Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

4 DAYS AFTER THE BOMBS. 1 DAY AFTER THE FALLOUT HAS CLEARED. There is a running loop of an explosion with people running away that is playing at Mary Bailey's bar. Eric Green and Jake Green are guessing where the location of that explosion is. Eric thinks it could be Cincinnati. Robert Hawkins is at the bar having a drink and he overhears the city Cincinnati. Robert is shaking his head "no" to himself. Stanley Richmond is in the bar as well with Bonnie Richmond and they are all staring at the same running loop at the bar. The Bar's generator is running out of gas and then the power goes out in the bar. After the power is lost, the bar is being cleared out by Mary ad Eric. Jake Green runs into Heather Lisinski outside after leaving the bar. Heather asks Jake if they've seen anything new at the bar but Jake says they are seeing the same loop. Jake is walking Heather home. (Heather has a walking cast on.) They are talking about the neighborhood that Jake used to know. Things have changed in the 5 years that Jake's been gone. They hear a crash and head towards the alley to check it out. It's a broken window at the Pharmacy. Jake tells Heather to go and get some help. Jake goes into the Pharmacy. There is a man inside and he collapses. The man inside asks for help and his face is disfigured. Jake, Heather Bill, Jimmy, Stanley and Bonnie are all at the pharmacy now. Jake is trying to get the man up and to the doctor. Bonnie Richmond thinks it might be radiation sickness. Bill and Jimmy think they might get sick by touching the disfigured man and are afraid to touch him. Stanley helps Jake pick the man up and they are going to take him to the clinic. April Green and Eric Green are arguing at the clinic because Eric disappeared for three hours. April is upset over his lack of help. ***Eric was away for three hours because he was sleeping with Mary*** Jake and Stanley come rushing into the Hospital with the disfigured man. Gracie Leigh is hearing noises in her store and she is investigating for herself. It's Dale Turner. He gives Gracie a scare but surprises her by stocking the shelves with some of the food that was on the train that he found. Back at the Hospital- Mayor Johnston Green and his wife (Gail Green) are there now. They are speculating as to what has happened to the disfigured man. They think he may have come from Denver and that he was burned in the blast. The man has no I.D. on him. Stanley and Jake go away to take a shower, the clothes they were wearing could be contaminated. Eric is speaking to Mayor Johnston and says that the gas is running out and that they need the generator going so they can keep the TV on at the bar and to keep the generators going in the clinic. Mayor Johnston is coughing, he's still sick. Eric is concerned that if more people come to Jericho they won't have enough resources for new people. April is trying to get Gail Green to help her out at the clinic. Gail says she'll do anything she can to help. Gail watches over a baby that's on a ventilator while April looks after other patients. Robert Hawkins has a laptop that he's typing on. He has a database with information on his family. His kid (Samuel Hawkins) knocks on the door wanting water while Robert is trying to get some work done. Mayor Johnston asks Jimmy and Bill if they've heard anything from Gray Anderson or Shep Cale. Bill is still panicked and he's speculating as to what and where those tanks came from that Stanley saw. Jake is taking a shower and Heather is looking for him. She walks in while he's finishing his shower. ***Jake is wearing a dog tag.*** Heather looks away as she is talking to him. She thinks that instead of just siphoning gas from cars they could siphon gas from the gas station. Bonnie is concerned and staring at the disfigured man and worried that Stanley could've been just like him. Jake comes over and sees Bonnie and she asks Jake if what happened to the disfigured man could happen to Stanley. Stanley sees them talking and tells Bonnie that he will be alright. Eric and Jake are arguing about what to do with the disfigured man. Jake still wants to save him but Eric thinks they should just make him comfortable while he dies. The disfigured man begins to gasp for air. April asks him his name. The disfigured man is gasping for air but tells them that his name is Victor Miller. Eric, Jake and April are in the room; Victor tells them that "they are coming". It's day time and the disfigured man Victor is still unconscious. Jake, Johnston, Bill and Jimmy are guessing what Victor meant when he said "they are coming". Jake and Heather are going to siphon the gas from the gas station. The gas attendant, Mr. Murthy is worried that he will get fired for letting them siphon the gas. Jake and Heather tell him that it's a different world and "who's going to fire him". Darcy and Robert Hawkins are lying about being from St. Louis. They are going over the stories about where they lived. Robert is quizzing Darcy and the kids about "where they are from". Robert still won't allow the kids outside because they can't get the lie straight. There is a knock on the door and Jimmy is asking Robert to help out as a deputy because they need some man power after the Sheriff was killed and a few other men. Robert reluctantly accepts the offer. Eric Green is asking Gracie and everyone else to donate 5 gallons of gas. Gracie refuses to donate gas. Eric radios Bill and tells him that he's going to the clinic. Bill tells him that they are 90 gallons short. Eric comes to the conclusion that they might have to be impolite. Jake, Stanley and Heather are trying to siphon the gas. Stanley and Jake are fighting over who should take the risk and fill the tank up. Heather is warning them about static electricity and that a spark could start a fire. Jake ends up putting the hose into the container on the truck. Dale is ringing up some groceries for Allison Hawkins. Allison has the last bag of corn chips. Skylar is in line behind Allison and offers $20 for the bag of chips for a party that she's going to have. She invites Allison to go to the party if she gives her the chips. At the hospital- Mayor Johnston's wife is sitting with the disfigured man Victor and Bonnie is looking on. Bonnie and Gail are looking at Victor Miller. He is still unconscious. Jake is driving fast on his way to the clinic with the gas. While he's on his way the generator shuts down and the power goes out in the clinic. Jake is racing in the truck with the gas. Gail is performing CPR on Victor. There is a baby that was on a ventilator that is in danger as well. Jake, Stanley and Heather get to the clinic. Heather is worried that they could blow the tank with static electricity but Stanley opens the container because he feels that he can take the risk since he was exposed to the radiation rain. He pops it open. Gail says that she can't feel a heart beat on Victor. Jake and Heather get the gas flowing. Stanley turns the generator back on and the power comes back. Gail tells April that Victor was down for about two minutes. They start to connect Victor back up to the life support machines. Skylar is having her party. Robert's daughter Allison shows up. Skylar is surprised to see her but then remembers that she invited her. Allison was going to leave but then decides to come into Skylar's house. Eric runs into the clinic looking for April. April gets Victor fully connected to the life support machines and he has a pulse. Eric comes back with his gas but the generator is already back on-line. April gives him a look and tells him that they have the situation under control. Dale shows up at Skylar's party. Lisa notices and tells Skylar that Dale is here. He's dropping off groceries. He asks her why she's just a jerk. Lisa Whalley makes fun of Dale and Skylar. Lisa then says she's going to go home and then Skylar tells Dale to go home. Skylar is embarrassed by Dale. Victor is conscious again. Jake asks him "who's coming" Victor tells Jake that they need help. "20 from Denver" Victor says they are at a lake with a boat dock. He says that his daughter is there. Jake screams for April. April comes into the room and gives Victor more oxygen Skylar's party—There is a complaint that they are using too much power. Robert and Jimmy come over to Skylar's house to shut down the party. Robert Hawkins sees Allison at the party and tells her to go home. Robert is clearly upset that his daughter is out. Bill sees Shep's truck and calls Robert and Jimmy over. At the truck they find Victor Miller's wallet in the truck, but no Shep. Robert lies and says he doesn't recognize the man when they look at his ID that is in the wallet. Robert thinks they should question Victor to see what they did with Shep. At the clinic Jimmy and Bill tell April that they need to talk to Victor Miller. They think they need to wake him up and April says "No". At the Bar-Emily and Mary are watching the same loop. Mary makes a comment about all the people running. Emily said "I wonder if they will come here". Eric is at the bar feeling down. Eric is getting some encouragement from Mary. He uses the gas he collected to fuel the bars generator. Jimmy calls Eric on the radio and asks him to come down to the clinic. There is a big debate about what to do with Victor. Jake doesn't want to wake him up and torture him. Robert wants to question him. Robert says he's going to die anyway but he can save some people's lives. Eric agrees with Robert, Jake is the only one that objects to waking him up with a shot of adrenaline. Robert wants to wake him up by himself but Jake doesn't want to leave his side. April is against them waking Victor up. Eric tells April that they will question him whether April likes it or not. Robert gives Victor the adrenaline shot. Robert and Jake are questioning him. Victor says the car was on the side of the road and it was running. ***Robert shakes his head to Victor giving him signal to act like he doesn't know him*** Victor says there was no one in the car. His daughter was at Bass Lake. Robert tells Jake that Victor needs morphine, Jake leaves the room. Robert starts to question Victor on his own and changes the subject. "We said families only" "Why did you go back to Denver?" "It was a mistake because now we are a man down." Victor tells Robert that there is a traitor. Victor tries to tell Robert who he is but then dies. The only words he could get out were "you…know" Victor is dead. Eric still believes that they had to do what they did. At the very least they know that there are 20 people out there that need help. Dale comes back to the grocery store. Gracie tells Dale that he's worth 10 of her…10 of Skylar Stevens. Dale defends Skylar and says she's not a bad person. Gracie gives Dale more advice and Dale tells her that she sounds like his mother. Robert Hawkins house-His daughter is scared and upset because she was sent home from Skylar's party by him. Robert is extremely upset and asks her if she is scared. He tells her that she put everyone at risk by going to that party. At the bar Emily is still staring at the same loop going over and over. Jake goes into the bar and asks for some volunteers to get some people out at Bass Lake. Jake makes a speech in the bar and when he's done speaking there is a moment of silence and then Mary says she'll donate gas. Emily says she'll go with him. All of a sudden more and more people volunteer to go help. The Volunteer group is in police cars and ambulances and they go out to find people. When they get near Bass Lake and get out of the cars they see that everyone is lying on the ground dead. Mayor Johnston is making a speech at a church for the 20 dead and the Sheriff and the deputies that died. Mayor Johnston asks for a moment of silence. "If you lost a loved one please stand, if you know someone that is missing please stand". Everyone is standing and Johnston continues his speech. "We have to fight for every life, even when it seems hopeless, even when we're afraid. Because the battle ahead isn't just for our survival, it's for our humanity." They all come out of the church. Eric is with April. Mary is crying and talking to Emily. Emily sees Jake and gives him a kiss on the cheek for helping. Robert Hawkins is in the basement on his laptop. He sends an e-mail message that they have a traitor and that the rally point is no longer secure. ***Robert still seems to be connected on-line somehow*** Robert hears footsteps and it is his son Samuel Hawkins. Sam is upstairs coloring. He can't sleep. Robert asks him who his dad is and who loves him more then anyone in the world? Sam says to Robert, "you". Then he asks him who is going to take care of you? Sam says "Mommy".