Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • The countdown to the end?

    I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters this week, when Bonnie is shot by Goetz. 'At least she died a hero,' I thought, but that didn't stop me from bawling when Stanley said goodbye to herI don't think I could have picked between her and Mimi though. It might not have been as tough as April's passing, but I hated her being killed. Was it even for the benefit of the story?

    The fight for Goetz ends with help from Hawkins and Mimi. Even Trish helped, but seeing as in she was in with Goetz, I can't cancel out all her bad points. But neither New Bern or Jericho can take credit because Stanley did the deed, shooting Goetz in the head. I can't say what he did was wrong. I felt that someone had to pay for Bonnie's death. And if it made him feel better, why not? Luckily, New Bern cleans up the mess by stringing up the dead body up a tree for Beck to see. Wow, he does not look happy....

    Seven episodes was never a good idea, was it? CBS just did it to pacify all the angry nut-throwing fans, myself included. But here it is again, the dreaded final two episodes. Thanks a lot, CBS!