Season 1 Episode 13

The Day Before

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap



Jake is applying to be a charter pilot. Jake is well qualified to work as a charter pilot and has had extensive training. The charter company did a background check on Jake. He worked for an independent contractor and spent time in the Middle East but he's not with the military. The State Department has Jake flagged as a person of interest. Jake will not disclose who he was working for or why he was flagged. Because Jake can not clear the reason why he was flagged he is not hired.

Washington DC

Robert Hawkins in on his laptop and a woman walks into the room and kisses him. Her name is Sarah. Sarah and Robert are talking about something mysterious when Robert's cell phone rings. There are a group of white trucks with barrels in the back being wired. Robert and some other associates are having a meeting, they are being handed keys to the truck and names of cities for where they are to place the barrels.


Eric is talking to his father Mayor Green about getting Jericho some exposure so that they can attract voters to beat Gray Anderson in the upcoming election. Mayor Green has been feeling sick for about a week and he has been avoiding visiting the doctor. His wife is worried about him and brings April over to exam him.

Jake needs a job. He is hanging out with a friend named Freddy. Freddy makes a reference to Jake being "hung up" on Emily back in Jericho.

Sarah is on her laptop accessing information about the targets. Robert calls Sarah and tells her that he's going to get his kids. Sarah tells Robert that he doesn't have enough time but Robert goes away to get them anyway.

Freddy asks Jake to be his best man when he marries Anna. Freddy tells Jake that he has a cargo run that will make them a bunch of money. The run is in Afghanistan. Jake is really skeptical about it and says no. Freddy and Jake have a history of being in the Middle East together.

Roger is on the phone with Chicago; he's going to have to go back there on a business trip and asks Emily to go with him. Emily decides to go with Roger and miss one day of teaching so she can spend time with him in Chicago.

There is a knock on the door for Jake. It's Freddy's fiancé, Anna. She's worried about Freddy and wants to talk to Jake. She thinks he's in trouble with something. Some guys were coming around for Freddy. Freddy told her that he's going away for 2 months and he has a black eye. Anna asks Jake to help him. She knows that Freddy helped Jake out over in Iraq. She's pregnant and has a bad feeling and wants Jake to help him.

Darcy is taking groceries out of her car when Robert shows up out of nowhere. Robert already has the kids in the white truck with the wired barrel in the back. Darcy sees the kids in the truck and that Robert is very serious. He tells Darcy to trust him and that if she doesn't come with him that she will never see her children again.


Jake meets Freddy and tells him that he will help him with the cargo run. Freddy tries to brush off his black eye to Jake. Jake is still concerned. Ravenwood is the group that Jake and Freddy are dealing with.

April has divorce papers written up and she's staring at them in her car and she begins to get emotional and cries.

Mimi arrives at Bailey's bar. Stanley saves her a seat at the bar. Stanley screams in Mimi's ear when he gets excited watching a baseball game. Stanley tries to buy Mimi a drink but she pulls out a credit card and pays for her own drink. Stanley is annoying Mimi at the bar with all his "corn" jokes. Eric calls Mary and they go into her back office to make-out.

Mayor Johnston Green is about to eat a very boring healthy meal. Gail is really concerned about his health and reminds him that he promised to put his family above his job.

Robert stops the truck and tells the kids and Darcy that he has to do something and that he'll be right back. Robert tries to tell Allison, his daughter, that he would never do anything to hurt them. Sam still has his cell phone and Darcy uses it to call the police.

Jake walks into his apartment and he's greeted by some Federal agents. One agent wants to work out a deal with Jake. The agents want to nail Ravenwood for being crooked and selling arms to the enemy. They show Jake surveillance footage of him meeting with Freddy when Jake and Freddy were talking about the Ravenwood job (Cargo Run).

Robert walks in to get Sarah and Sarah is missing with the place ram-sacked. Robert calls for her but her phone is still in their apartment. The police arrive and an officer pulls a gun out on Robert. The officer asks Robert if the truck is his and then he asks Robert to open the back. The officer can see the barrel in the back and he is distracted by it. Darcy and the kids start to honk the horn to get the officer's attention but Robert gets away from the first officer and knocks the other officer out from behind.


Eric is talking to his father Mayor Johnston Green. The Mayor wants to talk to Eric about changing his life and slowing down a bit. Mayor Green asks Eric if he will run for Mayor in his place if he drops out of the race. He asks Eric to talk to April about it and really think about it.

Jake meets up with Freddy and asks him if he knew what kind of equipment they were running. The Ravenwood equipment includes Stinger missiles and RPG's. Jake tells Freddy that the Feds are on to them. Freddy is afraid of Ravenwood but Jake is afraid of the Feds. Jake has a plan to run away.

Emily and Roger are out together. Roger just can't stop talking about Chicago. Roger has some news to share with Emily; he wants to live in Chicago because he has a great opportunity for a job. Emily and Roger have an argument about not leaving Jericho. Emily doesn't want to leave Jericho and tells Roger that she will not go to Chicago with him "tonight" and that if he takes the job to not come back.

Robert arrives in Jericho with his family in a house. Darcy tells Robert that she is too tired to fight but that she will have him arrested tomorrow. Robert tells her that the next day will be different for everybody.

Jake is packing when there is a knock on the door. It is Freddy and he was shot by someone in Ravenwood. Freddy wants Jake to find Anna, his fiancé. He warns Jake that Ravenwood might be coming after him as well.


Anna is leaving on a bus to go live with her family to help her take care of the baby. Freddy is dead and Jake is giving Anna money that belonged to Freddy from the job they were supposed to do.

Gail is reflecting on her life and how she studied to speak French and Italian but she can't remember how to speak the language anymore and how she's never traveled to Europe. Johnston is in a retirement mood and says that maybe they can go this coming Christmas. The phone rings and it is Jake, Gale picks up the phone.

Roger leaves Emily a message and apologizes about the fight. He is in Chicago and says that he'll be ok with living in Jericho with her. He is flying back to Jericho tonight and he didn't go on the interview.

Jake is in his car and he arrives in Kansas. He is 47 miles outside of Jericho.

Stanley sees Mimi outside waiting for a cab. She asks Stanley if he knows where the Richmond farm is. Well, the Richmond farm just happens to be Stanley's farm. Mimi tells Stanley that she works for the IRS and that he owes more then $180,000 in back taxes.

Robert Hawkins is on his laptop sending a message and he's on a video chat. It is Sarah; she tells Robert that he needs to deliver the package. Sarah is captured and there are some men in masks that tell Robert that he has to deliver the bomb or she will die.

The President is giving a speech on global terrorism. The attack is supposed to happen during the speech and it does.

Robert comes upstairs and Darcy has a gun on him and asks for the keys to the truck. Allison comes running in the house to alert them that something is going on outside. There is a big mushroom cloud and the Hawkins family is staring at it.

Jake can see the mushroom cloud and has a car accident. The kid on the roof that was playing hide n' go seek is staring at the mushroom cloud as well. The explosion in Denver has just happened. ***refer to the Pilot episode***


Robert is on his laptop and he receives a message and a photo of himself outside with his family. The message is See You Soon.

Jake and Emily are dancing at Bailey's bar and they are reconnecting romantically. They are dancing to their song "Nothing Compares 2 U" when Eric calls Jake outside. Eric and Jake see some survivors walking into town. Emily can pick out Roger in the crowd. Emily runs up to him and tells him that she thought he was dead. She gives him a hug and they walk away. Eric tells Mary that they only have ½ an hour before the generator shuts down. Roger is really shaken up but he tells Jake that there were 21 men and 32 women that were out there with him. Roger tells Emily that he waited in the field for 2 days and then went to a refugee camp in Nebraska and then walked the rest of the way to Jericho. Roger is really affected by what he saw and went through on his way to Jericho and is still shaken up and in shock.

Robert asks Darcy to stay inside and not to answer the door while he goes outside to try and sort some things out. Sam hands Robert a picture he drew of them playing football together. Darcy asks Robert if they are in danger and then tells Robert that they will listen to him and trust him.

April arrives at Bailey's bar to help out the sick people. She gets a list of the people from Mary and she takes it from her with an attitude. Emily tells Jake that Roger is in shock. Jake tells Emily that Roger is going to need her.

April is trying to give medical attention to the refugees that walked into Jericho. She is talking to Sarah and asks her if she knows someone from Jericho. Her answer is "Actually, I do".