Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • The best Jericho episode - yet.

    I didn't think that the previous episode was all that amazing. It was VERY good, actually, great, but it was mostly Bonnie's dramatic death that boosted the ratings.

    However, this episode... now this is something special. I'm so glad the writers didn't drag out the Ravenwood storyline until the series finale. Not only did it get finally wrapped up with Goetz's really well done death, but it was done a very unexpected way.

    Made me recall the last couple of episodes of season 1, where Jake and co had those awesome and intense firefights. The aftermath of Bonnie's death was handled very well, unlike April's death which was horribly done. I really liked Stanley's reaction. And him shooting Goetz out of the blue was dramatic. More dramatic than one of the New Bern guys shooting him. I really liked the pacing - not fast, but not slow. It felt balanced: it wasn't too fast so the character interactions would suffer, but it wasn't too slow either so the plot would feel dragged out.

    It was suspensful all around and I believe Goetz was a really good character. A good villain. Though it's better he's dead now. Overall, this episode felt like season 1 Jericho mixed with the positive elements of season 2 Jericho. It wasn't all about conspiracy, it was back to the small town versus the world formula, and oh boy it's awesome.

    Can't wait till the next episode...