Season 1 Episode 11

Vox Populi

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS



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    • Mimi: This will never work.
      Stanley: Ah, that's what they said about Brangelina.
      Mimi: Are you seriously quoting US magazine right now?
      Stanley: Yeah, what do you think they'd call us? Stimiley? Mimiley? (Pause) St... Stimi!
      Mimi: (Laughing) You are such an idiot!

    • Bill: Gray came back from Topeka a changed man. He's not messing around, and I, for one, think he's got the right idea.
      Jimmy: Wait a minute. You're not voting for Gray Anderson?
      Bill: I'm not gonna answer that. This is still America.
      Jimmy: Yeah, just barely.

    • Mimi: What we did (sex), it's not what you think. I had a weak moment. It was a mistake.
      Stanley: I'm really good at making mistakes.
      Mimi: Yes, you are.

    • Emily (speaking about the bar): It almost looks normal in here; like the bombs never hit.

    • Gray: I love this town. I just want to keep it safe, like it always was.
      Johnston: What it always was is a democracy. That's easy when things are going alright, but when you're scared or mad it gets to be a lot harder.

    • Stanley: I actually think she (his mother) would have liked you.
      Mimi: Really?
      Stanley: No not at all.

    • Jake: You kept singing that depressing song by that uh, that bald girl.
      Emily: Sinéad O'Connor and that was our song.
      Jake: Our song? I never got to vote.

    • Mitchell: Jonah showed up at the compound, and his arm was all torn up. He said that he killed Gracie because she wouldn't do business with him any more. He was trying to prove to me and the rest of the guys that he was still in charge.
      Johnston: Where's Jonah now?
      Mitchell: I don't know. He hit me with a tire iron, I just saw him drive off.
      Gray: You believe this guy, Johnston? He broke out of our jail. He's a fugitive.
      Mitchell: Listen, I wouldn't blame you if you locked me up right now. If you want any help tracking down, Jonah, I'm ready.

    • Gray: We just had our first murder in 30 years.
      Johnston: And I've been Mayor of this town for 25 of those years.
      Gray: Maybe that's the problem. You still think Jericho is the same sweet little town it was before the bombs. We need someone who understands...
      Johnston: Save it for the election, Gray.
      Gray: This is what the election is about.
      Johnston: You wanna get this civilian off the crime scene?

    • Jake: Just tell me the name of the song.
      Emily: If you don't remember, I'm not telling you.
      Jake: I remember it was sad and depressing.
      Emily: You must not remember our relationship.

    • Dale: I can't take her store. I quit. I called her a liar; I said the worse things…
      Gail: That happens in families. People get mad, say things, but that doesn't erase everything that came before. Gracie loved you and she wanted you to have her store.

    • Jonah: I didn't kill Gracie Leigh.
      Jake: Then why are you holding us at gunpoint?
      Jonah: 'Cause maybe you won't believe me, maybe you'll try and be some kind of hero and take me in.
      Emily: He's bleeding; he needs a doctor, Jake.
      Jonah: I'm not going into town. Jake you're gonna help me get out of here.
      Jake: I'm not helping you do anything, for all I know you're a murderer.
      Jonah: I didn't do it.

    • Robert: I don't want to go anywhere. I like being here.
      Darcy: You lock the basement, or you tell those men to fight their own battles and stay home. The damn world ended. Can't you just be with us?

    • Jake: Look, we need some supplies.
      Kenchy: Oh, you want me to kill someone? You need a real doctor my friend.
      Jake: A real doctor wouldn't do what I need done. Let's go.

    • Stanley: Sorry about that, Ma.
      Mimi: Oh, no, no. We are not doing that.
      Stanley: Come on now, you can call me 'Pa'.
      Mimi: Seriously, that really creeps me out.
      Stanley: Good creepy or bad creepy?

    • Mitchell: Well, you're running the store; you're going to need protection.
      Dale: From who? Jonah's in jail.
      (Mitchell holds a knife to Dale's throat)
      Mitchell: This has nothing to do with Jonah. Don't make the same mistake that Gracie made. I get half the cut, or else people out there are going to be putting flowers and candles on the sidewalk for you. Okay? See you tomorrow….and the next day…and the next day.

    • Jake: It's up to you, Gray. Go on... no? (Jake puts Jonah on the ground and points a gun to his head) This is what you want, right? You make the rules? Decide who lives and dies? Go ahead and do it, you do it here in front of me and Dale, in front of everyone. Not in some backroom with your buddies. Don't let someone else do the dirty work for you, mayor. You want him dead, you take this gun and you blow his brains out. (Gray takes the gun from Jake and points it at Jonah) You better be damn sure he's guilty because if he's not, you're a murderer. Justice will be swift. (Gray lowers the gun)

    • Emily: What about Heather?
      Jake: What about Roger?
      Emily: You know how this goes. We should be grown-ups and walk away right now.
      Jake: You're right, we should.

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  • Allusions

    • References to the recent debate about the rights of prisoners involving military tribunals for terrorists. Gray Anderson said since there was no Judge in town he assembled his own tribunal and found Jonah guilty; it was implied he was going to be taken away and executed. Johnston Green's comments to the new Mayor, Gray Anderson, as he was cleaning out his desk, also made reference to the incident and difficulty of maintaining Democracy in times of fear and that the people would be watching him closely.

    • Episode title: "Vox Populi"
      In Latin this means voice of the people.