Season 1 Episode 13

The Day Before

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • A quick look at the events that lead up to the big boom

    So Roger did live? Mmmm. They didn't cover that as nicely as they should have.

    Instead, as most suspected, Hawkins has something to do with the bombings. We knew he was hiding secrets all along and he is still hiding more.

    We get some information on Jake but still not enough. We get some key back information on the people but it's still a bit slow on the uptake anytime there is a new storyline.

    The writers need to pick up on this deal and improve it because Jericho is one good show and shouldn't be suffering from bad writing. The cast is great though!
  • Nice very nice.. Now we know what happened before the bombs..

    This episode was just great. We know all the stuff that happened before the bombs and we know some more about Hawkins.. And i always kinda knew that Jake wasn't a bad person. But Hawkins has a lot of unanswered questions. Like was the truck seriously the bomb and who are these people? Are they really the FBI or something totally different? Is someone like the president behind this or is it some one else?
    But still there are a lot of other questions answered in this part. Like what Jake really did before the bombs and how Hawkins brought his family to Jericho and all.
    A lot of other stuff also happened like Emily's story being reviled. But where is Heather? She hasn't appeared in a scene for ages!
    So this episode was really worth every second... But i still wana know where the truck is that Hawkins brought and i shouldn't forget about his partner coming back...
  • This episode fills in a lot of gaps leading to the circumstances before the attack. Primarily, we learn about Emily and her finance' Roger; Hawkins; and Jake. This episode really cinches together a lot of loose ends.

    This episode really means a lot to the story of Jericho. In this episode, the writers have gone back and filled in a lot of gaps that had been nagging me as a viewer, and after watching this episode, I know a lot more about the events leading up to episode 1.

    It's a good episode in a couple of ways. One is that it satisfies my curiosity about what is going down with a lot of characters, and two is that it fills in a lot of filler that would have seemed meaningless or out of place in one convenient package. Learning about Roger had been an ad hoc proposition before this episode, and further development would have seemed sloppy. This entire episode is a series of flashbacks, so all of this stuff fits together and doesn't stick out too badly.

    This was a good episode. I think it is the first real glimpse we get into what went down around the country. It took them half a season, but they finally got around to letting us in on what happened.

    I rated this episode really highly not because the acting was stellar or the directing was superior or even that the writing was awesome. The editing was done well, but for the most part this is a standard episode. What makes it mean more is the way that it ties the plot together in a way that could not be accomplished by telling the story chronologically. You have to have seen the previous episodes to develop the want to know more, and then this episode comes along to fill that need. It is a solid episode in many respects, but its location in the season displays a new level of storytelling. I really enjoyed this episode. If you are watching the series in order like me, you'll be pleased after this episode.
  • A look back at the events leading up to the bombs.

    After last week's cliffhangern with Roger returning, I was afraid this entire episode would be one big flashback to postpone dealing with Emily and Roger. That turned out not to be the case. This highly interesting episode had some revealing scenes about the events leading up to the bombs. We get a little more information about Jake's past. The scenes with Robert Hawkins were intrigueing. He's definitely involved in the bombings, that's certain now. Emily and Roger's fight and his subsequent apology might say something about their future relationship. Jake telling her to go to him might too. Also, Heather hasn't appeared in three or more episodes now. Johnston considering not runing for Mayor was surprising as well.
  • Review

    Ive been waiting the entire series for an episode like this and for some reason I just think that the writers missed a good oppurtunity here to make something out of the time that they were given. I think Hawkins storyline played out well with the "8 Weeks Ago" episode, concluding with the woman showing up with the injured and is sure to make complications in his life in the next episode.

    Jakes backstory is where I think they dropped the ball. We knew he was apart of Ravenwood before and we knew he had a bad past as a bad kid, so I didnt really see the point in the episode. I didnt get the connection with the two people who knew in San Diego, so I was kind of let down by that. All of the scenes without the two of those characters were bad. Mimi and Stanley meeting for the first time, the affair going on...I could have went without seeing them.

    The end of the episode was another nice cliffhanger. Thats back to back episodes now with solid endings to episodes I thought. Overall, it was kind of a let down, but still lots of good information.
  • This episode had its moments, but in general, it seemed unnecessary, maybe even a little gimmicky. The series could have done without it.

    I don't believe the people in charge were merely trying to attract viewers or capitalize on the success of the flashbacks in Lost's story structure, as I've heard other people say. However, I will say that a flashback episode--though difficult to pull off--has the potential to be a series classic, and that's not what I saw in this case.

    Watching the characters in action before the bombs went off could have been extremely revealing and surprising, but it seemed like the main point of this episode was to introduce Sarah--something that could have been done briefly in the following (or preceding) episode. The Hawkins' story was interesting, but not particularly moving--it didn't require an entire flashback episode to tell. The flashbacks showed a few excellent foreboding moments, but I didn't feel like it introduced much new and crucial information to the story. It was fun to watch, but it didn't measure up to any of the previous episodes.

    The timing for a flashback episode was perfect--right after we discover that Roger has returned to Jericho, they create tension by making us wait until after the flashback episode to see what happens next in the present. I just wish the execution was a little bit better.
  • Hawkins...CIA?! What an epiosde!!!

    Stanley: It’s nice to meet you, Miss Clark.

    Mimi: Do you not read your mail?

    Stanley: Nope. Nothing but bills and bad news. Why?

    Mimi: Well, this would be a little of both. I work for the IRS and according to our records you owe $180,000 in back taxes. It’s nice to meet you.

    Hilarious! I do beleive i'm in love with the possibility of Stanley and Mimi hooking up indefinitely! Love their verbal spars!

    So its all revealed, Hawkins is CIA...i don't know what to say...i guess i'm a little disappointed!
  • great episode

    Jericho started with a slow start, each episode picked up some speed and now it's in full gear. We take a look back at the lives of Jake and Hawkins. Jake's mysterious past comes to light, but I feel there might be more to this. We only get to see a portion of his past. We get to see something about Hawkins, he might have some connection with the bombs, but up to this point, we're shown just enough but his real background is kept vague, perhaps the writers are reserving that for future episodes. This episode is definitely going somewhere.
  • Well, it's about time...

    I say it's about time that we got more information about both Jake Green and Robert Hawkins; and yet, now that a few basic questions have been answered, I've got even more questions.

    A good t.v. show provokes questions through-out an entire season -at the very least. So it'll be interesting to see how things develop -not only for Jake & Robert, but for the rest of the main characters, if not the whole town.

    Now that we know Robert was, officially, a part of the team that took out several US cities, it'll be interesting to find out if he survives to the next season (if there *is* a next season). My guess is that he won't, but that's just a gut feeling, nothing more. And I could be wrong, of course.

    It'll also be interesting to find out if the girl Jake put on the bus to reunite with her family... if she will ever reunite with Jake. I doubt it, but it makes for an interesting possibility.
  • 33 Hours before the Bombs...

    This flashback episode spread some light into the characters past which was insightful. We see Jake trying to apply for a job as a pilot but not getting it as he has worked for a dodgy company that he can't tell them about. We find out that the company is Ravenwood - the dodgy clan who tried to invade Jericho and steel all their supplies. We see how he makes his way back home to Jericho.

    We see Hawkins and how he knew about the bombs and kidnapped his family to keep them safe in Jericho. We see that in Hawkins removal van he has a big bomb. We also see how he was involved with a female rogue agent who was kidnapped by some Balaclava cladded baddies - the baddies tell Hawkins he has to deliver the bomb or they will Kill her. So we are left wondering did he deliver the bomb, what happened to the girl......

    At the end we go back to 8 weeks after the Bombs and back to Roger and the Zombies returning to the town. The last scene was a cliffhanger as amongst the zombies we see the female agent that Hawkins knew.

    Good to have Jericho back - I love this program
  • So now the tell us!

    The Day Before was a great start to the season and I am so glad that we didn't see too much of the Jericho locals and more on the main story. I don't watch Jericho for all the soap opera, who loves who storylines which go on in Jericho but for the global tragerdy of the bombs. In this episode we find out more about the company that Robert works for and we actually found out that he was suppose to deliver a nuke and all of his team mates were the ones delivering it. That is just freaky, we saw it coming but wern't really expecting it. So the thing we saw in "Walls Of Jericho" that he was hiding behind a wall is a nuke, we think!?!
  • I think this installment help fill in some of the gaps we were all looking for but left us with a lot of unanswered questions.

    As I waited with excitement for the return of Jericho I got to thinking about what this installment would bring. One key point is that we now have some background into some of the people we had questions about. This episode brought to light some of the key points which we needed to tie all of this together. One thing I have noticed is that the show drags on with a new adventure every time. It does begin to get a bit disappointing since it seems that the world around this little town is not impacting the decisions they make locally. I think the next episode will answer some of the Government questions we all have been asking. I will say that the character development was key to this installment and that plays a big role in building the viewer base. I think that if all was answered about Robert Hawkins then it would leave us with a show not containing much substance. In the end I am fan for many reasons. I am looking forward to the further character development and the overall story line. I am ready to see how the role of big government will take shape in the coming episodes.
  • This episode combined with the Countdown episode were very revealing.

    They answered the key question as to what was in the barrel in Hawkins basement. I still think its dumb to hide something like that in his house. But hey, Im not the writer. We know Hawkins was assigned to take the barrel to Columbus OH but never did.

    We finally found out for sure who the mystery woman Sarah is and who shes in Jericho to see. Though why is a mystery, is she there as a force for good or bad? Is she there because Hawkins has the barrel?

    Next week we get insights into what has happened to the rest of the country and a view of a huge US map with cities hit at the Black Jack trading post. And what might be 6 new US regional capitals since Washington DC bought the farm. The country has clearly changed and its ugly out there as Roger testified when he and the others from the FEMA camp in Nebraska showed up in Jericho.

    The whole Hawkins mystery is what has me glued to the series as well as the overall plot. While I dont care all that much for the relationship sub plots, they are important in adding depth to the series and keeping a broad base of viewers so I put up with them. The best way to view Jericho is recording it then eliminating or blowing past the commercials. I enjoyed the episode far more watching it straight through.
  • It answers some questions yet asks more

    I've been waiting for the return of Jericho since Turkey-Day and when I found out that the first episode would showcase what happened BEFORE the bombs went off I was psyched. I watched the episode hoping for insight into what these characters were about and was not disappointed. We now know what Robert Hawkins' part in the bombing was and what is in the barrel in his basement. Robert was to take part in the bombing and was supposed to deliver his to COLUMBUS OHIO (this scene was an eerie reminder of the Oklahoma City bombing). Yet then at the last minute Robert grabs his family and heads to Jericho. Why? Is he really an undercover federal agent and he was never supposed to go through with it or did he have a change of heart at the last minute and wanted to get out with those he loved? We do learn a little about Jake's former life. He is in San Diego trying to put his life back together. Unable to acquire a real job Jake is tempted by Ravenwood to take on one last job. He turns them down then is talked into it then approached by the FBI and scared out of the job and ends up running from Ravenwood. That is the theme of this episode: flight. Jake fleeing from Ravenwood Hawkins running from the masterminds behind the bombings. The last part of the episode picks up in the present where all of the survivors walk into town and we discover Roger alive and in severe shock. We also discover Hawkins's girl friend Sarah who was not killed by the masterminds.
  • ... yet I didn't get it!

    Now we return to Jericho since the long, dreadful pause. It kept me wanting for more so much. And we got it! Though I was disappointed in a way.

    We now flashback to 36 hours BEFORE the bombs. Making the upcoming actions and events a little premature. We learn that ... ok I have no idea what the hell we learn cause I didn't understand squat over there. What is Hawkins working for? What the hell is Jake doing? And why the hell "Nothing Compares To You" is considered a "romantic song for slow dancing"!? I certainly hope that all the questions will be answered satisfactory. The last one in particular.

    Hawkins trapped his family in a truck that carried some sort of bomb. And Jake messed up with some "wrong people"(whoever they are). Now those two things I don't get. Was Hawkins in a way responsible for the bombs? Maybe I didn't pay enough attention watching it and missed something.

    Well whatever, yay for Jericho being back. Woohoo!
  • Finally we know what Jake was, and still is.

    Finally the show answered some questions. What happened to Jake, where did he get that military training? Where did Robert Hawkins come from and who/what is he talking to? (Really I still don't know, I'm assuming there is a bomb in that truck, does he still have it in the garage of his house)? Now I know why his kids were scared of him. I really couldn't care about Emily and her fiancee. I don't watch the show for her. I like the stories of Jake and Stanley. They could do without Emily's storyline. Guess the preview show its only going to get more exciting.
  • They made us wait how many months for this?

    I was expecting something a little better after such a long wait. But, finally we now have a better picture of what happened and what is going on in the Jericho universe.

    However, I am gravely concerned for this show. I keep thinking back to two shows from last year that I enjoyed but ended up getting cut...Surface and Invasion. For some reason I think Jericho could suffer the same fate.

    Skeet Ulrich's pathetic acting doesn't help either. I didn't notice how bad he was until this episode, he's almost painful to watch, as are our big dumb farmer and the IRS woman. Fortunately there are some good actors in the show and ultimately the main story line is what brings me back to show each time it airs. I'm just hoping they don't ruin by making the whole thing a big Muslim conspiracy or something, I like the story that it is in fact American's who are their own enemy. For some reason that seems much more realistic to me.

    Anyways, if reading other reviews for this episode are any indication I think I'm about to get 'nuked' for mine.
  • Awesome episode

    Great episode, really helped give some good background to the characters and what was leading up to the attack. Still not sure how/why the bombs went off, but that sure seems to be an interesting story that will probably be developed along the way. Kind of confused how Hawkins girlfriend got out since she was being held hostage last we saw. Should be interesting to see where her allegiance lies with all that has happened.

    The whole Ravenwood thing now makes sense with Jake, that was cool to see how the whole person of interest thing came about.

    Still can't figure out Hawkins, but then again that seems to be the point ;)
  • Jericho, the first ep back and wow! We have some answers!

    So the ep opens "before the bombs hit" and we get a bit of a rundown of what everyone was doing. We find out that Jake DID have personal dealings with Ravenwood and that he does know just how they work. It explains even more him not waiting them to come into Jericho like the scene at that hospital out of town wasn't enough. They also killed his best friend, the guy whom he felt closer to than his own brother. And we find out why he came back to Jericho finally, he was trying to get his grandfathers money because he needed to hide from the Fed's (who wanted him to narc on Ravenwood) and Ravenwood who wanted to kill him.

    Hawkins. Yes, he was involved with the bombings. In fact that thing he has in a barrel walled up in has basement is a bomb that he was suppose to take to Columbus Ohio. He was involved with a girl named Sarah whom was also part of bombings. She was taken while he was gone "saving" his ex wife and kids. We learn that the ex (is she an ex yet?) had a restraining order against him. Wow what did he do to her and the kids? He takes them to Jericho against their wishes.

    Mama Green had a talk with Papa Green (Gail and Johnston) and he agreed to not run for election this time that he needed to spend more time with her. He talked to Eric about it and asked if Eric would run.

    Emily and Roger have a fight before he got on the plane to Chicago. He'd talked her into going making it sound like he wanted time for "them" but he told her before they left that he was actually going for a job interview. She got mad that he was trying to trick her like that. She refused to go. When Roger's plane lands he calls and leaves Emily a message and says that he was wrong. His home is always going to be with her no matter where it is. So her home is Jericho so his home is Jericho.

    Then the bombs drop...
  • The Day Before

    The Day Before is one of my favorite episodes of the seris.
    I like the idea of seeing a deep dark secert is a carchters past reveiled and i licked seeing how the town of Jericho was before the bombs went off this is a very well done episode of Jericho and is easly one of the best episodes of the entire series Jakes back story is done better them the Hakins back story so all in all this is one great episode of one of the best new shows that is is on TV that is all the end.
  • A good episode that fills in some blanks.

    This was a great way to come back from a hiatus. The writers knew what they were doing when the laid out the structure of this first season of a decent show.

    In this particular episode, the viewers and fans of the show are presented with back-story that helps fill out some of the main characters even more.

    We are able to learn about Jake's past life and why he is as capable of a warrior as he is.

    We also learn about Hawkins and his big secrets.

    What I personally appreciated about this particular episode is that it was not a disappointment. Too often, shows promise to reveal secrets but then they really doing (Lost for example). However, here we learned a lot more about our heroes and their past.

    Good episode.
  • Jericho returns with cr**load of information!

    Finally, we get some information. Not answers - this is part a mystery show, I don't want answers. I just want clues. And yes, we got alot of them tonight. Also, we got answers!

    This episode was mostly based on flashbacks, as the first 35 minutes were flashback, and only the last 10 was in 'present' time.

    We learn more about Jake, Hawkins, and a little about Emily.

    Undoubtedly, Hawkins' 'past' is the most interesting. Not only he knew the bombs would go off: he was one of the men that was supposed to deliver one of the bombs.

    It was interesting to learn he had a love connection to someone - this confirms that Hawkins wasn't with his kids or his wife, Darcy.

    Not only does his girlfriend know about everything, she's taking part in it.

    Jake's past is great too. ...but instead of describing the plot, I'll just describe the episode.

    With now us aware of what Jake and Hawkins was up to before, many of their actions in the past episode make sense. However, as exciting as it is now, it may be a one-episode wonder if they won't find about eachother.

    Unfortunately, the Green family plotline is as awful as ever. I really didn't understand why they had to be included in the flashbacks. The writers should concencrate on what Jericho is really: mysteries, conspiracy, adventure, Jake and Hawkins. Nothing else. This episode does that(almost). But something is still missing, even though we even have a cliffhanger.

    Probably the episodes are not consistent enough. You get one bad episode, or two, but then, you'll get an extremely good one. You may think the show's on track, but 1 episode later, the writers ignore everything that happened in the previous good episode.

    Let's hope that won't be the situation next week.

    Overally, very compelling return-episode. A much feared formula of flashbacks actually WORKED here.
  • We get some insight to what Jake and Robert were doing before, and we're still left with a bit of a mystery, and wanting more.

    Jake is a "person of interest" for the government and can't get a real job. Why, is he a person of interest? Seems he's done some shady stuff in war zones but they don't go into detail. Jake realizes he's in over his head and decides to go back to the beginning and goes home. In Jericho we get a day-in-the-life. People going about doing normal things. Arguing about staying rather than going to Chicago, getting divorce papers, getting audited,and running for mayor. Then there's Robert Hawkins. He has to now be the biggest enigma, and probably the linchpin, in the show. Is he FBI like we thought? Is he a conspiritor who was supposed to set off a bomb in Columbus, OH and lost his nerve because of his kids? Or is it something else. Either way, we now know he knows WAY more than what he's let on. Can't wait for the meet-up, and when he spills the beans (probably season finally or something like that) it's going to rock the show. This was well written, cleverly plotted and gave a great look into two of the more enigmatic characters. Leaves me wanting more.
  • Easily the best episode of this series.

    Nothing more needs to be said. We don't learn anything new about repercussions of the "incidents" being a main plot of the show, but instead we are given some explanations about few main characters' pasts. POSSIBLE SPOILER HERE!! It's a shame though that the creators didn't give more answers about what exactly was Jake doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. END OF SPOILER!!

    Nonetheless it was (in my opinion of course) probably the best episode they served us so far. The ending is also very promising. Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work and keep us, viewers, more interested with each new episode!!
  • Wow that was a great episode

    I just think that this episode was fantastic. The writing for this episode was great and the plot was great I really liked how this episode finaly explained some stuff like was jake use to do but it barely said what Hawkins did but I know in later episodes it will be revealed. This one was just so exciting I loved every minute of it. This show never disappoints me as every episode gets better and better. I can't wait another week for the next episode to come on I just want to watch the next one after it.
  • This is getting better each episode

    I am glad that the writers have shed some light on what happened before the bombs went off. This explains why Jake and Hawkins did alot of what they have done so far. I am still not sure what the deal with Hawkins is. I think if you have not watched any of Jericho you could catch up by watching the special episode from last week and this weeks episode. Roger could be in shock but I am wondering if any of the people who showed up have been programmed or brain washed. I was so hoping that Emily and Jake would get together but I am not sure what will happen now that Roger is back. I think something is going on since the lady Hawkins was with before he left to go get his kids was taken hostage so that he would be sure to set off the bomb.
    How did she escape? I hope that they will go more in depth with the Hawkins story and this will be a great show!
  • Awesome 'prequel' to the show.

    Even though it doesn't entirely clear up the mystery of the bombings, it gives just enough to know it was some sort of 'home-grown' terrorism. Whether the government/president knew about it or not is still up in the air.

    It's also nice to find out a little more background info on Jake, what he was up to after he left Jericho and how he knows about Ravenwood (and what kind of people they were)

    This episode actually does shed light on the series, which I have been enjoying more and more as the season progresses. I hope before the end of the season the truth behind the bombings is revealed.
  • Makes you wait for more!

    Again I am getting hooked on this show and if
    Given the right audience as well as the right way
    Of doing the story, this will be a huge hit like Lost. We see what Jake is doing before the bomgs
    Hit and how he has gone from a loser to a
    Possible leader and Hawkins connection with what is happening in Jericho. Very interesting episode and can't wait for more!
  • The events leading up to the bombs going off is revealed. Jake's life before arriving back in Jericho & Hawkins' connection to what is going on.

    This episode wasn't great, but it is important to the overall story as it gives more background to what happened to Jake & reveals Hawkins' connection to what is going on. It was surprising in some parts, but knowing what happens later, most of it wasn't all that surprising. Some questions still left unresolved:

    1) Who does Hawkins' work for? Ravenwood?
    2) Where is the bomb that he was supposed to set off & why Jericho? He was supposed to go to Ohio.
  • This is it folks, if you are not hooked yet, you will be!

    Great episode! I had low hopes based on the webisodes online left as bread crumbs for 'Jericho Junkies' during the dry spell, but this delivered a feast!

    So much is explained, yet so many more questions remain! If you have watched every episode then things are starting to make sense. If this is your first foray into Jericho, watch EVERY episode online and then catch up with this one -- what the rest of us have been foaming at the mouth for..

    Next week picks up where we left off last year.. but you NEED to watch this one first!
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