Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • They're coming! Who's coming?

    Ok, I don't understand squat! What's up with the Hawkins'? Who was that guy suffocating in the clinic? Who's the "traitor"? And why oh why was the scene with topless Jake so short!?

    Day 4. The generators are starting to go out and the folks are suckling gas out of every possible place to restore the power. It's still pretty pointless since the gas will eventually end and then what? Doom!

    A refugee from Denver found his way to Jericho, suffering from radiation poisoning and ended up in the clinic. It was just terrible. Seeing what it can do to people. His skin was covered with boils, it was literally peeling off. It was just so nasty. Anyway, they somehow linked up him to Shep's awkward missing and wanted to interrogate him. Come on, he's dying! Eventually we learned that Mr. Hawkins knew him, mutually. That raised a huge cliffhanger. What the hell?

    I felt for Dale. Cause he's such a loser. Hear me out. He's a loser because he pines the approval of that stupid Barbie chick and harasses her all the time. Just let go, kiddo. Have some self-respect! Quit being a door-mat. I wondered why Dale's discovery of food didn't go public, making a huge uproar. I mean they do need food and they're starting to run out of it.

    Who's coming? The question left unanswered. Terrorists, aliens or they're just delusional visions of a dying man? Who knows. The truth is out there.

    Jake topless was so yummy! More scenes like that please!