Season 1 Episode 13

The Day Before

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jericho returns with cr**load of information!

    Finally, we get some information. Not answers - this is part a mystery show, I don't want answers. I just want clues. And yes, we got alot of them tonight. Also, we got answers!

    This episode was mostly based on flashbacks, as the first 35 minutes were flashback, and only the last 10 was in 'present' time.

    We learn more about Jake, Hawkins, and a little about Emily.

    Undoubtedly, Hawkins' 'past' is the most interesting. Not only he knew the bombs would go off: he was one of the men that was supposed to deliver one of the bombs.

    It was interesting to learn he had a love connection to someone - this confirms that Hawkins wasn't with his kids or his wife, Darcy.

    Not only does his girlfriend know about everything, she's taking part in it.

    Jake's past is great too. ...but instead of describing the plot, I'll just describe the episode.

    With now us aware of what Jake and Hawkins was up to before, many of their actions in the past episode make sense. However, as exciting as it is now, it may be a one-episode wonder if they won't find about eachother.

    Unfortunately, the Green family plotline is as awful as ever. I really didn't understand why they had to be included in the flashbacks. The writers should concencrate on what Jericho is really: mysteries, conspiracy, adventure, Jake and Hawkins. Nothing else. This episode does that(almost). But something is still missing, even though we even have a cliffhanger.

    Probably the episodes are not consistent enough. You get one bad episode, or two, but then, you'll get an extremely good one. You may think the show's on track, but 1 episode later, the writers ignore everything that happened in the previous good episode.

    Let's hope that won't be the situation next week.

    Overally, very compelling return-episode. A much feared formula of flashbacks actually WORKED here.