnie's death was handled very well, unlike April's death which was horribly done. I really liked Stanley's reaction. And him shooting Goetz out of the blue was dramatic. More dramatic than one of the New Bern guys shooting him. I really liked the pacing - not fast, but not slow. It felt balanced: it wasn't too fast so the character interactions would suffer, but it wasn't too slow either so the plot would feel dragged out.

    It was suspensful all around and I believe Goetz was a really good character. A good villain. Though it's better he's dead now. Overall, this episode felt like season 1 Jericho mixed with the positive elements of season 2 Jericho. It wasn't all about conspiracy, it was back to the small town versus the world formula, and oh boy it's awesome.

    Can't wait till the next episode...
  • great episode

    Jake and his rangers defy Goetz authoritarian rule over jericho. a jericho ranger betrays his own fellow rangers. heather's friends from new bern comes to jericho to warn her that there is a bounty on her head for being closely associated with major beck. they tell her that the bounty for her will be disregarded if she helps them catch goetz. this is a really exciting episode, the ravenwood threat makes everything so exciting. i can't wait for the next episode. the writers are coming up with a really cool episode each week. the stories are tight, the characters are fleshed out. great episode.
  • What an outstanding episode!!!

    Wow...this show has really picked up and taken off. If you are not watching this show you are missing one of the best shows on TV right now. The writers and actors have done an outstanding job bringing such emotion and action to this season. This episode was another one wrought with emotion. Stanley's good bye to Bonnie was gut wrenching and when Mimmie finds out Bonnie is dead, it brought a tear to my eye. If a TV show can catch that kind of emotion and project it across the screen to the viewer that is powerful TV. Like I said the writers and actors are to be commended for an excellent job they are doing with this new season. Of course Stanley did what we all would think about doing if some monster hurt the ones closest to us. I didn't think he was going to do it and it blew me away. Innocent Stanley has now crossed the line and entered into Jake and Hawkins world, as someone who has taken a life with deliberate intentions. Great episode, great season, great job. Hopefully the people at CBS are paying attention to what a great show this has turned out to be!!
  • Wow! This episode was by far the best this season! Spoilers included...

    I really enjoyed this episode from the moment it began till the surprising ending. The acting was just superb and the plot was just brilliant. I kinda feel bad for New Bern (except for Constantin), they've no idea what's about to hit them...

    My favorite scene was when the Ravenwood men came to take Hawkins to the hospital and his reaction the moment he realized they were up to something!

    Hawkins rules!!!

    Another great acting moment was Mimi's reaction when she found out that Bonnie was killed. Very touching. I can't believe we won't see Bonnie anymore, it was really nice to see how her relationship with Mimi developed over the first season.

    Can't wait to see what happens next week!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the show gets renewed for a third season.
  • To sum this episode up in one sentence, there better be a 3rd season or there will be hell to pay.

    Jericho, once the little show that could, is now a show that can kick some serious ass. Of course, if you didn't know this by the end of the first season, then you need a serious reality check. As the final 2 episodes are drawing closer (why can't next tuesday be here already?) the show is proving it is worthy of not only a 3rd season, but many, MANY more. "Termination For Cause" is pure TV gold. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride with one ultra-satisfying conclusion that will leave you absolutely breathless, and completely blown away (pun intended). And believe me, justice is served, just probably not how you would expect, and I found myself smiling evilly on this episode's final shot. An epic ending to a truly epic episode. Absolutely no shortcomings in this episode, WHATSOEVER. Jericho is pure adrenaline-fueled pulse-pounding entertainment. You will never experience anything else like it. Not even shows like "24" or "Battlestar Galactica" will be able to reach this kind of high. Ever.

    Simply Amazing.