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  • Season 1 Episode 6: 9:02

  • Robert's claim that his computer was a "special" type given him by the government is untruthful. The only way that electronic circuit boards can be protected from the effects of an EMP is to shield with heavy layers of material that would absorb the radiation. This is the likely explanation of Robert's masonry work in laying a concrete block enclosure in his basement at the end of an earlier episode: he was creating a shielded place for his laptop.

  • On Hawkins' basement map, we get to see where he placed the last three pins he picked up in Episode #2: Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Detroit. No pins yet to identify the city in the Northern Rockies that showed on the Chinese satellite broadcast as being possibly Spokane or Boise.

  • Goof: When Eric, Dale and Jake are going to Mitchell's shelter and Dale tells them about the crashed train full of food, he finishes talking, but when the camera cuts to Eric's expression, you can see Dale talking, but there is no sound. In advance, his face expression changes during shots. Drastically.

  • Two Weeks Later
    This is shown at the bottom of the screen after the title. This confirms that it has been between 3-4 weeks since the bombs.

  • Jake's record on Hawkins computer states that Jake was born on January 21, 1977, In "Pilot" Jake stated that he is 32 years old, if both records are true that would mean that the series would be set in 2009. Unless Jake was lying about his age, which means he would be 29.

  • Screw This Town
    Jake Green '92

    This is carved into the jail cell's bench.

  • The CD that Allison Hawkins shoots is a CD by Vanilla Ice.

  • The Morse code heard over the show's opening title is:

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Long Live the Mayor

  • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

  • Jericho is 93 miles away from Rogue River according to the mile marker sign.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Rogue River

  • Goof: About 12:50 into the episode, just after the boys talk about the mercenaries and before they get up off the floor, one of the dead soldiers is seen breathing.

  • When Gray Anderson and Jimmy (Bob Stephenson) are talking with Robert Hawkins and Allison Hawkins. Jimmy has in the first shot "25.20" a green jacket on, then no jacket in the next shot of him. Then again with the jacket on.

  • Jericho Geography: Sign outside the hospital in Rogue River reveals that that town is located in Fillmore County.

  • Nitpick: According to his driver's license, Eric's birthday is September 21, 1977. In the episode "Federal Response" we saw that Jake's birthday is January 21, 1977. This makes Eric exactly eight months younger than Jake. Even with a premature birth it is highly unlikely that the two brothers could have been born so closely together.

  • The markings on the houses in Rogue River are similar to those used by FEMA and other groups during the evacuation of New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

  • When Jake and Randy are talking at the hospital, Jake says that he was working in Iraq for a security contractor, driving a truck back and forth to the Green Zone. If this is true, Jake was not in prison in his years away from Jericho but in Iraq.

  • During Gray Anderson and Jimmy's interrogation of the Hawkins family, they find an FBI badge and Robert convinces them that he is an undercover FBI agent. The Morse code heard over the title "ROB NOT FBI" convinces otherwise.

  • When Eric and Jake arrive at Rogue River, there is a clock stopped at exactly 9:02 because that was the time when the EMP was set off in episode 6 AKA "9:02".

  • According to his driver's license, Eric Green is 6'2", 190 lbs. His date of birth is 21 Sept 1977, and his address is 621 Granville Street.

  • Randy told Jake and Eric that FEMA set up a tent city a few miles north of Rogue River. This is where all of the evacuees of Rogue River were taken.

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