Season 2 Episode 5

Termination for Cause

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Goetz: Is this a road you really want to go down?
      Jake: Come in this building and you'll find out.

    • Jake: It's not gonna wait twelve hours.
      Beck: Well, it's gonna have to. Things are coming apart at the seams in New Bern right now. And you have my word, tomorrow I'm gonna get into this but for tonight I'm trusting that you can keep things under control here. That means Goetz is off limits. No threats, no retribution, no exceptions. Do you understand?

    • Jake (aiming gun): You're not getting inside this building.
      Goetz: Then I think we have a problem.

    • Goetz: Be very careful about this decision you're making, Jake, because if you kill a Ravenwood contractor Cheyenne will classify this town as an insurgent enclave. When they crack down, everyone suffers. You don't want that.
      Jake (still holding gun on him): Then it looks like this is gonna be a long night.

    • Russell (to Heather): The resistance in New Bern has placed a bounty on your head. We were sent to collect it. Is there a place we can talk?

    • Hawkins: So why not just blow the whistle? What do you need me for?
      Voice on Phone: I don't need you. I need your bomb.

    • Darcy: Is she okay?
      Kenchy: Well, she has been shot…

    • Eric: When April died all I could think about was I hadn't done enough. That it was my fault.
      Stanley: When my parents died I did that. I blamed myself, and I hated myself for being alive. But there was this little girl to take care of.

    • Stanley (to Bonnie): You okay? I know, I'm an idiot. You definitely would be making fun of me, right? I just wanted to tell you Mimi is alive because of you. And I wanted to say thank you. Thank you. I miss my sister. Tell Mom and Dad I love them. I love you.

    • Jake: They tried to use you as bait?
      Hawkins: Oh, they tried.

    • Mike: Punish Goetz in New Bern, we show Beck we're not going away any time soon.
      Heather: I know things are bad, but the minute you threw in with Constantino you gave up the high ground. Beck's gonna fight you. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be helping him do it.

    • Jimmy: God, I hope this works.
      Bill: It'll work. Just have to make it a little bigger.
      Jimmy: Too small? What, you think I won't fit through that hole?
      Bill (eyes Jimmy's girth): You're gonna wanna make it bigger.

    • Mimi: I never should have opened my mouth, I should have kept my mouth shut.
      Stanley: Listen to me. You were in danger, Bonnie did what she needed to do to protect you and you're alive. Wherever she is now I swear she's glad she did it.

    • Goetz: What are you talking about? You can't fire me.
      Trish: No, I can't. But he can. In fact he already did.
      Goetz: Feel better?
      Trish: I hope you rot in hell.

    • Eric: I know that this is harder. When your parents died, that was an accident. An act of God.
      Stanley: Aren't they all?

  • Notes

    • This is the final episode to feature actress Emily Rose as Jennings and Rall employee Trish Merrick.

    • This is the final episode to feature actor D. B. Sweeney as John Goetz.

    • This is the final episode to feature actress Shoshannah Stern as Bonnie Richmond.

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 23, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: June 13, 2008 on the Hallmark Channel
      The Netherlands: August 18, 2008 on Veronica
      Czech Republic: November 17, 2008 on AXN

  • Allusions

    • Title reference: The name of this episode is a business phrase meaning that an employee has been fired due to bad behavior or other specific failures.