Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • If this is the last episode of Jericho (hopefully not) what will we make of, not only this episode, but the entire show?

    Jericho's been a bit of a funny show for me this year. At its best, the first couple of episodes it seemed like something that could challenge the likes of Lost and Heroes! But unfortunatley at its worst it had less dramatic tension than an episode of Pokemon!

    That being said I've really enjoyed most of this season and it definately has the potential to be a great show. This is where the season finale seems to perfectly sum up the season. It was not perfect, but did have some incredible moments. I was worried about how they would do a big war between two towns on a TV budget. But they actually did it quite well by showing us the full detail of the first attack and therefore giving us a good idea of what was to come.

    Of course the episode started with a flashback. A flashback in a season finale!? Surely there'll be too much going on that a flashback will never work. But that was one of the brilliant things about the episode, that it did work brilliantly. It was nice to see April again, but did she actually have a line? They probably could've got away without using the actress and just not seeing her face. Still it wasn't about her, it was about Jake's relationships with his family. There was nothing revalatory in it as far as Jake's past goes, but it was great to remind us of what Jake's relationship was like with his family at the start of the season and to show how far its come. The two brothers who clearly were not very close, now crying in each others arms over their fathers death.

    Which leads me to something that is both a good and bad thing. Johnston's death. Fair enough all shows have to copy Lost now, with large casts that could kill off anyone at any time, but you don't get rid of one of the best characters just for emotional effect. We can only assume that the writers think there's a good chance that the show will get cancelled and so they might as well kill him off for the impact. Of course if the show does get renewed, I don't think it'll be the same without Johnston Greene.

    Ending with the real battle just starting could have seemed like a bit of a cop out, but because of what had happened already in the episode it was understandable. I did have issues with how it seemed to sort of, again, copy Lost with a big cliffhanger ending of something that should've been resolved(remember when they opened the hatch and we had to wait three months to find out what was in it). Still if that was the last episode we can kind of guess what happened, and if not they'll probably start after the battle's finished and we'll get told what happened over the course of the next episode.

    So, if that was it then what will Jericho be remembered as? I'll remember it as a show that was enjoyable, if not as enthralling as others. A good example that there is still plenty of talent in the world of television and that there can be more to the weeks TV schedule than just Heroes and Lost.
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