Season 1 Episode 11

Vox Populi

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Wow, what an interesting episode, loved it

    Great character development, both with Jake and Emily, Emily and Jonah, then there was a little with Jake and Robert.

    Awww... I don't think Emily has got over Jake. Love the interaction between them. Jonah is back, but this time he seem really nice. The ending scene Jonah and Emily was great, then at the bar Jake and Emily, that was awesome.

    What I like about this episode is that you don't know who the guilty one was. Lovely scene when Jake and Gray were in the cell, my heart beat was just racing, loved it.

    I love the commentary, carol (writer), Jake and Robert were great at commentary together. With that I found out that Jake was older then Eric.
  • What an episode. Town is throw into shock cause of Gracie's death. It continues from there!

    This episode is what Jericho is capable of. First of all the town is on a very edgy moon due to Gracie's death and when Gray catches Jonah he goes into the poll position to be the Mayor. So when he is finally elected as the Mayor, he shows how stupid he is when he goes and tries to kill Jonah. Jake goes and saves him by intimidating Gray. Hawkins get close with his family and when he is asked the coordinates on his secret "laptop" he says that he is compromised. I really have a bad feeling about this cause at the end Hawkins is caught red handed with his family. What is this man hiding.. There is something big there. I really think so. And the other guy says, "SEE YOU SOON". Now that's spooky...
    Then Cafferty goes and holds Dale and says that he will suffer the same fate as Gracie if he didn't give him half the cut.
    So you wana know why this episode is so great. It's cause of it's ending, with Hawkins being caught by his friend on the other side of the comp and with Dale killing Cafferty and wile Jake was going to kiss Emily they are interrupted and when they outside she sees refugees walking into Jericho and then he spots Roger.
    So all and all this episode ROCKS!!! The episode very well written...
  • The city is in shock over Gracie's murder, and the people quickly turn into a lynch mob when Mitchel claims that it was Jonah who killed her. Gary Anderson pushes hard to take control from the mayor and elections are held.

    I just finished watching the episode and I have to give it high marks. It was pivotal in a number of ways. The Hawkins development is growing on me. It is a little weird having his character completely change, but I suppose I can cut the writers some slack; after all we are talking about 2 months having gone by. I like Hawkins when he is on task, but he doesn't wow me in the dad role. Either way, they are trying and I am willing to keep watching.

    The Jonah storyline was appropriate, but it seems like things are changing too much in that regard. I wanted him to be a long time player, and I suppose that's not off the table, but the way things are shaping up, he's not going to be around anymore. I'm curious how that is going to work out.

    Jake and Emily have been cozying up to each other. Their love story is more believable because they have history together. Heather is nowhere in the past 2 episodes, and I am not sure exactly what happened to her character. It was shaping up that she was going after Jake, but she just vanished from the script without any warning.

    The Gray struggle was understandable. I could see something like that happening. The Mitchel and Dale situation worked out nicely.

    Overall, this was a really good episode.
  • The elections are held.

    The elections are held. Is it too soon to ask for a recount. Johnston should have won hands down. Is anyone surprised that he didn't?

    Heather and Jake seem to be no more and Emily and Jake seem to be on. That is something that has been going down the last few episodes. The murder of Gracie last week leads to all sorts of mayhen this week. Who gets the store and who gets shot for it.

    Overall, it was one of the better episodes of the seasons and I was pleased to see the show improve what seems to be every week.
  • The elections for mayor are held.

    Excellent episode with some great twist.

    After Gracie was murdered in the last scene of last week's episode, this week' s focused on finding the killer. Mitch 'confesses' that Jonah did it. After catching Jonah, Gray is ready to kill him, but is held back by Jake. Dale tells them that Mitch threatened him and told him he would go the same way as Gracie if he refused the deal.
    Dale inherits the store and in a surprise twist, shoots Mitch.

    Well, it seemed my love of Heather and Jake is misplaced as the writers clearly want Emily and Jake together. While they were dancing and discussin Heather and Roger, I thought to myself: " it won't be long before Roger arrives in Jericho" but even I was surprised when he arrived in the same episode. Let's see what happens now but I'll probably always feel that Heather is second choice for Jake after the last few episodes.

    Johnston losing the elections was hardly surprising. It will be interesting to see what he's going to do now...
  • Review

    Dale is back along with his girl, glad to see them return after several episodes of nothing from either of them. Dale killing Mitchell at the end of the episode was pretty shocking and something that I wouldnt have expected from his charater. I dont know if he plans on telling the people what he did - but I like the connection of Jake saying "Dale could never do something like this" and then he turned around and did it.

    It had been a while before I really was into the black man storyline. After being surrounded with so much intense mystery I was mad when he cut off his deal with the people on the other side of the computer. The end of the episode made up for it entirely, leaving me with one of the best endings of an episode in a long time. The show ended with two great cliffhangers for the mid season finale.

    The beginning of the episode was kind of slow, but the middle and end parts mroe then made up for it. Kinda sucks that the mayor has been replaced, but it all comes with a changing world. Jake and Heather almost are out of my mind, because we havent seen them together in forever. Emilys husband coming back was easy to see, but good twist nonetheless.
  • Gracie is murder and the town tries to find the person who did it.

    This has to be one of the best episodes of Jericho so far in the season. I was so surprised that Mitchell Clafferty went to Johnston and told him that Johan killed Gracie evan though he was the one who killed her. I really liked seeing Emily and Jake together they are so perfect for each other. I was disappointed that Jericho made Gray their new mayor. What were they thinking? I want to know what Hawkins is into and why someone would be looking for him because the fact he is hiding a bomb in his basement. I was disappointed that Rodger was among the wonders that srrived into the town.
  • nice episode

    After Dale discovers Gracie's dead body, the whole town suspects that Jonah is responsible for her death. When Mitchell and his goons come to town, they claim that Jonah is responsible. Gray and some of his friends with guns start to search for Jonah. Jake and Hawkins look for jonah as well, but their hunt takes them somewhere else. This episode dramatizes a very realistic human condition, people are really capable of taking the law into their own hands when they are driven by anger. This episode shows some suspense, things go to a different direction. This is a really good episode.
  • Plenty to ponder during hiatus.

    Roving bands of vigilantes in the outside world is one thing; but now in Jericho, that's scary. This is the result of Mitchell's story planted about Jonah Prowse being Gracie's murderer. Gray Anderson seizes upon this as an opportunity to sweep himself into power as mayor at the same time as getting rid of his old enemy Prowse. When Jake and Johnston confront Gray during his plot to kill Prowse, we learn more about Jake's ability to judge character -- he knew Gray didn't have the stones to shoot Jonah in cold blood. Prowse, too, has become more of a complex character and less of a pure villain. He finally gets a chance to tell Emily that it wasn't his choice to leave the family. Add two more relationships to follow -- Roger & Emily and Sean & Bonnie -- to the other five that are already clogging the storyline. But if this attracts enough additional viewers to prolong this series, then I'm OK with it. In this half-season finale, we get lots of cliffhangers to ponder over before the series resumes in February. How far is Gray Anderson willing to go to exert his newly-conferred power as mayor? Do we really believe that Jonah Prowse is going to go gently into permanent exile, now that he has finally had a chance to reconcile with Emily? What will be the results of the upcoming power struggle in the Prowse gang now that Mitch has been shot? And how might this come back to haunt Dale? With Roger back, does this mean Jake goes back to Heather? And the biggie -- whoever is coming to see Hawkins has control of a spy satellite. That could be either good or very bad for the residents of Jericho.
  • Gray takes over Johnston's role as Mayor, Mitch gets shot and Rodger returns.

    Roger comes back in a Zombie movie style scene, Emily's finance and some other survivors come stumbling into Jericho right at the same moment as Emily and Jake are about to Kiss whilst slow dancing to Sinead O Connor.

    As much as I would have like to have seem them kiss I am still routing for Jake and Heather to get together (Heather was unfortunately missing from this episode)

    Go Dale - Dale brings down Mitch Cafferty for killing Graccie but blames it on Sole for bullying him into half the profits of the store. I hope he gets the girl and gets his revenge on the bully.

    Bit of a slow episode all in all but it had a good cliffhanger. Leaving you wondering who the hell is contacting Hawkins and spying on Jericho.
  • Not really what I expected. But still, It rocked my socks.

    So, it was a mid-season finale. Kind of. And what I expected was something more like Heroes. Though the season does not end yet, it still makes us wish the next episodes so fricking much! It did make me wish, but it wasn't that exciting.

    Gracie bit the dust, took down a peg, kicked the bucket .. died. Of course we all knew who did it. Mittchel What's-his-name. The others suspected Jonah. But, as crazy as it seems, Jonah isn't that evil. He runs a gang and all, kills people, but his attitude to Jake or Gracie actually showed that he couldn't just kill a helpless old woman in cold blood just for kicks. Her death didn't even benefit him in any way. Even if Dale haven't inherited the store, I don't think it would be free for the "GANG"'s use. Mitchell on the other hand, even wanted to kill Jonah's daughter, set the horses free in Green's ranch and did all kind of stuff without remorse to say. It's obvious, that Jonah more or less could be impersonated as the slightly good villain.

    Johnston and Gray measured their willies to say. Competed for the upper hand in the election. I myself find Johnston cuter, nicer and all. But Gray seems to have more idea about what is going on and isn't overwhelmed with pointless humanitarian instincts that cloud his judgment. Unlike somebody else! I don't take a side here. Whatever the show decides, it will be just okay!

    Jonah, injured and bleeding, found his way to his daughter's Emily's house. Burdening her while the rest of the town, discovering Gracie's murder, hunt for Jonah. It was rather silly. Why would Jonah kill Gracie? Yes, Gracie shoved his deal up his as.s but there were other people there. Like the lust hungered Mitchell who actually did kill her. The criminal minds of a small town!

    I can't wait for the next episodes!
  • 'Jericho' might have found it's purpose to serve.

    The cliffhangers I've been waiting for.

    May this end the utter weak family drama...please, writers.

    There is simply much more in this show than the family drama. I 've nothing against it BUT it's just not *that* compelling. Put it this way: america is basically destroyed. Jericho is one of the few towns still standing. Strange things are happening in the town. Ie.: TV suddenly works, chinese reporter speaking, EMP blown up, strange stuff dropped by bombers.... ...yet everyone is sitting in the pub, and instead of TRYING TO figure out what the heck is going on.... they're drinking, talking about who Eric is sleeping now, or how much Gail loves her hubby... gah.

    This episode although still has plenty of soap in it, definitely sets up 3 very exciting plot lines for the next 11 episodes to come.

    First, Roger, and many other survivors arrived in town. And not just a 'few' survivors I'm talking about here: ALOT. Some of them are sick, dying. IT's going to be interesting to see how Gray handles this situation, plus, how JERICHO will. They don't have enough food, houses to "handle" so many people....

    Second, Dale shooting Mitch. That was really good, and I didn't see it coming. This may cut the family drama for a while; there'll be something else to gossip about: Who shot Mitch?

    Third. Hawkins. Well, he's defo working for someone, or a group or... well, it seems like a goverment.(They have access to satellits, don't they?) It would be great if it was revealed who Hawkins is working for.... finally. But in the future I think it'll be very exciting to see how 'They' want to get rid of Hawkins.

    Overally, minus the cliffhangers, this episode was a letdown: but thank god for the cliffies!
  • Best episode so far.

    A lot happened in this episode. Like the major election. Johnston should have focused more on that, but he didnt and he lost. too bad, because i don't think that a lot of us actually like Gary. I think there will be soe drastic changes in Jericho. Mitchell claims that Jonah killed Gracie, but we all know that something is wrong with that scenario. And we are all right, but i don't want to spoil this to anyone. The scene between Emily and Jonah is actually sweet, and that's when Emily realizes her true feelings towards Jake. But of course, just when Jake and Emily are about to kiss Eric comes in and tells them that a bunch of refugees are coming in, and guess who is one of the refugees?
    I still don't get Hawkins, and at the end it appears that he is in some kind of a trouble. His gruop tracked him down and they're not happy with his actions.
    Great episode, can't wait till February
  • Still flows on like a little boring river

    Someone got killed. Someone got blamed. Somebody else did it. Someone else got the mayor role. The bar is still open. No sign of war. No sign of radiation. No enemies in sight. So is anything happening already. What about Jakes love interest, she hasn't shown for a couple of episodes. Jakes ex her husband returns along with some refugees. (kind of exciting) and a satelite is still working! Who controls it? And what is the link between what has happened with the bombing and the outsider in the basement? Those are some questions i want to find the answers to. Not how they celebrate thanksgiving!
  • This episode is likely the best of the season. The pace is brisk and covers almost all the characters. It tied up a few loose ends and revealed a whole lot more.

    Vox Populi is a great episode. The whole episode keeps up a great pace. The last five minutes are the best part. Mitchell, the guy who betrayed Jonah in Red Flag and killed Gracie is killed by none other then Dale who avenges Gracie's death in a scene in which I first thought Jonah was the one who was going to kill Mitchell. Just when Jake and Emily are about to kiss Eric comes in and tell them that a bunch of refugees are coming in. Before that Jonah had told Emily that Jake was the one for her, but as she looks over the refugees she see he long lost fiance Roger. And IT appears that whatever group Hawkins was with has a lot of resources. Hawkins continues to be my favorite guy after Jake, and his actions in this episode are quite intriguing. A great finale to a great show.
    I can't wait until February.
  • Another great episode for Jericho, and I can't wait until Febuary to find out what happens next...

    With Roger returning to Jericho with the other plane survivors should prove interesting to whether who Jake will, eventually, pair off with: Emily or Heather. Personally, I'm rooting for Heather, since there's too much back history between Emily, Jake, and Jonah.

    With Dale shooting his attacker, and, hopefully, killing Gracie's killer, I don't know how things will work out for him & Skylar; I've been hoping for awhile now that they would, eventually, become a couple. Yeah, they have a lot to work out, but from day one I've thought that they would make a good couple. I will continue to hold out hope until one or both of them marry...

    And then there's Eric. He cheated on April, and then left her for Mary Bailey. Granted he didn't know that April was pregnant... but still... Well, I suppose it was to be expected; I mean, Jake got out of town, and had -apparently- gotten his life together. Eric had not, and had, in fact, become the deputy mayor for Jericho. Being a mayor seems to run in the family -the Grandfather & Johnston... so one of the sons was bound to end up in the office, tho that does seem unlikely now...

    Eric seemed like a goody too shoes until I realized that he was cheating on his wife...

    Anyways, I still don't know if Robert Hawkins is good or bad; some days I say it's one while on others, its the other. Government spy or not, he knew that something was coming -he had enough warning to research the effects of nuclear bombs... and prepare for the end of the world.

    Now whether he's with the good guys or the bad, I don't know. Most times I still say he's with the government in some way... working in the intelligence department or something... and got wind of something that was coming, but no one would believe him, kinda like with the 9/11 intelligence reguarding people from other countries learning how to fly and/or how to operate small planes in the months & years leading up to that attack. On occasion though, I have to wonder: that group he communicates with, via the computer, makes me question whether I'm right about Robert more often than I care to admit. And then there was the fact that he got that barrel & guns out of storage durning the rain storm fallout. Well, that and the fact that Gray Anderson reported that NYC was still around; he reported that some men were caught traveling with a bomb in a barrel. But the fact that he now wants to spend as much time with his family says a lot, in my opinion...

    And speaking of Gray Anderson: right now, he's the only one who's driving me nuts. Or, more to the point, I don't like him. In fact, I REALLY don't like him. I've never liked his attitude, and it's only gotten worse since he got back to town. And the fact that he's now Mayor of Jericho ... UGH. He garnered a lot of support because of Gracie's murder, but I doubt that that support is going to last for very long. I could be wrong, of course... especially since Dale took matters into his own hands *after* Gray was voted into office... and had, in fact, been sworn in. My hope for Gray is that he will, eventually, go too far with something and be forced out of office. I suppose that I'll have to wait on that, though, since there's practically a 3 month wait until the next episode.

    I am curious to know if Shep Cale will ever return to Jericho... that and the fact that since both he and Gray were -at the very least- partially responsible for Scott Rennie's death (the guy in the mine)... that whether the two would ever be held responsible/accountable (officially) for the guys's death. We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose. And what about the firemen who supposedly went to Denver to help out there? Will they ever return? No one's mentioned them in some time. With Roger and the other plane crash survivors turning up in Jericho, there's bound to be more information coming in again... but I still find myself wanting more information... like who attacked the US and why? And will the US ever recover & reorganaize itself?

    Questions, I hope, that will eventually be answered. The trouble is: I hate waiting for answers.
  • Excellent first half finale. They saved the best for the last 5 minutes.

    Things start out as Mitchell sets Jonah up as Gracies killer. The resulting manhunt nets Jonah to take control of the gang in the midst of the election for Mayor of Jericho. Dale Turner inherits Gracies Market as a result of her death according to her Will.

    The impulsive Gray Anderson defeated seasoned 25 year Mayor Johnston Green over security concerns. Dale is threatened by Mitchell that the same thing that happened to Gracie will happen to him if he doesnt give him 50% cut of the business; he reports this to Johnston Green. Anderson, in his typically ham-fisted way arranges for a tribunal to find Jonah guilty and tries to remove him from the jail to likely be executed (a thinly veiled reference to planned tribunals at Guantamo Bay) Jake and Johnston force Andersons hand with a dramatic scene where Johnston forces a gun into Anderson hand and says to go ahead and shoot Jonah - but to bear in mind he may be guilty of murder himself of he ignores Dales testimony that Mitchell is the real muderer. Anderson changes his mind and Jonah is exiled from Jericho told not to return; though Im certain we havent seen the last of him. In the closing minutes Dale finds Mitchell alone smoking a cigarette and proceeds to put a bullet right into the middle of his chest; who would have though that kid was capable of vigilante justice? Im sure once the town finds out they will pin a medal on his chest. Ironically Anderson mentioned that Green was in office when the 1st muder in Jericho in 30 years occured; Im sure Green will shoot back with something like "Gray, it took 25 years for a murder to occur on my watch, but you took less than 25 hours to tally your first murder, Congratulations Mr. Mayor" Green tells Mayor Anderson that Democracy is easy when things are normal but its alot tougher when people are scared; and that everyone will be watching him closely. Considering what almost happened to Jonah they better watch very closely.

    Meanwhile back in Hawkins basement, his contact via laptop computer with those in his group resumes for the first time in weeks as Hawkins is asked for his specific coordinates; he refuses to say, telling them he has been compromised and to proceed without him. In the closing minutes his contact send him a message asking why he is lying to them and attaches video file from what is likely a KH-12 (or better)government spy satellite that shows Hawkins playing football with his son from a few hours earlier. The final ominous message is sent to Hawkins "See you soon". Looking forward to this arrival - though Hawkins definitely isnt judging by the expression on his face looking like he just got caught cheating on a test in school.

    As the town gathers at the bar drinking the latest batch of home brewed moonshine listening to the Juke Box courtesy of te Chinese generator, Eric Green runs into the bar telling Jake to come outside - refugees have arrived in town; likeley led there by Emilys fiance Roger (featured in flashbacks during CROSSROADS). These are likely people from Rogers plane which landed in a corn field 8 weeks ago and perhaps others he picked up along the way. Theyve been out there for those 8 weeks and will likely have intereting stories to tell and hopefully more information about the world outside Jericho.

    There was additional character development and background information that helps give depth to the characters. Very similar to the way Season 1 of LOST proceeded. This may seem dull to some but most seem to think otherwise since TV.COM rating is over 9.0.

    These events coupled with scenes from the previews indicate things are about to get very interesting as the 2nd half of Season 1 resumes in Feburary 2007. Hopefully CBS will air reruns at some point to draw in additional viewers. Im sure some people who missed the first several episodes and dont have highspeed internet to watch downloads will be contacting CBS. Ill be checking for clues that reveal the shawowy pasts of Hawkins and Jake and who might be responsible for the bombings.
  • Hawkins choses his family, Jake trys to remember his and Emily's 'song' and the past walks right back into town a little worse for wear but hey makes a great fall finale!

    Ahh I missed last weeks review but anyways onto this week - Jake and Emily grow closer but I have a question Were is Heather?

    The girl was unmentioned someone should of at least said "oh, she out helping such and such".

    But overall a good eposide seeing Hawkins choose his family over the Big M (Mystery) was a nice to know if he's a bad or good guy I think he's neither really as he said in a revioues eposide.

    I was quite loving how the were pulling punch after punch in this eposide it was like BAM, BAM, BIG BAM!

    For those who watched this eposide you know what I mean by BIG BAM.

    And folks that's how you leave a 'fall finale' with half alive looking plane crash victims walking into town needing help and sweet *coughnotcough* Emily's fiance among those.

    I can't wait to see what Jericho has next half of Season 1.
  • I have just one phrase to describe this episode and that is: "A long Time Coming!"

    I have waited all season to see the relationship between Mimi and Stanley develop...and i can honestly say, i have not waited in vain!

    This episode is definitely a series classic!
    Mimi and Stanley fit each other like a glove...they are perfect for each other; i think mainly because they are honest with each other no matter what!

    Aside from Mimi and Stanley's (relationship development), i loved the fact that mitchell was killed...he was beginning to get on my nerves!

    I do however, regret how the episode ended...cause now i'm going out of my mind trying to figure out what's up with Robert! I guess i'll just have to wait and find out like everyone else!
  • Can't wait until Feb of next year for the new episodes to begin!

    I can't wait until Feb 2007 as this is a
    Great first half and that CBS is really smart to
    Leave us hanging but in a good kind of way as Fingers are pointing at Jonah, suspected of killing Gracie and Gray gets elected mayor.
    You know that you want Emily & Jake to get together. But not yet. Mitchell is actually the one that killed Gracie despite Jonah leaving. As a group of people come to town looking homeless. That will keep us guessing until then.
  • An excellent way to end the last episode before the break.

    One of the best (if not the best) episodes so far. Jonah is suspected to have killed Gracie and goes to Emily for help. Gray gets elected mayor by the people of Jericho and brings Jonah to justice, as he promised. Mitchell threatens Dale and confesses he is the one who actually murdered Gracie.
    Stanley and Mimi get to know each other a little better ^^ and Bonnie gets mad at her brother.
    Robert Hawkins dedicates more to his family and tries to abandon his "mission".
    Jonah leaves Jericho and tells Emily it's not Jake's fault Chris died, it's his own.
    Emily and Jake finally (almost) have their moment. (a very romantic scene, by the way)
    A group of people arrives at Jericho looking very tired hungry and sick; Roger (Emily's fiancée) amongst them.
    Dale has his revenge!
    The people that Robert Hawkins was working for finds him and claims to be coming for him soon! (kinda reminds us of Lost S02, when Michael gets those messages from his "son" in the hatch)
  • Fall Finale...

    I've seen previews of this show and I never really got around to watching it until last night. I have got to say that with one episode I am hooked. I guess that they were looking for this other guy and jake knew where he was and everyone else found him and were going to kill him all under the order of the new mayor but jake convinced him not to. With this being the fall finale I was just waiting for something to happen and it did, at the end of the episode a bunch of people started walking inti town and emily reconized one as her husband. I hope that there are repeats of this show in the next few weeks and I really hate the fact that we have to wait until febuary to see a new episode. That really sucks. i sure did pick a fine time to start watching. later...
  • The fall- finale is a great one...

    i think that this show is just awesome! it i9s defenitly the best new series this year, and i'm sure that each epiosde in 2007 will be even better. i can see this show making a good three seasons. i like this episode in which Gray becomes the new mayor and they go lokking for Jonah, even though he says he didn't do the murder. This episode had one of the biggest cliffhabgers of the season, when a lot of people suddenly come to jericho, and one of them is emily's husband. emily has starting to get it on with Jake, but it doesn't look good now. later.
  • The mid-season finale of Jericho arrives and I've got to admit, I sort of thought it'd be more momentous.

    The mid-season finale of Jericho arrives and I've got to admit, I sort of thought it'd be more momentous. But just as this show has done since it started it left me with enough questions to keep me tuning in when it returns. The biggest being--what kind of group is Hawkins part of?

    And the bigger question--how much longer can they drag this out before giving us any real answers?

    I noticed in the beginning of the story, it said it had been eight weeks since the bombs fell. I'm not sure if this messes up the timeline or not, since I don't think we had an specific date when the attacks occurred. I just figured it was around the first of September based on other clues the show has given, but I'm not going to lose too much sleep over specifics of the interal timeline of this show.

    Nor will I lose sleep over the Jake and Emily storyline. Gee, who'd've figured that as soon as they both realize they're still in love, Emily's fiancee would show up in town? Show of hands on anyone who didn't see that one coming. Seriously, the only way to make it more melodramatic is to have him lurch into the bar, dirty, torns clothes just as Jake and Emily smooch. And let me ask--where is Heather? She's been conspiciously absent these past two episodes....why is that?

    I did find the storyline of who killed Gracie and how everyone reacts to it interesting. And man the shift of power was pretty quick--what that'd take about a day or so. A day after winning the election, Grey is getting sworn in and ready to take out Jonah vigilante style. I found myself thinking a bit of the storyline of the collaborators on Battlestar Galactica earlier this month when Grey mentioned a tribunal. Only BSG showed the group trying the suspects and dispensing justice. Oh yeah, and it was a whole lot more interesting because the show took more than five minutes to establish the characters. Also, I cared a lot more about Gaeta and his fate than Jonah's here. Jonah has been little more than a one-note character and why everyone couldn't see this was one bully trying to bully another is beyond me.

    I guess the point is to show how bad going vigilante is. Luckily everyone figures it all out before we kill Jonah. Instead we exile him, which is a nice touch. But did we forget Jonah saved the town's bacon three episodes ago? Does no one want to take that into account? You'd think Skeet might volunteer that info. Or Eric. Or someone.

    And did anyone else think the teenage girl who Dale has a thing for and was in the store might have snuck to the next aisle and overheard the threat? Thus you have two witnesses...but that would be far too easy a way out.

    So, where are we left--two really just pedestrian cliffhangers and one good one. Pretty much par for the course for Jericho.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again--this show desparately wants to be like Lost, but it's just not even in the same ballpark.
  • This episode was the best episode of the series so far. But when it comes back on in February 2007 I thank each episode will get better and better better.

    When this episode started out it really did not grab my attention but as each minute passed it started to get better. I just can't belive that Gray is the new mayor and I just can't stand him. I'm glad that Dale killed Mitchell he deserved it after what he did to Gracy and Jonah. And Robert gave up his work for his family and in which I was glad that he did that but now who ever he works for is coming to Jericho so be ready for that. And when Roger came back I was happy because I want Jake to be with Heather. BEST EPISODE EVER
  • They definitely left us wanting more!!!

    Gray is the new Mayor. Just that in itself is a change of direction for this show. Less talking and more action. Gray is out for blood. Dale returns with a bang, literally. :) Jonah was on the run and Mitchell got what he deserved for killing Gracie, although Gray still looks suspecious because Gracie's death definitely help him win the election. They could choose to twist Gracie's death if they want, but so far this show hasn't done anything like that so I will continue to believe that Mitchell killed Gracie. Robert Hawkins shows once again why he's a major star in this series. That scene when they "Google Earthed" him was just creepy. Jake and Emily almost kissed each other and I found myself asking where Heather was but I'll let that go for this episode. There were too many good things in this episode for me to complain. They also set some things up like Bonnie and Sean, Skylar and Dale are still matched up and of course Roger is back.:) I can't wait till the show comes back. "See you soon."
  • Who owns the satelite and why are they keeping tack of Hawkins?

    What an episode. Way to much going on, I need a scorecard to keep track. Roger showing up, Joanh banished, Dale shots Mitchell, Gray wins the election, and Hawkins lies to the mysterious controllers, and they let him know they are watching and want to know why he lied!

    I am not going to be able to wait for the next 1/2 of the seasson. I think this split stinks. It took awhile for this show to get to full speed and now to yabk the rug out pisses me off.

    I guess I'll be hitting the CBS cites to see what I can glean.
  • So much happens in one episode!

    I wish that each episode of Jericho lasted for 3 hours, I swear! I am so entertained and when it feels that it has been 5 minutes, I look at the clock and there is 30 minutes to go. So much happened in this fall finai so I will discus the main events and my reaction. Gray is the new mayor: I am really dissapointed in this. Johnston has been major for 25 years, I do think he is getting to old but he has the expeirience. If Gray continues the way he did towards the end I will be happier but I am pissed off that Jake no longer has those connections to the leadership of Jericho through his dad.

    Dale shoots Mitchel: Who cares?!? I am glad that Mithcel is out of the show but Dale will be arrested and harassed by Gray for murder.

    The return of Roger: I don't like Roger and by the way he seemed when we saw him, he looked like he can never changed after the hell he has been through. I was hoping that Jake and Emily will hook up but Roger just had to live didn't he. lol. I like Heather and I know that she likes Jake alot but I'd rather Jake and Emily to be together.

    I can see this show going in many different directions and I just hope that in the next 11 episodes and so forth after, this show concentrates on the outside world and cut of alot of the soap type stories.
  • Tightly Written mid-season cliff-hanger

    1) we knew that gracies death would fuel the fire of paranoia
    2) we knew that the mayor was going to loose the election
    3) we knew that Hawkins' has all the social skills of an iron when it comes to his "children"
    4) we knew that events would unfold and the town would rally round the local moron
    5) we knew that the mayor wouldn't do something about the local moron - because that would make him look like a bully
    6) we knew that the IRS woman and Mr Farmer were going to be a couple
    7) we knew that Jake was going to not like his brother's affair with the local bar-wench
    8) we knew that people were coming from out of town sometime during the episode (watch what you give away in commericals)
    9) we finally get to see the local grocery bag-boy grow a paid of balls and serve up justice old-school style since the new mayor in town FAILED on his first day
    10) we know that the mayor will get his job back -since the new one is so grossly incompetant that a recall is immenant
    11) we watch this show because of the tight writing, the decent acting, and the interesting subplots that run through it on a weekly basis
    12) we will continue to watch it when it returns, simply because the last 2 minutes of the show revealed enough to make you curious as to what happens next
    13) I close with the final words of the show itself....SEE YOU SOON...
  • The people of Jericho are angry about Gracie's murder. They elect Gray and attempt to kill Jonah.

    This episode, for me, wasn't really too great. I thought that it was fairly mediocre, especially with everyone blaming Jonah. I thought it was too predictable that it wasn't him. I knew that everyone would assuem it was him, but I knew that he wouldn't do that. I also knew that the people of Jericho would elect Gray. It was really obvious. So, I think most of the things they thought would surprise you, I was waiting for to happen. There was one thing I didn't expect.

    Hawkins!! He got several messages in this episode. One saying something about a traitor. He responded that he is compromised. Another asking for his coordinates. He responds that he is compromised and for them to proceed without him. He then helps his family and says he will stay. At the very end, he recieves a final message saying that they need to talk about why he is lying to them. It then shows him a satalite photo of him playing with his son in their yard and ends with these words...See you soon.

    So next season I am assuming we will find out who these people are who are coming for Hawkins, and what they are doing. I didn't like this episode very much.
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