Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • Shows improvement again. Finally, some nasty things happen, and slowly people are beginning to change.

    Slowly, this show appears to be coming around and is starting to deal with some of the harsh issues that it *has* to deal with, if it to be perceived of as at all believeable.

    Shortages, both gas and food. It\'s rather amazing that the food hasn\'t yet been put under lock and key, but at least the writers appear to recognize that scarcity is the rule of the day. Supplies aren\'t going to increase....only decrease. The pharmacy should have been watched, or all of the medical supplies removed and taken to another location and strongly guarded. At least some of the citizens are starting to recognize that there is \'us\' (the townies) and \'them\'(those who are not townies). Good to see that they are willing to resort to unethical means in order to get something they want (information).

    There is a lot in this show that I satill don\'t like, but slowly they are being dealt with, even if not fully tro my satisfaction. It is getting a bit better each week.

    Hawkins? A disgruntled federal agent? part of a shadow organisation? Terrorist? Foreign government? Survivalist cop, militia, national guard? Who knows, and honestly, I don\'t care. I see this as nothig more than a mere distraction, and if the writers make it otherwise, they are making a mistake,


    I still don\'t like the vanishing radiation; the food and goods that were in the boxcars should be off limits. The police should be going door to door and assessing what resources the down does and does not have. 16 year old girls should not be allowed to waste large amounts of gas on gnerators in order to hold useless parties
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