Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS

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    I thought that the beginning started off kind of slow but after the first 12 minutes or so everything started to pick up. Ive read a couple of reviews that say that they liked Stanleys reaction to the death - I wasn't a big fan of his actions during the first 18 minutes. He was still very calm. Granted I guess it had been a few hours since the death, but I still think he would have been massivly more upset then it came off as. The 2-3 minute scene with Bonnie and himself is more the kind of reaction I was expecting. You have to respect the writers of the episode who made a 3 minute long scene of a man talking to no one (no offense, btu she was dead) and still have it come across as such a powerful and dramatic scene. That, to me, was there the episode picked up steam and never really looked back. Loved Hawkins in this episode. He felt like the season one Hawkins all over again. I havent been his biggest fan in this season, but thats mainly because he has had the sole job of being apart of the conspiracy theory stuff and not able to interact with our own characters enough. Him sniffing out the Ravenwood bluff was very well done, I think he had more then enough information to know that they didn't have anything that could help him. I liked how they showed us the spy, instead of keeping it a secret. Then we have the end of the episode - where Goetz gets what he had coming. I did like the way Jake and the New Bern guy were arguing and Stanley just kind of drives up right in the middle of it and no one tries to stop him. He just walks right up to Goetz and kills him. I actually liked the scene, I dont think anyone there would have seen that coming from Stanley so - why not. A much better conclusion then Jake bringing him back to Jericho or a New Bern guy killing him. Certainly the best episode of the second season so far. I think the previous episode was very overrated, but the 9.8 on this one is much deserved I think.