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  • Season 1 Episode 2: Fallout

  • One of the books which was brought from the library is called "Our Friend, The Atom."

  • The Morse code message that Hawkins picks up is as followed: When he picks up the signal it reads: DELTA CODE DELTA 2 MINUTE WARNING The second time it reads: SCORE REMAINS SCORELESS

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Goof: When Jake first returns home, Stanely embraces him in a big hug, clearly pinning Jake's arms down. However, from the reverse shot immediately after, Jake's arms are clearly free.

  • Goof: The answering machine should not have recorded a dial-tone after the call ended.

  • When the episode originally aired in the U.S., you were able to go to a page on the CBS website that had the first webisode of a second storyline detailing what was happening in places outside of Jericho. Sadly, this storyline seems to have been stopped because of an overall general dispute between writers and networks over whether they should be paid for the webisodes. It was replaced by the "Countdown" webisode series which focuses on Hawkins.

  • Nipick: When Jake is driving the bus back to town the bus is running low on fuel. The bus driver would have known where the field trip was going and would have planned the distance and how much gas would be needed. The bus was not running when Jake found it so unless it had a gas line leak there should be no reason that it would be running on empty.

  • Goofs: The procedure that Jake performs on the school bus for the little girl Stacey is called a tracheotomy. It is sometimes performed in an emergency situation where breathing is prevented by a blockage in the throat. Jake says he was trained to perform the procedure in military school. Whoever trained him did a poor job. In an emergency tracheotomy the incision should be vertical, Jake makes a horizontal incision. While the horizontal incision would work, it is much more dangerous in that if the incision is too long it could sever the carotid artery. A vertical incision is much safer. Another error with this scene is when the girl regains consciousness she gasps in air with her mouth, which makes a dangerous tracheotomy defunct, although you hear the sound of air rushing through the straws after the initial gasp.

  • Jake's grandfather's full name is: Eric Jacob Green, and was also a mayor; both pieces of info are listed on his tombstone.

  • At the beginning when the logo for the series is shown, the letters JERICHO PILOT can be heard in Morse code.

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Futuristic, end of the world, brought back from cancelation, high stake situations, apocalyptic