Season 1 Episode 4

Walls of Jericho

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Even though only hours have passed and she's presumably been in the storm cellar waiting for the radioactive rain to subside, Emily's earrings change from a pair of turquoise-colored ones to a pair of white dream-catcher pair.

    • Goof: When Victor tells of "the twenty" from Denver, the doctor places the oxygen mask over his face upside down.

    • Nitpick: In the clinic, they are worried that using a ventilator will use up power and Eric says that the baby has a better chance for survival and they should save the generator for the baby. Generators have a limited capacity on the total amount of power that can be used at any one time. But as long as the generator is rated to push that much power they should be pushing it as hard as they can because it will run out of gas at the same time.

    • Nitpick: This episode occurs four days after the bombs. In the first episode Heather breaks her leg and is on crutches in the next two episodes, but at the beginning of this episode she's gotten rid of the crutches and she only has a slight limp. Four days after a broken leg most people would have just gotten to the point where they could walk with crutches. Heather seems to be getting along just fine already.

    • 1 Day After The Fallout Has Cleared
      This is shown at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the episode.

    • When Robert Hawkins is sending a computer message about the traitor amongst them, the disclaimer in the background sites the name Mackay several times. This may presumably be the leader of their organization.

    • The Morse code which is heard over the title is:

    • In this episode, three more US cities are presumed destroyed; Minneapolis, St. Louis and Detroit based on the markings on the map. The city Cincinnati could also be one of them but it is marked with a question mark.

  • Quotes

    • Robert: Where did you go to school Sam?
      Sam: Crow Island.
      Robert: Who is your dad?
      Sam: You.
      Robert: Who loves you more than anything in the world?
      Sam: You.
      Robert: And Sam, who is always going to take care of you?
      Sam: Mommy.

    • (talking about the video on the TV at the bar)
      Eric: I'm telling you it's the Midwest, with the skyline I'm thinking Cincinnati.
      Jake: I wish we could read the license plates.
      Eric: Let's make Cincinnati a question mark.

    • Emily: Jake, hey, you're a good man for trying to help someone you didn't even know.

    • Dale: Why are you such a jerk when you're with your friends?
      Lisa: Did I interrupt a lovers' spat?
      Skylar: Stop it Lisa!
      Lisa: You know what, I'm gonna go home. I only came here because you begged me to.
      Skylar: Just... go home.

    • Dale: That's a $1.69.
      Allison: Okay.
      Dale: I got the last bag of corn chips.
      Skylar: I'll give you $20 for them!

    • Stanley: I couldn't find an empty pesticide container, so I though this water tank might do.
      Heather: No no no, we can't use steel, there is too much risk of static. One spark and the whole thing could blow sky high.
      Jake: We don't have time to look for something else!
      Heather: We can't... well, who's gonna fill it?

    • Johnston: Right now, hire as many deputies as you can and use them to help get gas, the clinic's running low.

    • Johnston: Earlier today we buried 20 people, refugees from Denver. People we, we didn't know but, were prepared to welcome into out town. Unfortunately they died of radiation poisoning before we could reach them. For those people from Denver and for our own people, for Sheriff Daurs and Deputy Riley, for Deputy Connor and Deputy Saleam. For people out there somewhere out there that we know nothing about that might be suffering and dying right now, I ask that we take a moment of silence.

    • Darcy: I thought you were going to a party hun? (pause) You're worth ten of her.
      Dale: Ten of who?
      Darcy: Skylar Stevens...
      Dale: She's not a bad person.
      Darcy: Hmm, we're not like them. They can be nice sometimes, don't be fooled.
      Dale: That's what my mum used to say.
      Darcy: Well, she was a smart lady.

    • April: What's going on in there?
      Eric: They're asking him a few questions.

    • Jake: We've seen it. We've seen it 100 times. A man just died in our clinic. Our clinic! He was traveling with his daughter and about 20 other people. Alright, it could've been Shep or Gray or any of us. They need our help. Are we going to help them, or are we just gonna sit here watching the same three images over and over?
      Mary: Jake. I'll donate gas if you need to fill your car to get them.
      Jake: Thank you, Mary.
      Emily: I'll go with you.
      Jake: Thank You. Anybody else?

    • Robert: Hey. Hey!! We said families only, hmm? Why? Why, did you go back to Denver?
      Victor: I... (gasping) I couldn't let them die.
      Robert: It was a mistake, Vic, because now we are a man down.
      Victor: No. Some...s-some...someone…someone flipped. A trai…traitor. (loud, gasping breath) There's a traitor.
      Robert: Do you know who it was? Come on, man, tell me. Vic, who was it?
      Victor: (gasping for air) I...
      Robert: Tell me. Do you know who it was?
      Victor: (gasping, coughing) You….know.
      (life support machine is beeping, alarm is buzzing) (flatline)

    • Robert: Sam, where'd you go to school?
      Sam: The Crow School.
      Allison: (sighs) Crow Island School. God, we've gone over this so many times.
      Robert: And we'll go over it again and again until we get it right.
      Allison: Mom… You know what, I can't keep doing this, keep Samuel inside. I've got my story.
      Robert: Hey
      Allison: We lived in a two bedroom house. We drove a green Volvo, we had a stay at home mom, which is bull because she worked all the time because our dad was never around.

    • April: Can you tell me your name?
      Disfigured Man: (gasping) Victor (breathes faintly) Miller.
      Jake: Victor. Victor, you're in a medical clinic. We're going to take care of you.
      Victor: No. No. (gasping for air) They're coming (gasping for air) They're coming.

    • Jake: Bonnie.
      Bonnie (staring at the disfigured man): This could be my brother. Is this how they die?
      Jake: No. Stanley didn't get it this bad.
      Bonnie: He could still get cancer?
      Jake: No, we don't know that.
      Stanley: Listen. (signs to Bonnie) Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
      Bonnie (speaking to Jake): Take care of him.

    • Johnston: Any word from Shep or Gray?
      Jimmy: No, Mayor. Still can't get them on the radio.
      Bill: Maybe they got captured by those tanks that Stanley saw?
      Jimmy: Those tanks are probably just National Guard, okay?
      Bill: You don't know that, they could be China.
      Johnston: Shhh!
      Bill: They could be China, they could be Iran, Al Qaeda, North Korea; anybody who hates us. They could be coming here and what's our line of defense? You're looking at it.

    • April Green: Some of the nurses are spooked. They're worried about contamination.
      Gail Green: Honey, I'll do anything I can to help you.
      April Green: If you could, keep an eye on this baby. Then I could see to the other patients.
      Gail Green: Sure.
      April Green: I hope to God the power doesn't go.
      Gail Green: Look, we'll do everything we can until we can't.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 12 2006, Network Ten
      Denmark: October 24 2007, SBS Net
      Estonia: May 20 2007
      Finland: September 12 2007
      Germany: June 18 2007, Pro7
      Hungary: December 31 2006
      Netherlands: June 2 2008
      Slovenia: September 30 2008, on Kanal A

    • Featured Music:
      "Someone Must Get Hurt" by She Wants Revenge
      "Crushing Yer Head" by Slot
      "Kevin is Gay" by Giant Drag

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