Season 1 Episode 13

The Day Before

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jericho, the first ep back and wow! We have some answers!

    So the ep opens "before the bombs hit" and we get a bit of a rundown of what everyone was doing. We find out that Jake DID have personal dealings with Ravenwood and that he does know just how they work. It explains even more him not waiting them to come into Jericho like the scene at that hospital out of town wasn't enough. They also killed his best friend, the guy whom he felt closer to than his own brother. And we find out why he came back to Jericho finally, he was trying to get his grandfathers money because he needed to hide from the Fed's (who wanted him to narc on Ravenwood) and Ravenwood who wanted to kill him.

    Hawkins. Yes, he was involved with the bombings. In fact that thing he has in a barrel walled up in has basement is a bomb that he was suppose to take to Columbus Ohio. He was involved with a girl named Sarah whom was also part of bombings. She was taken while he was gone "saving" his ex wife and kids. We learn that the ex (is she an ex yet?) had a restraining order against him. Wow what did he do to her and the kids? He takes them to Jericho against their wishes.

    Mama Green had a talk with Papa Green (Gail and Johnston) and he agreed to not run for election this time that he needed to spend more time with her. He talked to Eric about it and asked if Eric would run.

    Emily and Roger have a fight before he got on the plane to Chicago. He'd talked her into going making it sound like he wanted time for "them" but he told her before they left that he was actually going for a job interview. She got mad that he was trying to trick her like that. She refused to go. When Roger's plane lands he calls and leaves Emily a message and says that he was wrong. His home is always going to be with her no matter where it is. So her home is Jericho so his home is Jericho.

    Then the bombs drop...
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