Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • This is the most frightening show ever...

    Some days ago, German television started this new show and even though I had enough to do, I started watching it. I was doing laundry at the same time and never thought this was gonna turn out into another one of my really serious addictions. It hasn't even been a week and I have already finished this brilliant show. I absolutely love it, but for the first time I'm not sure if that's the right thing to say. It's so realistic and frightening, it really makes you wonder what your neighbours might be capable of in such a situation. I watched these last couple of episodes today and I'm not sure that I can sleep tight now. The whole scenario is so scary! I gotta admit though that the whole terrorist attack scenario is way too patriotic for my taste. But in my eyes what's more important about this show is how people cope. It doesn't matter that this is America (sorry, guys), this could be anywhere in the world. Actually, it IS happening everywhere in this world. We're living in the commodity of our homes, eating until we're too big to move, watching television and going out having fun. There are people starving to death, rational people who you might think are smarter than this are fighting each other, killing their very neighbour. I really don't mean to get to philosophical here, but that's what this show is in my eyes: a portray of the best and the worst sides of humanity.
    I really can't wait for those seven (or more) episodes of season 2 and I can only hope they'll come back soon, I'm dying not knowing how that story is ending...
  • I watched the entire season in 1 week. I'm addicted!

    The show premiered in Israel last Sunday. I watched the first episode and decided to download all season online. In 10 days I watched 22 BRILLIANT episodes. This episode sums up a great season. It's exciting, it's touching, it's edge-of-your-seat episode. I was shocked when the bold guy (whats his name from holmeland security) showed up and told the army to get the "terrorist" from Jericho. I cried when Johnston died holding his sons hands, and I was freaking screaming when the shooting started at the last minute. I had no idea the show was canceled and then renewed. I just got updated and THANK YOU to the fans who helped the show come back. I can not wait for the last 7 episodes - hopefully maybe they'll decide to finish a full season. One of the best shows in recent years.
  • This is why I watch this show!

    With all the buzz that has been about one charachter getting the ax in this episode I was almost at the point I didn't want to watch it! I love all the charachters, even Mayor Gray for some odd reason, and did not want to see anyone go.
    As it turned out it was former Mayor Green and that was very unexpected. I loved this character and he was both well played and very sympathetic.
    As it came clear that New Bern was ready to wage war on Jericho I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the invasion to come. Meanwhile seeing Heather alive and in the military camp was disturbing since there seem to be something very odd about this camp.
    When the final scene came and the screen whent black as Jake cried out "NOW" my heart stopped!
    If this is not the best cliffhange ever, then there is none!

    To then hear that CBS has cancelled the show made me not so much angry but FURIOUS! I am with the Jericho army fighting for this show to be brought back from cancellation and I will not rest til I see what happends with this wonderful show that definetly deserves another season...or five....

    NUTS to you CBS!!
  • Fantastic!

    (spoiler alert)Please ignore the comments on how poor this episode is!! I was sad when Johnston Green was killed, I think people missed the point! it was a senseless death thats the whole idea!! duh. Sad to see Johnston Green go - he was a very likable character, but the shows main character is Jake and that was the whole point of Johnston's death, Jake is ready to be a man and take his fathers place and lead Jericho. Cant wait for season 2
  • NUTS !! I cant believe Season 1 is over! CBS is NUTS if it doesnt give Jericho a Season 2....

    This was one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best. It had everything: Action, Emotion, Revelations about the larger world, suspense, a farewell to a beloved character and the return of another missing since Episode 13.

    There may be particular segments Im not big on, I realize the sum of the parts are greater than the whole. And thats what makes Jericho a superb show. We find out the country is still divided and the Western areas are headed by a new President under a new flag. And part of this administration is the malevolent Thomas Valente - probable head of the bomb plot. It was great seeing Hawkins and his wife working together instead of butting heads as well as Hawkins risking everything to use the spy satellite to help the people of his new home town. With the loss of the towns most beloved ex Mayor, father and leader we saw how people deal with the pain of loss of war. Even the stony hearted Constantino, for a moment, seemed to feel bad about what he had done. Then, as the battle with New Bern came to a head, Heather comes to the rescue with forces loyal to one of the new Presidents. But these forces have ulterior motives on orders of Jerichos Dr. Evil - Thomas Valente: Get Hawkins!

    Military helicopters fly overhead just as Hawkins gets ready to use the tank to stop the New Bern troop train. While the forces of Jericho, rallied by the stirring words of the grieving Jake Green, open fire against the forces of New Bern. Great way to end Season 1 and begin Season 2 as the outcome of the battle is revealed and the larger world comes crashing in. Hopefully a way will be found to use Johnston Green in the future (flashbacks or symbolic of Jakes conscience when he asks himself "What would Dad do?").

    Jericho is one of the best thought provoking series in years - it really makes you think about what you would do if such a scenario unfolded. What would you do? How prepared are you - both physically and mentally? How would you survive? Would you even want to? Alot of people thought hijacked passenger planes being used as missiles to destroy 100 story buildings and thousands of lives was the stuff of Hollywood fantasy before September 11, 2001. Hopefully life will never imitate art, but you never know....
  • OMG. Excellent first season. Definetly needs a second season!!

    OMG this episode was the saddest eppy of Jericho. I would have never thought that Johnston would die! OMG I was balling my eyes out! Johnston was an amazing person and I miss him soo much! haha im soo emotional. I really hope there is a second season to that show! The way it ended made it seem like it wasn't the season finale. It just seemed like a regular eppy. I really hope it comes back on in September!! I felt sooo bad for Gail when she was with Johnston. She is my favourite character on Jericho! I loved this show.At first I wasn't sure about how it would be but it was awesome! I really really hope there is a season 3!!!!!
  • Save Jericho! Great show! We need more quality TV!

    Great season ender! I think the low scores show why Idol and Dancing with the stars are top rated. The thinking mans shows are dying off. Viewers could not follow Jericho, they want all the answers on Lost right away, and now they want Heroes to spell everything out. We don't get all the answers in life right away if ever. If you want a show that you never have to use your brain to watch try one of the many sitcoms or Survivor. Jericho is the kind of show that must be watched closely.Thous of you who stopped watching lost because of the season 2 low points are missing great episodes now!I know this finale was not 100 percent perfect but we need to keep in mind the awful shows that are taking over TV and embrace the few good shows and not abandon them to be replaces by mindless junk!
  • About a town called Jericho and its challenges of survival after it survives a nuclear attack on the USA.

    I think the show is awsome because of the suspence and mistery that it packs all the way through the show and leaving you feeling you want to watch more at the end. Its too bad that CBS is NUTS enough to take such a well written and well acted and well performed show off the air. I pray that CBS will reconsider their mistake and reenstate it or give it to another network because otherwise, Jericho will have left many unanswered questions and cliffhangers. It will be like buying a book and then finding out that the last couple of chapters have been ripped out and missing after you get through it. I really would love to see it back as a second season and not a movie or as extras in dvd.
  • Sad to hear this is the last episode. I thought it was the best.

    I can't believe they are not picking this show up again. I thought it had started slow at the beginning of the season but they did a good job of character building and drama in a post-apocalyptic USA. This episode was the most exciting by far. I just wish they had been able to keep more rounds for that tank. That was pretty cool to watch. :)

    If this show stayed on, the mystery surrounding the head of Homeland Security (I think he was the head of it - the bald guy?) would be revealed as the biggest scandal in the history of the modern world. I dont think this show is too off from what could potentially happen if a government fell in a country such as the USA. Towns could turn on each other for supplies. Close nit towns like Jericho would do their best to help their neighbors. I hope another station picks this up before fall, because it has some good potential. Maybe not a real long series, unless the writers can come up with some good ideas for the future. Like the government being reinstated but the army is spread thin and has a hard time keeping gang lords in check. Who knows.

    I will miss this show.
  • Wow!

    Not only did I have a blanket in front of my face for the majority of this episode, but I had tears running down my face during the last half. Wow!

    This episode really proved just how much Jericho is improving, both as a TV show and as a town!

    Johnston's death was heartbreaking, especially when he said that he wished Gail had been there. The tears came a bit faster then.

    And when Jake let Emily just hold him while he cried, you could see the true connection there!

    And the kiss! Let me just say *Happy Sigh*

    This was probably the best, if not in the top two episode ever!!

  • I watched the latest episode last night and I will say unashamed that I bawled my eyes out. I can't wait until the next episode...

    This is THE BEST show to come on to television.EVER!Its hard to believe a good show can come out of all this crap that's airing today cough reality television cough but this show has done it.I sure hope the writers plan on keeping this show on. Compare to many shows on tv...this is one of the only ones worth watching. (My opinion of course) I think the show is exciting...and yes a cliff hanger...but arn't most great show like that?? I think it is great to keep you in suspense. If they were to spill all the info in the first season...then there would be no reason to have anymore seasons. This world we live in is way to pushy and instant...everyone wants everything now. Come on..relax...ENJOY the show....It is a great show....I am sure the writers know what they are doing.
  • Between and Rock and a Hard place, still, life continues for the town of Jericho..

    This is one great show. Now that season 1 is ended, on a very nice cliffhanger, with the military about to stop a skirmish, and who knows who else is gonna get either hurt or killed off the show!

    Johnston death was a surprise to me, but then again, it wasn't. He's gonna be missed as a character, but in a way, his death will force others to kinda "grow-up" so to speak.

    Things will be different for sure.

    Like I keep saying, I don't rate episodes, rather, I rate the show as a whole.

    This show is certainly a keeper. A fictional account of this town and how the U.S. survived nukes. I like how the last nuke is now, perhaps the smoking gun which can be used to prove that the nuking was an inside job.

    I love the threads that keep spanning from the show. So we now wait for Season 2 with anticipation and glee! "tee hee!" :P
  • Why we fight was the best episode aswell as the season finale. The big shoot out at the end and the tank was just awsome!!!!!

    The final fight at the end of the episode was just amazing I loved the gun battle and when they brought out the tank that just made me even more happier. The sad part of this episode is that there father gets shot and dies leaving jake in charge and to be there leader to fight there enemy for survival and for there town/land. I liked hte entire season but I think this was the best episode, and how they ended the season was just pure genius. And I just can't wait for season 2 come in january, i can see this show going smoewhere and it will just get better that for sure.
  • OMG and amazing episode that gives you both answers and ofcourse more questions. but undoubtably one of the best episodes of the season.

    This is an amazing episode that shows how truly brilliant Jericho can be, a well written and coherent episode that shows us the true nature of the human condition that can go either way. And what a scary thought that is and how bad a town like red burn can get with a disaster like the nuclear bomb, and it puts into perspective the good fortune that Jericho as a town has been given. This episode shows us the true Jake and the brilliance and true genius of his character, Jake steps up as a true and just leader that we know him to be capable of. But in these series times the show does not lose the humour and innocence that made this show so great to watch, with the scene and Stanley’s parent’s graves, and his honesty at wanting to not die and marry Mimi. And even while all the seriousness is still going on the shoe still has time to show us an insight into the characters and why they do things. But as we gain back Heather who we thought was dead, we lose another in her stead which was a hard lose for the show and the audience. And in this episode the conspiracy goes deeper as we learn that the American Flag now has only 21 stars on it rather than the 51 representing all the states, and a key player in the terrorist action is now in a high position of power- we can only wait until the next season for more answers and what is now common place on this show more questions.
  • This is what you call a season finale!!!

    When most of my favorite shows had their season enders a few months ago, i didn't feel a need to write any reviews cause most of them are frankly just so-so maybe with the exception of Lost, the rest i find mediocre. Thank God for Jericho!! The season finale was just excellent. It is but understandable why the fans of this show went temporarily insane when news came out that this show wouldn't be renewed. I for one might have experienced the same thing had i seen the show beforehand. This last episode was almost unbearable to watch. The drama ,the action was just intense. I also liked the contrast between the old jake and the new jake, i was just a tad disappointed that they did not push that beautiful contrast some more. The cast did a marvelous job as well. They all had their moments to shine!! I just hope that the coming season will be as great or even better than the first one. I can't wait...
  • Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho.

    Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho. It's clear that now the series will go to another level with conspiracy and trying to find the bomb. Good season finale with promises for next season.
    The only bad thing is that Jericho lost one of its greatest characters and that's a clue that it will move on further than just "trying to survive against other cities".

    Now with the military in charge, no one can harm Jericho and next season will have the series finale. That's my opinion even though I believe that they should have available some extra budget. They can sell very well next season.
  • great episode

    Jericho prepares for an invasion by New Bern. Everyone who is able to carry a gun is requested to join in the fight. Jake and his men position themselves at Stanley's farm, it's where they are making the last stand. Constantino's men are amassing their troops. The first wave fights the Jericho defenders, they are pushed back by a tank that's been hidden in Stanley's barn. This episode is the highest point of the show, it's the climax for season 1. It's a really exciting episode, it ends in a cliffhanger, we don't know what happens next, because the stupid CBS decided to cancel one of their best shows. I hate CBS, shame on CBS.
  • CBS better not cancel this show!

    If CBS cancels this show, it will be bad on their part as this is really edge of your seat as well as mixing in reality with "entertainment!" Really a good show with good acting and good writing. Hopefully CBS doesn't cancel it. Sure the residents survived the attack. But that is just the least of their problems. The very least of it!!
  • Engaging, Shocking, Sad, human emotion at its highist realism

    Here's to you Constantino.

    Hopefully the 2nd season is worth the wait. And hopefully it isn't one of those 6 month later things either. This episode felt more of a lead in to a finale than the finale itself. Sadly, this is all we're going to see of Jericho this year. There's something weird about "That Army Camp"...notice the quotations. It seemed like Hawkins was the terrorist again after watching the army general talk to those guys on the 4 TV monitors, but in reality it looks like Hawkins is still the good guy, and the real terrorists are now in control of the U.S. government and coming after him. Oh boy...hopefully next season Jake gets revenge, and America returns to normal. For now, it's worse than I had thought. And I wasn't expecting Johnston to bite it. I was hoping Gray would get it. Really sad emotional tension, which is going to make for an even better second season come this fall.

    This surely will go down as Jericho's best episode ever, and if not, certainly one of them. All I can say is I'm glad they didn't go with a plotline involving dentonating a nuke on newburn, which had been rumored.

    On another note, CBS doesn't even give us a preview of what might happen next season. Come on, FOX does it with 24. Why not Jericho?
  • If ever there was a series deserving of a second season it's Jericho.

    This episode, the conclusion of the first season, is a true cliffhanger in every respect. Johnston dies and Jake has to step up to lead in his fathers place. Hawkins aids by providing valuable intelligence in the first real engagement between New Bern and Jericho, but at the price of being located by the nefarious forces tracking him. Now the new federal government is sending the army to capture him. Heather is alive and now headed back to Jericho. The final battle is commencing with the citizens of Jericho greatly outnumbered and out gunned and Hawkins about to use the tank to derail the train coming in on their flank from New Bern. In the final scenes the military helicopters arrive, but who knows how they will choose to "put down the problem" between the opposing sides. All of this leave me on the end of my couch waiting for season two. On a sad note, it will be a great loss for the show not to have the superb acting skills of Gerald McRaney and the strength of his character Johnston Green, for season two. This is one show which proves a proper balance of character and storyline produces a great piece of entertainment.
  • Well done close out to the first season, with two minor quibbles.

    Overall, I thought the Jericho season finale was an excellent episode. I love the framing story of April and Eric's wedding and the family dynamics it introduced, and the parallels to the grim present. I loved the reference to General McAuliffe and the Battle of the Bulge and his famous reply of "Nuts" to the surrender request. My only two quibbles with this episode were, first, the handling of Johnston Gray's death. True he was a very important character and his death was an emotional moment, but in dwellling on that situation the pacing of the episode lagged just a bit. Those people needed to get on with the fighting. Also, I didn't really like the "A-Team" level of violence. I realize this probably had to do with the 8Pm time slot, but still, all those bullets fired and only two really confirmed kills, Johnston and the 2.5 gunner, especially with those New Bern folks basically out in the open. Personally I really, really wanted to see more of those New Bern bastards die, after they turn on their neighbors like that! Other than that, a superb ending to a great first season. Go Jericho. "Nuts" to the nay-sayers.
  • Great way to end the season

    I liked this one very much. How the two towns went to war, it all started to build up after the second half of the season picked back up. Sad part was when johnston died and I fell Jake will slowly take over and run jericho. Gray Anderson doesnt do much. I fell Jake may become jericho's leader from the peoples voice. no vote, no election, the people want him to become mayor and that will but a huge key between jake, johnston, Erik as well as a few other important characters. what ever happens season 2 will be great. Hope its soon.
  • Awesome!! Awesome!!! I absolutely love this show.

    Awesome!! Awesome!!! I absolutely love this show. I hope it stays around for a long long time. This is the reason why I watch. I love this show, this is my all time favorite show this year. I haven't missed an episode yet and I don't plan on it either.
  • Excellent Episode

    This was a great episode with alot of emotions in the mix. Love, defeat, loss the list could go on. I almost cried when Johnstone was speaking to Jake and Eric. And It Was So Sad When His Wife Walked In And He Was Just Lying There On Stanleys Table! Jericho Stood Up Well And I Knew Someone Was Bound To Get Hit, Especially Johnstone Because He Was Running Beside The Tank! Anyway Hawkins Is Gettin Even More Interesting Now :D! Great Episode!
  • I loved the show, love the flashbacks and i stayed on the edge of my seat when the fighting started.

    Jericho has been a great show to watch this past season. I have jumped to many conclusions only to have my theories proved wrong. Im shocked that they ended season 1 with the gun fire. I still have questions about hawkins and his "real" objectives. I was shocked when I seen the soldiers wearing the "new" flag of the united states on their uniforms. I also have some theories about the man from the Department of Homeland Security. I have some questions if anyone could answer them, it would help.
    1) Who is the president of the united states? 2) Was that a grenade that was shot in front of the car that the citizens of Jericho were protecting?
    3) Who will the army shoot, the citizens of Jericho or the citizens of New Bern?
    4) Where did Constantino get those trucks and soldiers from?
    if anyone has those answer, please tell me....
  • Eager for season 2! There aren't many shows I care about but this one is a refreshing change... just enough fiction mixed with reality.

    Very nice! The only real suggestion is that this could have been a 2 hour finale! Twice as tasty! This would have allowed for a bit more expansion... for example - not enough on the final scenes with Johnston, his wife, and sons... maybe more tribute from the whole town? Perhaps that will come in the first show of season 2? The flag thing was a bit confusing and indicated that the government has written off several states. Unless that means that foriegn powers are ruling parts of North America it makes NO sense... but what a teaser.
  • Review

    I say this is the series finale as there is no word on the fate of Jericho & after tonights episode it would really suck for it to end like that.

    Other than that. This episode rocked. There wasn't an episode this entire series that I didn't like. They were all good in its own way & hope that the show will continue on for many years. The death of Johnston Greene. I figured of all the main characters he would have been the one to go. But as the episode went on, I actually thought of his wife, but I was right the first time. It was heartbreaking to say the least. Men can cry to. I cry all the time & did at their father's death.

    Gerald McRaney is a good actor & will be missed on the show.
  • Heather's alive! Yeah! Unfortunately she becomes an unwilling pawn in a deadly game. There's much more to this episode than just a city/state skirmish. I could have said Season Finally but it was more than that!

    I call it city/state because it reminds me of ancient Greece. They're city/states didn't get along but could still combine for a bigger threat. Theorectically, if cooler heads prevailed, they'd team up and go find stuff outside, but that's neither here nor there.

    Johnston fell, just as I predicted. It really didn't surprise me, he has to die so the series can live. It has to be on Jake, and his brother, and the mayor, and Hawkins to fix this. Nice use of the tank!

    Hawkins, with his wife have another great revelation. Why would they track him? Unless they wanted something. The "rebel" a person to put up in the blame for all that happened. And the real perp is pulling the strings.

    Heather's alive! But in her attempt to try to help, along with the trace, they've been lead to the last nuke in the country. Speaking of which, how many stars were on that flag? Less than 50!

    Finally, the last scene. The call of "nuts" by Jake - as they had juxtaposed the wedding with the war - the helos as Hawkins contemplates taking out the train, the smoke followed by Jakes order to "fire!" all leaves you wanting to see the season openner!

    Overall, excellent first season, I hope they keep it up!
  • Season finale but NOT series finale...!!!

    As fans have recently heard, CBS is picking up Jericho for another season. Great news. It most likely will start mid-season but possibly could fill in sooner for a canceled series in the Fall. For those who are interested in the series all episodes will be available for viewing online. By the way, the Jericho website supported by CBS has some great extras such as special commentary of some episodes as well as behind the scenes mini episodes following Hawkins. Hawkins is one of the great characters to emerge from the past TV season. Jericho will also be released on DVD in September. Well worth the time.
  • NUTS!

    I can not believe that was the seasons finale. Now i can not wait till Jericho comes back on. I want to know why they left us hanging like that. The way they ended it I was hoping to see a little of the fighting before they ending it but just first shots. I am still in shock that they killed off mayor Green. I was a little confused on what the army is going to do when they get to Jericho. I know that I was really happy to see Heather alive an also to see Jake and Emily kiss. I really liked the flashbacks to Eric wedding night.
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