Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • After receiving fragmented images from the satellite, a sick stranger arrives in town.

    A radiation exposed stranger breaks into the pharmacy, putting a strain on the med centre's rapidly failing resources. Jericho faces it's first supply shortage: gas. Without electricity, the gas pumps no longer work. Jake saves the day again when he, Heather and Stanley convince a garage manager to help them. By the time Eric arrives at the clinic, the crisis is over and Eric, tail between his legs, slinks off to his mistress and supplies the bar with gas.

    Hawkins' mysterious past comes into play again when he recognises the stranger as someone he works with. This man also returned for his family, but arrived in Denver too late. Before he dies, he delivers the ominous message "They're coming." which turns out to mean his family and friends. Jake shames people into coming with him but the people, without any medical attention, are all dead. Beautifully done and filmed.

    Last thoughts:
    - Just to be a total girl for a moment, Skeet Ulrich in nothing but a towel!

    The town's first face-to-face with radiation sickness and adding to the mystery surrounding Hawkins. Very interesting.
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