Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho.

    Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho. It's clear that now the series will go to another level with conspiracy and trying to find the bomb. Good season finale with promises for next season.
    The only bad thing is that Jericho lost one of its greatest characters and that's a clue that it will move on further than just "trying to survive against other cities".

    Now with the military in charge, no one can harm Jericho and next season will have the series finale. That's my opinion even though I believe that they should have available some extra budget. They can sell very well next season.
  • My personal favorite...

    Of all the episodes of Jericho that I have watched, I'd have to rank Why We Fight as one of my favorites, mainly because of how the previous episodes lead the way to the conclusion of a good season.

    Some of the things that I really enjoyed about the episode were how Jack and some of the other members of his family were remembering a happier time in their lives when they were flashing back to Eric's wedding to April while preparing to fight their war with New Bern. It was during one of their flashbacks that I also enjoyed hearing the peanut story Jake's grandfather told Stanley before the wedding started when they were sitting in the bar.

    One scene that I thought was priceless was when Stanley and Bonnie brought Mimi to visit their parents' graves. While it was kind of somber the way he was telling them that it might be a while before they come back to visit their graves, I thought Stanley's description of Mimi when he introduced her to them to be priceless.

    After the war started, I thought it was pretty comical the way Johnston reacted to finding out about Hawkins' satellite computer by saying he was about to bomb the town that had the closest Costco. It was also neat the way Hawkins was willing to help Jericho after being found by the bad guys.

    With that said, there were also a few parts that I didn't like: such as Johnston dying and the way New Bern was bringing in so many reinforcements that Jericho was more outnumbered than before. Another part that I didn't like was when Constantino told Jake that Jericho should give up the next wave of attacks while expressing his condolences about what happened to Johnston. Jake's response of "Nuts" to him was absolutely priceless.

    Despite Johnston's death in this episode, Why We Fight is one of my favorite episodes.
  • This was the best episode of the first season

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy that this is renewed for another 7 episodes. I have absolutely no doubt with the tremendous fan support that this will go for several more years. This episode introduced the Government officials who set off the Nukes as now coming to find the last bomb.

    In the process, they will support Jericho, but this opens a whole new avenue of how Jericho will interact with the Government which will be fascinating. It may be a way for surrounding towns to bond back together against the Govt.

    There is also the leadership issues with conflicts among many key characters. Superb cliff-hanger episode.

    I love this show.
  • Good episode, but falls short compared to the last few.

    Ever since Jericho came back from it's midseason hiatus it's been throwing more and more intense episodes at the viewers than the entire first half of the season altogether. The show's soap aspect has been reduced to minimum, and in the last couple of episodes the action became an important element of the show.

    It was also great to finally learn about Hawkins. Once his character's motivations were revealed, his character didn't feel all 2 dimensional anymore, like in most early episodes where you knew he's up to something mysterious, but he's been over-mystified: after the 50th mysterious laptop-browsing it just became dull and laughable. But, as I said, it was great to finally learn more about him.

    The problem is, this finale feels more like a finale of the first half of the season rather than the second half.

    The stage was set for an explosive and adrelain pumping finale, but instead the show goes off on an emotional stage. Which isn't bad... unless there's a gigantic build up like here.

    The first mistake the writers did in this episode was keeping Heather alive. It's not that I dislike her, but I thought her death was a really good shocker. A cold and sudden shocker. This show could use more of that. But revealing she's alive... well, okay. But why now? It felt really out of place. In fact most of her scenes were out of place, expect maybe for the last one.

    Another mistake was the flashbacks. It's a very common things nowadays to have flashbacks in season or series finales. And oh, I do love flashbacks... when they add depth or help understanding the storyline. But in this case, they were way too long, and way too "deconcecrated". Most of the flashbacks didn't add anything to the story.

    So if we remove the useless flashbacks and useless Heather scenes, we get around 25 minutes out of the full 40. Almost half of the episode's a filler, and nothing helps that. Even though the non filler part is alot of fun.

    The fight between New Bern and Jericho isn't as spectacular as you might expect. In my opinion there were more explosive stand offs in the last 2 episodes. However, Johnston's death was really well done, even if I could say that it was useless. It didn't add to the story but it definitely set up some future plot threads and motivation for certain characters. And it was, of course, pretty touching. Well done. To make it more emotional, the flashbacks helped, although as I previously said, only a very little.

    What really disappointed me was Hawkins' storyline. Almost nothing new happened, and the whole him getting tracked down was lame. It was very unrealistic... it's a shame, because the show tends to try to be as realistic as possible. Now it all seems a bit negative. But it's not bad at all. In fact it's good. It's just not as great as the last few episodes.
  • Why we survive!

    Writers have a way of taking what we think is a certain and promptly tossing our certainties out the window. Who saw April's baby dying? Who saw April dying? Who would have thought Johnston would have died? He did. Jake is livid at his father's death and decides to wage a war against the man whom he thinks is personally responsible, the mayor of New Bern. Jericho now has to fight for it's very survival or lose its salt mine, its land and its farms. With all the weaponry out there among the masses, the guns and ammunition in Jericho's possession and mortars in New Bern's, the order is given and the fight to survive begins. And to think CBS saw no future for this show!
  • Holy moly

    The real battle begins
    after the motars fail to convience jericho to surrender
    the new bern invasion starts.
    They begin to over run farms outside town
    and our "general" johnston reasons that the best place to make a stand is brads farm.
    Unfortunately they lack the man power even with all the rangers and the deputies.Dale however convinces the refugees to fight in return for a share of the farms when the dust settles.
    Hawkins uses his satelite link to feed info to the rangers about enemy movements.
    the battle begins as several trucks pulls up and dozen of heavily armed New Berners open fire.
    Jake manage to take out a heavy machine gun and calls up the tank for reenforcments.The new berners scatter.
    Unfortunately a train is heading to the farm with hundreds more troops and the enemy is gearing up for another attack.
    Hawkins rides out to help the rangers and take the tank to stop the train??Johnston dies and jake takes over refusing to surrender to constantino.
    The battle starts

    A brilliant episode ,the pay off for a year of tension and heartache for the people of jericho.
    I still cant belive johnston died
    I cant wait for constantino to get his.
    win, lose or draw
    next season ,cant wait
    it gonna be a right rave up i tell thee
  • Great way to end the season

    I liked this one very much. How the two towns went to war, it all started to build up after the second half of the season picked back up. Sad part was when johnston died and I fell Jake will slowly take over and run jericho. Gray Anderson doesnt do much. I fell Jake may become jericho's leader from the peoples voice. no vote, no election, the people want him to become mayor and that will but a huge key between jake, johnston, Erik as well as a few other important characters. what ever happens season 2 will be great. Hope its soon.
  • The war is on

    What an ending and what an idiots were the people who originally cancelled this show.

    Truly amazing episode with tears and laughs, twists, flashbacks and war.

    Perhaps the flashbacks were a bit too long, but they were still very well-timed, aimed at increasing the tension of the episode.

    I was sooo afraid Jake was gonna mess up his speech at Eric's wedding, but fortunately, he didn't

    I was a firm believer in the Jake-Heather relationship, but I think I'm convinced now about Jake and Emily, nevertheless, I was pleased Heather was still alive in a big plot twist. Her being at a military camp of the US government was suprising too.

    Johnston dying was sooo sad, his two sons at this side, being proud of Jake especially made this very, very moving.

    The ending, what can I say. I can't find for new episodes!!
  • Why we fight was the best episode aswell as the season finale. The big shoot out at the end and the tank was just awsome!!!!!

    The final fight at the end of the episode was just amazing I loved the gun battle and when they brought out the tank that just made me even more happier. The sad part of this episode is that there father gets shot and dies leaving jake in charge and to be there leader to fight there enemy for survival and for there town/land. I liked hte entire season but I think this was the best episode, and how they ended the season was just pure genius. And I just can't wait for season 2 come in january, i can see this show going smoewhere and it will just get better that for sure.
  • Review

    To tell you the truth - I thought that the flashbacks kind of made this episode a little less important for me. I think this episode had just as much potential to be the best epsiode of the series, but the flashbacks really took a lot of time out of the 42 minute finale. The 10 minutes we spent realizing the the family really had come full circle wasnt really needed - not in the finale anyway. I mean, dont get me wrong, I know WHY the flashback was put there, I just disagree with the decision to have it in the finale episode when the tensions are the highest and people are looking for a resolution.

    On the subject of the show being cancelled - Yea I would have sent some nuts too. The season doesnt close the chapter on the current story that have taken place over the past couple of episodes and the United States government coming to Jericho is a huge plot for what would be season 2. I couldnt tell you what I think Season 2 would be about, season 1 was about the initial reaction after the bombs went off. Thats why I was so hooked. They had about on average 1 problem an episode, which ranged from a lot of things. I dont know where they go from here.

    Overall, the finale was actually (according to my rankings) in the bottom ten epsiodes of the season. I just felt the flashback would have been more useful in another episode, and not the finale when everyone is looking forward to seeing the war. It slowed the pace of a fast and intense episode.
  • This is what the entertainment world should be. This riveting episode had you on the edge of your seat with suspense at one moment or crying the next.

    In this episode Jake has a flash back of his brothers wedding and his best man toast, which at the end of the show is a sentimental reminder of what kind of relationship he and his father had in the before D-day and what they share now.

    New Burn is at it still and they mean business they want what Jericho has and are willing to kill to get it. The mayor of New Burn has a twisted sense of fair play and rite and wrong. For some reason known only to him, he blames Jericho for the misfortune that has befallen his town. So now he will be both judge and jury for them all, and take what he feels belongs to New Burn even if it is the town of Jericho's land and farms. The show starts with mortars going off in town and Jake and his mother are caught in the middle of it.
    The two mayors speak on walkie-talkies and Jericho is informed that they have 1 hour in which to surrender all of there land and farms not to mention the salt mine or they will continue to be bombed every hour on the hour until nothing is left or everyone is dead.
    The Mayor of Jericho sends out some scouts to take out the mortar throwers and gives the order to kill the New Burn Men with out checking to see if it is a trap. Which it is, so all but one scout is killed.
    After the scout fiasco the mayor of Jericho is a little gun shy and wants to make a deal, even if the rest of the town is lost he just is trying to save lives.
    In the mean time, Jake and his brother are hi jacking a truck of supplies and find an old adversary. The Thief (Jakes girl friends dad) agrees to help the town that turned him out in the cold and then ends up turning on them in the end anyway. The whole episode comes to a head when New Bern and Jericho meet at the Stanley farm to make there final stand, as Johnston puts it. During the first attack Johnston is shot, Jake and his brother carry their father into the farm and try to save him. Johnston tells them to stop and lets them both know how much he loves them both. He also passes a message to his wife of love and then tells Jake how proud he is of him. The actors were great in the scene I was crying like a baby. Wright after he speaks to Jake he dies and the brothers are left to finish there fathers work of protecting there town and home.
    A little tid bit by the wife of Robert Hawkins the so-called CIA or FBI agent. She figured out why everyone wanted the nuclear bomb. Not to get rid of the terrorist's, but the bomb could identify who actually set off the other bombs. Therefore, in all actuality, the bomb has a type of fingerprint on it. They need to find a scapegoat or get rid of it; we shall see which it is?
    Now back to the fighting Jake tells the mayor of New Burn that he holds him personally responsible for his father's death and Jake would be collecting in person soon. Then you see all of New Burn show up with all there support and the new military flies overhead toward Jericho, but not in time to stop the shooting. Jake gives the order to start shooting and you cannot see it but you hear everyone shooting and dieing.
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    Of all the episodes of "Jericho" that I have watched, I'd have to rank "Why We Fight" as one of my favorites, mainly because of how the previous episodes lead the way to the conclusion of a good season.

    Some of the things that I really enjoyed about the episode were how Jack and some of the other members of his family were remembering a happier time in their lives when they were flashing back to Eric's wedding to April while preparing to fight their war with New Bern. It was during one of their flashbacks that I also enjoyed hearing the peanut story Jake's grandfather told Stanley before the wedding started when they were sitting in the bar.

    One scene that I thought was priceless was when Stanley and Bonnie brought Mimi to visit their parents' graves. While it was kind of somber the way he was telling them that it might be a while before they come back to visit their graves, I thought Stanley's description of Mimi when he introduced her to them to be priceless. It was also pretty comical the way Stanley reacted when Mimi told their parents that Stanley and Bonnie have been so kind by letting her live with them after all the bombs went off in the major cities.

    After the war started, I thought it was pretty comical the way Johnston reacted to finding out about Hawkins' satellite computer by saying he was about to bomb the town that had the closest Costco. It was also neat the way Hawkins was willing to help Jericho after being found by the bad guys. I was also glad that the citizens of Jericho finally brought out their tank and used it against New Bern.

    With that said, there were also a few parts that I didn't like: such as Johnston dying and the way New Bern was bringing in so many reinforcements that Jericho was more outnumbered than before. Another part that I didn't like was when Constantino told Jake that Jericho should give up the next wave of attacks while expressing his condolences about what happened to Johnston. Some of the only highlights of these parts was the way Emily comforted Jake and his response of "Nuts" to Constantino was absolutely priceless.

    Despite Johnston's death in this episode and the cliffhanger ending, "Why We Fight" is one of my favorite episodes of the show.
  • This is what you call a season finale!!!

    When most of my favorite shows had their season enders a few months ago, i didn't feel a need to write any reviews cause most of them are frankly just so-so maybe with the exception of Lost, the rest i find mediocre. Thank God for Jericho!! The season finale was just excellent. It is but understandable why the fans of this show went temporarily insane when news came out that this show wouldn't be renewed. I for one might have experienced the same thing had i seen the show beforehand. This last episode was almost unbearable to watch. The drama ,the action was just intense. I also liked the contrast between the old jake and the new jake, i was just a tad disappointed that they did not push that beautiful contrast some more. The cast did a marvelous job as well. They all had their moments to shine!! I just hope that the coming season will be as great or even better than the first one. I can't wait...
  • I watched the entire season in 1 week. I'm addicted!

    The show premiered in Israel last Sunday. I watched the first episode and decided to download all season online. In 10 days I watched 22 BRILLIANT episodes. This episode sums up a great season. It's exciting, it's touching, it's edge-of-your-seat episode. I was shocked when the bold guy (whats his name from holmeland security) showed up and told the army to get the "terrorist" from Jericho. I cried when Johnston died holding his sons hands, and I was freaking screaming when the shooting started at the last minute. I had no idea the show was canceled and then renewed. I just got updated and THANK YOU to the fans who helped the show come back. I can not wait for the last 7 episodes - hopefully maybe they'll decide to finish a full season. One of the best shows in recent years.
  • This is the most frightening show ever...

    Some days ago, German television started this new show and even though I had enough to do, I started watching it. I was doing laundry at the same time and never thought this was gonna turn out into another one of my really serious addictions. It hasn't even been a week and I have already finished this brilliant show. I absolutely love it, but for the first time I'm not sure if that's the right thing to say. It's so realistic and frightening, it really makes you wonder what your neighbours might be capable of in such a situation. I watched these last couple of episodes today and I'm not sure that I can sleep tight now. The whole scenario is so scary! I gotta admit though that the whole terrorist attack scenario is way too patriotic for my taste. But in my eyes what's more important about this show is how people cope. It doesn't matter that this is America (sorry, guys), this could be anywhere in the world. Actually, it IS happening everywhere in this world. We're living in the commodity of our homes, eating until we're too big to move, watching television and going out having fun. There are people starving to death, rational people who you might think are smarter than this are fighting each other, killing their very neighbour. I really don't mean to get to philosophical here, but that's what this show is in my eyes: a portray of the best and the worst sides of humanity.
    I really can't wait for those seven (or more) episodes of season 2 and I can only hope they'll come back soon, I'm dying not knowing how that story is ending...
  • Season finale but NOT series finale...!!!

    As fans have recently heard, CBS is picking up Jericho for another season. Great news. It most likely will start mid-season but possibly could fill in sooner for a canceled series in the Fall. For those who are interested in the series all episodes will be available for viewing online. By the way, the Jericho website supported by CBS has some great extras such as special commentary of some episodes as well as behind the scenes mini episodes following Hawkins. Hawkins is one of the great characters to emerge from the past TV season. Jericho will also be released on DVD in September. Well worth the time.
  • once again... they leave us hanging with no future episodes :/

    //spoilers perhaps//
    Over all it's been a fun show to watch, and I would like to see more of it despite that I have a hard time picturing these events ever happening, even after a nuclear war.
    People fighting for their lives in a brutal kind of way over a few farms and a salt mine?
    I guess people never learn from past experiences.
    Anyways, the barbarians from each town decide not to bury the hatchet even if both sides have lost more than the original deal was worth, but "fortunatly" the cavalry will step in and close the deal somehow... Just sucks we dont get to see how, unless someone makes a movie about it?
  • Awesome!! Awesome!!! I absolutely love this show.

    Awesome!! Awesome!!! I absolutely love this show. I hope it stays around for a long long time. This is the reason why I watch. I love this show, this is my all time favorite show this year. I haven't missed an episode yet and I don't plan on it either.
  • This is why I watch this show!

    With all the buzz that has been about one charachter getting the ax in this episode I was almost at the point I didn't want to watch it! I love all the charachters, even Mayor Gray for some odd reason, and did not want to see anyone go.
    As it turned out it was former Mayor Green and that was very unexpected. I loved this character and he was both well played and very sympathetic.
    As it came clear that New Bern was ready to wage war on Jericho I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the invasion to come. Meanwhile seeing Heather alive and in the military camp was disturbing since there seem to be something very odd about this camp.
    When the final scene came and the screen whent black as Jake cried out "NOW" my heart stopped!
    If this is not the best cliffhange ever, then there is none!

    To then hear that CBS has cancelled the show made me not so much angry but FURIOUS! I am with the Jericho army fighting for this show to be brought back from cancellation and I will not rest til I see what happends with this wonderful show that definetly deserves another season...or five....

    NUTS to you CBS!!
  • About a town called Jericho and its challenges of survival after it survives a nuclear attack on the USA.

    I think the show is awsome because of the suspence and mistery that it packs all the way through the show and leaving you feeling you want to watch more at the end. Its too bad that CBS is NUTS enough to take such a well written and well acted and well performed show off the air. I pray that CBS will reconsider their mistake and reenstate it or give it to another network because otherwise, Jericho will have left many unanswered questions and cliffhangers. It will be like buying a book and then finding out that the last couple of chapters have been ripped out and missing after you get through it. I really would love to see it back as a second season and not a movie or as extras in dvd.
  • Jericho and New Bern fighting for resources.

    Even if the show is great and i am a real fan i can't say i am totally satisfied of the writing of this finale. The Flashback, in my opinion, was completely useless, kind of trick to take some time. What do i care of Eric wedding some years before the facts and especially what does it tell me i don't know ? In the start i was thinking some new revelations on Jack's past then when i realize it was just to show us how much the family is togheter... well.. don't we already know that very well ? SPOILER

    It's a lot better when the episode gets back to the storyline, and johnston dead is a very good point in developing the storyline. Unfortunately the show is not planned for fall...
  • Save Jericho! Great show! We need more quality TV!

    Great season ender! I think the low scores show why Idol and Dancing with the stars are top rated. The thinking mans shows are dying off. Viewers could not follow Jericho, they want all the answers on Lost right away, and now they want Heroes to spell everything out. We don't get all the answers in life right away if ever. If you want a show that you never have to use your brain to watch try one of the many sitcoms or Survivor. Jericho is the kind of show that must be watched closely.Thous of you who stopped watching lost because of the season 2 low points are missing great episodes now!I know this finale was not 100 percent perfect but we need to keep in mind the awful shows that are taking over TV and embrace the few good shows and not abandon them to be replaces by mindless junk!
  • This episode is an example of why the series was cancelled - it has almost all of the flaws which beset the series in general. But did CBS cancel it for its weaknesses or its strengths?

    I didn't care for this episode, or for that matter, the entire series, as much as everyone else seems to have. Why?

    At first it was because of what I consider to have been several bad errors of fact... foul-ups the screenwriters made in their depiction of how nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout work (something I know more about than either they or their technical advisors apparently do), going all the way to firing a mortar round out of a 120mm tank main gun (how, exactly, without serious modifications to the gun requiring the presence of an armorer from General Dynamics Land Systems or the Army?) and hitting what they were aiming at first try.

    These wouldn't be such bad defects if there was enough substance to the plot to get me, the audience, to cooperate with the writers by suspending my disbelief in the rather distracting errors. The characters were weak and, frankly, not very sympathetic. And the warfare between Jericho and New Bern was too contrived to ring true.

    I can understand why many people are upset by the cancellation of this show, but I can also understand why it was cancelled. There were several episodes of "Jericho" which I clicked off because I frankly didn't much care for them. Not only did they not entertain me, they actually annoyed me rather badly - either through weak plotting or factual errors which betrayed a "don't care" attitude on the part of the writers.

    CBS has axed much better series than this one ("The Agency" prime among them, even though that series also had serious flaws).

    I wonder, though, if CBS cancelled Jericho for its strengths, and not its weaknesses - every time CBS has a show that extols the martial virtues (again, "The Agency" is a prime example), the show goes away. "JAG" and "NCIS" seem to be the exceptions that prove this rule, but these were both primarily cops n' robbers shows set in the military - not primarily military shows. I don't hold out much hope for "The Unit," either - I'm sure that there are decision-makers at CBS who have grave misgivings about it right now. At bottom, CBS seems to see its role not so much as a news and entertainment channel as a social engineering company. They're everything they accuse Fox of being, just the opposite political polarity.
  • Sad to hear this is the last episode. I thought it was the best.

    I can't believe they are not picking this show up again. I thought it had started slow at the beginning of the season but they did a good job of character building and drama in a post-apocalyptic USA. This episode was the most exciting by far. I just wish they had been able to keep more rounds for that tank. That was pretty cool to watch. :)

    If this show stayed on, the mystery surrounding the head of Homeland Security (I think he was the head of it - the bald guy?) would be revealed as the biggest scandal in the history of the modern world. I dont think this show is too off from what could potentially happen if a government fell in a country such as the USA. Towns could turn on each other for supplies. Close nit towns like Jericho would do their best to help their neighbors. I hope another station picks this up before fall, because it has some good potential. Maybe not a real long series, unless the writers can come up with some good ideas for the future. Like the government being reinstated but the army is spread thin and has a hard time keeping gang lords in check. Who knows.

    I will miss this show.
  • great episode

    Jericho prepares for an invasion by New Bern. Everyone who is able to carry a gun is requested to join in the fight. Jake and his men position themselves at Stanley's farm, it's where they are making the last stand. Constantino's men are amassing their troops. The first wave fights the Jericho defenders, they are pushed back by a tank that's been hidden in Stanley's barn. This episode is the highest point of the show, it's the climax for season 1. It's a really exciting episode, it ends in a cliffhanger, we don't know what happens next, because the stupid CBS decided to cancel one of their best shows. I hate CBS, shame on CBS.
  • Wow!

    Not only did I have a blanket in front of my face for the majority of this episode, but I had tears running down my face during the last half. Wow!

    This episode really proved just how much Jericho is improving, both as a TV show and as a town!

    Johnston's death was heartbreaking, especially when he said that he wished Gail had been there. The tears came a bit faster then.

    And when Jake let Emily just hold him while he cried, you could see the true connection there!

    And the kiss! Let me just say *Happy Sigh*

    This was probably the best, if not in the top two episode ever!!

  • Fantastic!

    (spoiler alert)Please ignore the comments on how poor this episode is!! I was sad when Johnston Green was killed, I think people missed the point! it was a senseless death thats the whole idea!! duh. Sad to see Johnston Green go - he was a very likable character, but the shows main character is Jake and that was the whole point of Johnston's death, Jake is ready to be a man and take his fathers place and lead Jericho. Cant wait for season 2
  • If this is the last episode of Jericho (hopefully not) what will we make of, not only this episode, but the entire show?

    Jericho's been a bit of a funny show for me this year. At its best, the first couple of episodes it seemed like something that could challenge the likes of Lost and Heroes! But unfortunatley at its worst it had less dramatic tension than an episode of Pokemon!

    That being said I've really enjoyed most of this season and it definately has the potential to be a great show. This is where the season finale seems to perfectly sum up the season. It was not perfect, but did have some incredible moments. I was worried about how they would do a big war between two towns on a TV budget. But they actually did it quite well by showing us the full detail of the first attack and therefore giving us a good idea of what was to come.

    Of course the episode started with a flashback. A flashback in a season finale!? Surely there'll be too much going on that a flashback will never work. But that was one of the brilliant things about the episode, that it did work brilliantly. It was nice to see April again, but did she actually have a line? They probably could've got away without using the actress and just not seeing her face. Still it wasn't about her, it was about Jake's relationships with his family. There was nothing revalatory in it as far as Jake's past goes, but it was great to remind us of what Jake's relationship was like with his family at the start of the season and to show how far its come. The two brothers who clearly were not very close, now crying in each others arms over their fathers death.

    Which leads me to something that is both a good and bad thing. Johnston's death. Fair enough all shows have to copy Lost now, with large casts that could kill off anyone at any time, but you don't get rid of one of the best characters just for emotional effect. We can only assume that the writers think there's a good chance that the show will get cancelled and so they might as well kill him off for the impact. Of course if the show does get renewed, I don't think it'll be the same without Johnston Greene.

    Ending with the real battle just starting could have seemed like a bit of a cop out, but because of what had happened already in the episode it was understandable. I did have issues with how it seemed to sort of, again, copy Lost with a big cliffhanger ending of something that should've been resolved(remember when they opened the hatch and we had to wait three months to find out what was in it). Still if that was the last episode we can kind of guess what happened, and if not they'll probably start after the battle's finished and we'll get told what happened over the course of the next episode.

    So, if that was it then what will Jericho be remembered as? I'll remember it as a show that was enjoyable, if not as enthralling as others. A good example that there is still plenty of talent in the world of television and that there can be more to the weeks TV schedule than just Heroes and Lost.
  • Hmmmm, Jericho Season 1 ends on an emotional level rather than an explosive one

    Ok firstly i will sum up Jericho season 1. I think it has been one of the best shows on tv, it was orginal and very interesting. The show has had its filler episodes, a couple of poor ones and some fantastic ones. I feel that the mystery behind the bombs was answered slightly too quickly, and also the character of Hawkins (the best character on the show for me) i feel most of the mystery surrounding him has slightly faded. I'm confused how they will continue with the story in season 2. I know they will come up with something i just cant think of that much to keep it going for another season.
    Anyway on with "Why We Fight" my expectations of this episode were maybe over hyped. I felt it was going to be an all out war between Jericho and New Bern with possibly some character development thrown in. However the episode was quite the reverse, mostly character driven with very little in the way of action. I was very suprised to seea major character go, and the way he did was disappointing (hit by some stray bullet). However i felt the biggest problem was in the ending. Most shows in their first season end with a crazy/emotional/explosive and sometimes confusing cliffhanger. Jericho's was very Meh, just the sounds of shooting over the credits, considering they were building this fight between New Bern and Jericho for a few weeks i thought it would of been alot better.
    Ah well roll on Season 2
  • Excellent Episode

    This was a great episode with alot of emotions in the mix. Love, defeat, loss the list could go on. I almost cried when Johnstone was speaking to Jake and Eric. And It Was So Sad When His Wife Walked In And He Was Just Lying There On Stanleys Table! Jericho Stood Up Well And I Knew Someone Was Bound To Get Hit, Especially Johnstone Because He Was Running Beside The Tank! Anyway Hawkins Is Gettin Even More Interesting Now :D! Great Episode!
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