Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Yet another incredibly exciting episode which again proves how hard the writers are trying to save the series.

    I finally get around to doing this review only to find out that Jericho's been cancelled again. My heart's not in this review but I'm gonna write it anyway but it's gonna be short.

    It shows how much Jake has come to trust Beck that he's the first person Jake goes to. With bigger fish to fry – New Bern again – he leaves Jericho in Jake's hands and though Jake tries, the situation quickly gets out of hand. Without Beck to keep Goetz on a leash, Goetz actually declares the med centre a hostage situation and starts kidnapping people's families! Our traitor Fred is finally exposed, he's lucky no-one shot him. The siege was excellently done. After the disclosure about Jake's semi-military past, we see him searching with Hawkins, very efficient, very cool.

    Stanley killing Goetz was a shock – usually in tv series, the hero will always stop his best friend from doing something bad, the bad guy will get his justice in the end. Not in Jericho, which has not been pulling the punches in season 2, and Stanley actually does kill Goetz. Which of course, is incredibly bad. No matter what they do, Beck will find out, too many people know what really happened. Gotta admit, the look on Goetz's face when he gets fired is one of those little moments that make you all warm inside. Brilliant to get him fired before he dies, J&R won't retaliate.

    New Bern is a powder keg that's been waiting to blow since the New Bern War and no surprise that Heather's on their short list, a prestigious list that includes Goetz too.

    Some truly great moments in this episode but my favourite was Stanley signing a conversation to Bonnie. Very touching. Beautifully done. Another scene I enjoyed was Stanley going to see Mimi. Naturally she starts apologising, she'll always blame herself for Bonnie, but Stanley doesn't allow it, instead saying that Bonnie would glad she was able to save Mimi.

    Another very intense episode in a series of such episodes in season 2, the writers are managing to keep up the tension effortlessly with each episode, without ever being repetitive. Really impressive.
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