Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • There is so much more they could be doing with this topic instead of having things like a party at a teenage orphans house, people hanging around a bar watching the same image over and over again on the TV yet still going about their daily lives, etc.

    This week things are strangely back to normal in the town except for the shortage of gasoline to run generators and an outsider that is found breaking into the pharmacy with radiation sickness. I am bothered by a few things now as the show is getting into swing:

    - How can a recently orphaned teenage girl throw a party in her house for all of her friends a few days after her parents died in the attack? Also, how is she able to get a generator setup and started by herself to run the electricity for her large house?

    - How is Hawkins able to communicate with anyone via his portable when they can't use cell phones, regular phones, the internet, get a TV signal and even long range radios don't work? Didn't anyone find that strange that he had access to send messages somehow? - How is everyone paying for food and other items with there no longer being banks and checks and credit cards being worthless? How much cash do those people carry on them in Jericho?

    - If a man is about to die from radiation sickness why would the Mayor\'s wife risk infection by giving him CPR so he can live for a few more hours? - Why are people driving around so much if gas is scarce? Doesn\'t anyone think it\'s probably a good idea to save the gas for the a possible escape to somewhere else?

    There are many other things that are very unrealistic about the show unfortunately that I think detract a great deal from what could be a very suspenseful and interesting new show. Finally, what is going on with Hawkins? He seemed so helpful at the beginning and now is acting very strange and unhelpful as we see little bits and pieces about what his role in all of this is.
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