Season 1 Episode 13

The Day Before

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • The WHY of the bombs dropping doesn't matter. The WHAT HAPPENS after they drop does. I find this episode does nothing to advance the story of survival and unique problems presented in a post nuclear world, and only pushes it towards maudlin embarassment.

    1) I don't care what Jake did before the bombs dropped, and about how he is or is not involved in special ops, money laundering, drug or arms running. 2) I don't care what Hawkins did before the bombs dropped; if he is involved with that happening, I'm exxagerating my excitement if I say 'so what?'

    I care how the people of a small town of 5000 survive after a nuclear war (small scale or large) and the problems that they face or encounter as a result of the new situations that they find themselves in. 3) I don't care about a dissolving marriage (see earlier review reference to soap opera).

    4) Johnston Green's failing health? A big yawner; many more will get sick or sicker after the bombs.

    Remember, 5000 people will have a lot of firearms, medical problems, serious food shortages and differences of opinions as to how the town should be run. These issues are only going to become more pressing eavh week. Show them dammit!

    As something to kill the time, it was boring. As an expose fo character motivations, it was weak; and as an advancement of post nuclear survival, it was painful.

    The last 15 minutes of the episode was mildly redeeming.

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