Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • Reality finally starts setting in on Jericho 4 days after the mushroom clouds bloomed across the nation. Now the city must scramble for supplies and resources, and accepted ethics splinter under the weight of desperation.

    It is good to see more people in Jericho beginning to take their situation seriously.

    As always, resident white hat, Jake Green takes the lead in just about everything. As always, resident enigma Hawkins skulks around being suspicious, protective and secretive. As always, Dale acts all emo. As always, Skylar snubs Dale, even though the writer seems to be pushing them together.

    But, even though this episode was predictable in many ways, it had the added punch of reality. In this episode we learn a little more, and see a little more tragedy. It's apparent that the resources at hand are limited and we have a long way to go before we get a clear picture of what is really going on. I liked this episode more than the previous one, primarily because the writers decided to focus on the whole nuclear attack aspect of things.
  • This episode is totally cool. With the fact that there are some strangers coming and all.

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions. First of all there is a broadcast on air which shows people running and all. After Jake and Heather find a guy in a medical store he tells Jake that "THEY" were coming. And Dale brings the food from the train all the way to the store. But i wonder how he could have done it when he said that the Train was 5 miles away. I mean he is still too young to be driving something and gas is running low everywhere.
    The final thing is what is this Hawkins guy up to. He knew the guy Jake and Heather picked up and he uses this freakish laptop. I think he is planning to blow Jericho off.
    So all and all the episode was good.
  • After receiving fragmented images from the satellite, a sick stranger arrives in town.

    A radiation exposed stranger breaks into the pharmacy, putting a strain on the med centre's rapidly failing resources. Jericho faces it's first supply shortage: gas. Without electricity, the gas pumps no longer work. Jake saves the day again when he, Heather and Stanley convince a garage manager to help them. By the time Eric arrives at the clinic, the crisis is over and Eric, tail between his legs, slinks off to his mistress and supplies the bar with gas.

    Hawkins' mysterious past comes into play again when he recognises the stranger as someone he works with. This man also returned for his family, but arrived in Denver too late. Before he dies, he delivers the ominous message "They're coming." which turns out to mean his family and friends. Jake shames people into coming with him but the people, without any medical attention, are all dead. Beautifully done and filmed.

    Last thoughts:
    - Just to be a total girl for a moment, Skeet Ulrich in nothing but a towel!

    The town's first face-to-face with radiation sickness and adding to the mystery surrounding Hawkins. Very interesting.
  • Not very believable.

    I just got done watching the first four episodes of 'Jericho.' The story initially drew me in. After this episode however I'm begining to have my doubts about the show. Am I suppose to believe that days after a nuclear attack that the majority of a town would still be hanging out at the bar drinking and shooting pool? Or that a teenage girl would throw a party and parents would let their kids go? Quite unbelievable to me. I understand that a second season has started and that I have alot of catching up to do. I'm tempted to jump ahead and find out who Rob is and what the conspiracy is and get it over.
  • A little more information.

    One of the things that I appreciate about this show is that we have so little information about what really happened. So every little piece of information that the folks of Jericho recieve is vital. This was a really great episode because they showed the real threat of radiation poisoning. I think the creators did a formidable job in making that happen. Another accomplishment of this episode was to show how vital it is for the townspeople to help eachother out and pull together as a group in order to make sure everyone's safe and cared for. The writers did an excellent job showing these aspects in this episode.
  • More questions than answers - Again!

    It was alluded to but not outrightly so that Hawkins has a secret about the nuclear bombs. How else could he have been pinning them on his map in episode 2? How did the dying man from Denver know to come to Jericho? Because of Hawkins! The questions are just brimming and not enough answers. That is good writing! I wondered how I would react to see a dying man whose skin is just sloughing off. Then there is the fact that there are more just like him! It was almost to realistic bordering on the scary ideas of what if.

    Then there is the food and gas issue. What is going to happen?
  • Jericho is looking for gas and a stranger arrives in town.

    Jake and Eric both go looking for gas, both for the hospital and for the cafe. Jakes goes to the gas pump while Eric request people to donate gallons from their cars. Unsurprisingly, Jakes has more luck.

    April and Eric's marriage seems over. Eric's having an affair and April obviously doesn't like what Eric's turning into because of the changes after the bombs fell. He has take some hard decisions, such as interrogating the stranger which might kill the stranger and actually does kill the stranger. Howver, before he dies, he tells some things to Jake and to Hawkins. When Jake leaves to get morphine for him, the stranger turns out to know Hawkins and vice versa and they seem to have worked together as part of some plan and he mentions a traitor.

    Dale still has a crush on Skylar whose friends are still turning her against him.
    Jake and a search party discover 20 dead refuguees.
    Hawkins becomes a deputy yet at the same time he rehearses a fake background story with his family. They seem to know something more about the origins of the bombs.
  • Review

    Hawkins character is one of the most mysterious characters on the show. Ever since the pilot I knew there was something more about him then just being the smart man who had so many great ideas after the fallout. I dont know if I should be looking at him as a bad guy or what - somehow he is doing something in secret and has been planted into Jericho but his overall master plan or endgame is yet to be revealed to us.

    I thought the rest of the epsiode was okay, Ive come to terms with the fact that the show isnt action/adventure and that the drama is what is going to be keeping it going. The scene of going to get the twenty people out by the lake was pretty boring, because no one was alive when they got there. The trip the get the gas was very well done, mainly because the generator went off for 2-3 minutes instead of them saving the place at the very lastr second as most shows tend to always try to do.
  • good episode

    Jake finds a stranger inside a pharmacy suffering from radiation poisoning. He helps the man to the hospital with the help of his brother. The hospital generator is running low on gas, Jake goes to a gas station to get the gas. Jake and Stanley drive back to the hospital just in time. The hospital gets up and running again. The town bar gets a supply of gas, enough to run for 3 days. We learn more about the main characters, some stuff happens here that aren't explained just yet. it's an interesting episode, i had a good time watching it.
  • They're coming! Who's coming?

    Ok, I don't understand squat! What's up with the Hawkins'? Who was that guy suffocating in the clinic? Who's the "traitor"? And why oh why was the scene with topless Jake so short!?

    Day 4. The generators are starting to go out and the folks are suckling gas out of every possible place to restore the power. It's still pretty pointless since the gas will eventually end and then what? Doom!

    A refugee from Denver found his way to Jericho, suffering from radiation poisoning and ended up in the clinic. It was just terrible. Seeing what it can do to people. His skin was covered with boils, it was literally peeling off. It was just so nasty. Anyway, they somehow linked up him to Shep's awkward missing and wanted to interrogate him. Come on, he's dying! Eventually we learned that Mr. Hawkins knew him, mutually. That raised a huge cliffhanger. What the hell?

    I felt for Dale. Cause he's such a loser. Hear me out. He's a loser because he pines the approval of that stupid Barbie chick and harasses her all the time. Just let go, kiddo. Have some self-respect! Quit being a door-mat. I wondered why Dale's discovery of food didn't go public, making a huge uproar. I mean they do need food and they're starting to run out of it.

    Who's coming? The question left unanswered. Terrorists, aliens or they're just delusional visions of a dying man? Who knows. The truth is out there.

    Jake topless was so yummy! More scenes like that please!
  • A stranger arrives in Jericho, and we get a hint as to what Jake was doing after he left town.

    The emergency du jour: the power goes out in the town. It was bound to happen sooner or later. This wasn't really my favorite episode of the lot, although since a stranger (to most of the townsfolk) arrives in town we have more of an idea what's happening outside the town. This episode also gives viewers some hints about two of the characters. This episode holds clues about what Jake Green might have been up to during his time away from Jericho and what Robert Hawkins is doing in Jericho. We also see how Hawkins interacts with members of his family. As with "Lost", each hint leads to the possibility of answers... answers that just raise more questions.
  • Careless errors- Only having 1 BVM- NOT called a hand pump in the entire clinic with 2ambulances outside with at least 2 adult & one Pedi each. In the scene where Victor tells of the 20from Denver when the Drplaces the O2 mask on himit is upside down.

    This show is s study in extremes, both in front and behind the camera, in story and in execution. Many of the details are accurate but when something is not known well it becomes a glaring error! As a twenty year veteran street medic I find watching the scenes having to to do with medicine somewhere between laughable and infuriating. Usually I avoid medical shows like ER because I can\\\'t stand to see something down badly which makes the public ignorant, it makes my job harder because people think they know what should happen from watching TV and rather than letting me with all my years of training and experience do my job they turn into curb superintendants and armchair quarterbacks. Jericho could go far & be an awesome show if they could quit hemorrhaging from self inflicted wounds like \\\"walls\\\"... if power is down all over the place how did the little b***hzilla have a functioning doorbell,or power for music? Do you honestly think any of her clique knows how to operate, let alone maintain, a generator? C\\\'mon Jericho... get it together! If you want a medical consultant and continuity checker, I\\\'d be happy to take your money and keep you from making these dumb mistakes!
  • There is so much more they could be doing with this topic instead of having things like a party at a teenage orphans house, people hanging around a bar watching the same image over and over again on the TV yet still going about their daily lives, etc.

    This week things are strangely back to normal in the town except for the shortage of gasoline to run generators and an outsider that is found breaking into the pharmacy with radiation sickness. I am bothered by a few things now as the show is getting into swing:

    - How can a recently orphaned teenage girl throw a party in her house for all of her friends a few days after her parents died in the attack? Also, how is she able to get a generator setup and started by herself to run the electricity for her large house?

    - How is Hawkins able to communicate with anyone via his portable when they can't use cell phones, regular phones, the internet, get a TV signal and even long range radios don't work? Didn't anyone find that strange that he had access to send messages somehow? - How is everyone paying for food and other items with there no longer being banks and checks and credit cards being worthless? How much cash do those people carry on them in Jericho?

    - If a man is about to die from radiation sickness why would the Mayor\'s wife risk infection by giving him CPR so he can live for a few more hours? - Why are people driving around so much if gas is scarce? Doesn\'t anyone think it\'s probably a good idea to save the gas for the a possible escape to somewhere else?

    There are many other things that are very unrealistic about the show unfortunately that I think detract a great deal from what could be a very suspenseful and interesting new show. Finally, what is going on with Hawkins? He seemed so helpful at the beginning and now is acting very strange and unhelpful as we see little bits and pieces about what his role in all of this is.
  • they finally revealed that jake is military or x-military & hawkins is part of a conspiracy.

    jake probably had 2 hide the fact that he joined a covert ops team by being disgraced, which is y everyone was asking where he had been 4 so long in the 1st episode & y his dad is mad at him. it also explains y he knows what 2 do & is such a take-charge guy, moreso than his brother. i think hawkins is actually a good guy sent by the government 2 remote towns 2 survive the attack & re-build the country. it would b dumb if he turned out 2 b a bad-guy. it wouldn\'t make sense based on the things he has done so far. i don\'t understand y he was annoyed at his daughter. she has her story. it was an ok episode but i\'m annoyed that the mayor & everyone don\'t seem 2 b freaking out more. after 9/11 happened we didn\'t go back 2 business as usual 2 days later. i still look up whenever i hear a plane fly overhead.
  • They run out of food, but the beers keep on comin.....

    They run out of food, but the beers keep coming.....

    Seriously, all these towns people do is sit around the bar drinking beer all day. Then Jericho bro 1 Jakeyboy goes in and yells at people to get their heads out of their bums. And there is always the drunk guy in the back ground..We're stayin here, ah who cares!!! HAHA WTF? OK I just needed to get that out. This episode seemed a little better then the previous ones, I didnt find myself heckling it as much as I usually do. The Hawkins family secret needs to come out already though. Who are these people? Why can't his daughter go to a stupid party. I mean she was at the store, it's not like she is hiding away or anything. It probably looks more suspicious to the towns people that they are hidden away then if she just went to the party. Well assuming one of the Jericho brothers were there, everyone else seems pretty stupid. What is up with that teenage girl (can't remember her name) is she that worried about being popular around a bunch of people that will soon die anyway? I mean come on, school is out sister. Poor Dale! It was very sad to find those people down by the river though, maybe that will make the rest of the town realize what they are dealing with.
  • Good Eposide as I've said before this is a Drama it picked up pace with the petrol drama now well need to know about the nukes and Hawkins.

    Alright I'll give you this some bits were unbelieveable but it was still a good eposide being a drama genre.

    It seems Hawkins is hiding something massive I knew he has been but bring the family in which has been talked about so often is one reason why I loved this eposide it showed us how thier coping with this and told us even more about Hawkins.

    Which I loved another thing I loved was the shower scene - come on who was soo wanting to be there with Heather oggling Jake?

    And the last thing I'll say is can't wait to see more of this Drama it's going to pick up more when Hawkins secreat is out no it's not going to die out it's going to pick up because the writers will have a totally new storyline to go on.
  • I liked this episode well enough...

    But it's not my favorite episode thus far. For one thing, there was hardly any outside information making it into Jericho (that we saw, anyhow); the only exception to that was Victor Miller, who was supposedly from Denver, and was involved with what-ever Robert Hawkins is involved in.

    Victor then leads Jake & the others to 20 bodies at the lake...

    Otherwise, it was just a fragmented video on the tv.

    This episode was deffinitely a character development for Robert Hawkins, however. Until this episode aired, I'd seriously considered Robert to be more of a governmental operative than anything else...

    But now I'm not so sure; seems like he could seriously be tied to whatever caused the bombs to go off...

    There's major trouble in paradise, though, for him, & for Eric & April. Of course, we've known that Eric's been cheating on April from the beginning (hint: the kiss he gave Mary while in her bar)...

    But whatever's going on between the two couples... it's sure to becoming out soon (I hope, anyways)...

    Still, I find myself wanting more information about what's going on -both in Jericho, and out of it.
  • I understand this is fictional, but can there please be a hint of realism to this...

    I don\'t understand what the writers are thinking about with this show. It has the premise to be a very good show, but they are missing the boat big time. We\'ve learned that the U.S. has been bombed but yet they go about their every day lives like it was just a bump in the road. Drinking, spending money, teenage angst. Honestly, don\'t ya think that would be the least of your worries right now? And whats up with the man that seems to know what is goin on but not sharing? Something needs to give.
  • This episode was kind of boring. I didn't like the fact that they showed so much of the hospital.

    It was a ok episode it as just they showed too much with the hospital and the outsider dieing. They should have showed us more of what happened with the bomb. We know China bombed us know we just have to figure out why. I guess they fixed the TV and all you see is tree images of people running away from the bombs. When they got that up they showed that over and over and for some reason allot of people stayed at the bar and just kept watching that same images. Other than the bar the hospital ran out of gas to run the generator so they had to go out and find people to donate gas to the hospital they ended up finding a gas station and the worker helped them. They put all the gas into this steal container so they were woried about it getting to hot and exploding. When they were heading back to the city the hospital lost power and a baby and the outsider almost died. The outisde kept saying they were coming but you soon found out that he just meant more outsider had built a camp out by a pond and they went and recruited a couple people at the bar and went to find the lake. But when they got there every one was already dead. They ended up finding out there sheriff had been one of the outsiders that died. I guess it was an ok episode I just was hoping they would show what exactly happened with the bomb.
  • The residents of Jericho find themselves facing a new crisis, lacking information about the outside world and finding a dying stranger in their midst.

    Jericho is coming along quite nicely for a series with a very limiting premise. Walls of Jericho was more about what happens when the what's left of the outside world comes calling on them for help more than it was about the dangers and threats that await.

    This episode was more about human nature in times of crisis and the different reactions that people have to dealing with the issues. The people in the bar worried about losing the only thing they had of the outside world even if it was just an endlessly replaying loop of the same footage. I liked that the writers showed that there is need not just for the health of the body, but the mind and the spirit as well. The bar and the hospital vying for the gasoline to keep the generators going was an interesting showing of the needs of human nature as was the teens having the party. Deniel is the first stage of grief or loss and it was perfect showing of this stage of human reaction.

    I'm not sure I'm liking Mr. Hawkins very much and his conspiracy storyline is an element I wish the writers/Showrunners had not introduced to the series.

    I did like the scene in the church and the coming together of the people intermixed with the scenes of the realization that there were people just on the outskirts of town who had died and that they need to reach out and join together to offer a hand to those who might need it. That was a very moving, human drama.

    I loved the line, "we'll do everything we can until we can't do it anymore." What a great line.

    Nice episode.
  • It's the end of the world, but we can still party...

    I made the mistake of watching Jericho after Lost. Bad idea. Jericho is a nice warm-up for Lost but viewed right after it, it pales by comparison.

    It probably doesn't help that this week's episode of Jericho was the weakest we've seen so far.

    And it had the potential to be so good. It's four days after the bombs fell and the town is starting to deal with some harsh realities--such as when some supplies of things run out, that's it. For example, gasoline. The gas is needed to power the generator for the hospital and Eric promises some to keep the bar running as well. Our heroes scramble around town trying to find gas and get it where it needs to go. I do have to wonder why the mayor and the town government hasn't stepped up with some rationing of some type. I mean, does it make sense that people are out driving around town like nothing has happened? Yes, it's only been four days but it seems to me that the town leadership might step up and do some rationing. Because as we saw with the teens and the party, not everyone has the best interests of the whole at heart.

    The one good thing I can say about that plot this week--at least Skeet didn't come up with the plan. Oh sure, he was there running the plan but at least it wasn't his.

    Meanwhile, a stranger comes into town who is apparently part of the conspiracy of....well, whatever it is. I'm not quite sure what Hawkins and his group did or what role they play but we're getting little tiny clues each week. It almost feels like they're some kind of cell sent in to infilitrate the towns. For what purpose, we're not quite sure. And how much you want to bet that little flash drive Hawkins had comes into play as something huge and big by season's end? Call me crazy but I was having images of Jack Bauer chasing across L.A. to get a flashdrive as I saw that.

    Meanwhile, Eric and his wife are having problems because he's more interested in being down at the bar, having a drink and checking out his mistress than being at home with her. Or being a leader in the town. At some point, someone in this town is going to have step up and establish some authority or else it could really ugly, really fast. Last week we saw the Mayor slug his opponent for trying to use the situation for his own political gain, but honestly we don't see the Mayor acting like the leader he was in the first episode. Maybe that's part of the plan of the show...or maybe it's just lazy writing. I am hoping for the fomer, but with this show it's really hard to be sure.
  • All I can say is that Jericho could have been a great show.

    All I can say is that Jericho could have been such a brilliant show, yet they turned it in to a bit of a boring one. First of all the characters are so horrible, I only like a few of them and a few extras. We need more info rather than nothing happening. Sure this was a good episode but nothing much happened. They really need to concentrate on one storyline. The other crappy thing is that everything is so fake, I mean there was a nuce no too far away, the streets should be a mess with ash and bits and peices, the town should be under emergyncy, not having parties and they should be rationing food. Geez!
  • Good show but with flawed characters!

    Despite the show being good, it still have some flawed
    Characters and also character development. As the only character that is and has stand out is Jake. Jake is the unofficial leader here and that he must decide whether or not to help a guy from Denver that has radiation and is sick and the people are afraid they might get what he has.
  • Painful to watch, the plot seems to be tugging in too many directions. I want to care for the people but it is hard when the writers did not develop their characters. Too bad!

    The series started interesting. And then the decline began. After this episode, my suspended disbelief has awakened with a "yawn" and an "oh brother"! In spite of the possible death of our nation, teens cliques are still alive and well. Teen parties are still priority, snobs still annoy, in a previous episode people looted but in this episode they waited in line and politely spent money! There is no real sobering feeling of doom, sadness or shocked hopelessness.

    Unless Stephen King rescues this the one really doomed is this series!
  • Good episode...with some odd characters.

    So in this episode of Jericho a man suffering radiation poisoning finds his way into town. Being the kind, open people that they are, the man is quickly rushed to the hospital and given treatment before anyone else. Makes sense as the man is dying....but more on that later.

    Two things I'm finding very odd about this show. In my head, if something like this happened I wouldn't be having a huge party with all my friends. Didn't Skylar break down crying in the last episode saying, "I think my parents are dead." I'm also thinking that the town wouldn't even let them do something like that, especially if the town is running out of fuel for the generators. They really don't seem to be worring about conserving anything. Need fuel to run the bar? Go right ahead. Its a crisis situation, people gotta drink! But I digress...

    And one thing with the fuel. Ok, so they were going to syphon it out of the gas station. It took them long enough to figure that out, but that's not my point. The deaf girls brother (sorry, still learning names) shows up with a steel container to hold it in. Obviously that's not a smart idea as the teacher says so. They make it seem like their going to hold on for the suspense...I mean why introduce a seemingly deadly element unless they're going to right? Nope...everything happens so quickly theres no time for suspense which makes me wonder...why even introduce that element in the first place? Again...i digress

    Back to the interesting part. The dying man, Victor, wakes up and says "They are coming" or something along those lines which leads us to believe some sort of army force of some kind is heading their way. Turns out he's talking about some Denver refugees...maybe. Hawkins is really becoming the reason I watch this show. I just want to know what's up with him. Every week they keep revealing more and more about him...I hope they can keep it up!

    All in all, a good episode. But they way the town is reacting to what's going on (parties? no conservation at all?) just kinda throws me. Hopefully they'll do something about this...but who know? I've never been through a situation like this...maybe I would hold a grand party at my place too. (probably not)
  • So far so good.

    Does this episode make the hour go fast by holding my attention? Definitely. Does it make me want to watch next week? Absolutely.

    92-94% of viewers seem to agree as that is the viewer retention rate with 11 million viewers tuning in. Considering it is going up against the insipid Dancing With The Stars (top 10 rated) that is in the top 10 for some reason that aint bad. The Hawkins mystery continues to deepen and the hints of what is going on in the outside world continues to trickle in. Next week should be interesting.
  • Some answeres yet but also more questions. If this series does not grab you, not sure what will.

    From the visuals to the music to the story to the acting. Watching Jericho seems like we are watching a weekly motion picture.

    The characters are getting more developed. While yes Jake is the central character, its nice to see other characters as or more pivotal than he is.

    Hawkins is a big mystery. Does Jake know him??

    Still would like to know if the entire world is now nuked.

    CBS renew this series !!!
  • Shows improvement again. Finally, some nasty things happen, and slowly people are beginning to change.

    Slowly, this show appears to be coming around and is starting to deal with some of the harsh issues that it *has* to deal with, if it to be perceived of as at all believeable.

    Shortages, both gas and food. It\'s rather amazing that the food hasn\'t yet been put under lock and key, but at least the writers appear to recognize that scarcity is the rule of the day. Supplies aren\'t going to increase....only decrease. The pharmacy should have been watched, or all of the medical supplies removed and taken to another location and strongly guarded. At least some of the citizens are starting to recognize that there is \'us\' (the townies) and \'them\'(those who are not townies). Good to see that they are willing to resort to unethical means in order to get something they want (information).

    There is a lot in this show that I satill don\'t like, but slowly they are being dealt with, even if not fully tro my satisfaction. It is getting a bit better each week.

    Hawkins? A disgruntled federal agent? part of a shadow organisation? Terrorist? Foreign government? Survivalist cop, militia, national guard? Who knows, and honestly, I don\'t care. I see this as nothig more than a mere distraction, and if the writers make it otherwise, they are making a mistake,


    I still don\'t like the vanishing radiation; the food and goods that were in the boxcars should be off limits. The police should be going door to door and assessing what resources the down does and does not have. 16 year old girls should not be allowed to waste large amounts of gas on gnerators in order to hold useless parties
  • Wow!! This was a great episode. The best yet.

    You know it's a good episode when you are upset that the show is over. Robert Hawkins was revealed in a lot of ways tonight. He is not who he says he is. He's not from St. Louis. His family is rehearsed and that is why he's guarding them. He's apart of some group that could be either good or bad but they have information and they are still in communication with each other. Stanley has a "I don't care" attitude because he was in the radiation rain and he's taking risks. Eric and April have a sometimes rocky relationship and the stress of their situation is making them have disagreements. Plus Eric has some side action going on with Mary. Heather is a character that I really like a lot. She's very helpful and always around Jake when they are trying to help the town. I don't really get what they are doing with Skylar and Dale. That is a subplot that they need to ignore.