Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Sad to hear this is the last episode. I thought it was the best.

    I can't believe they are not picking this show up again. I thought it had started slow at the beginning of the season but they did a good job of character building and drama in a post-apocalyptic USA. This episode was the most exciting by far. I just wish they had been able to keep more rounds for that tank. That was pretty cool to watch. :)

    If this show stayed on, the mystery surrounding the head of Homeland Security (I think he was the head of it - the bald guy?) would be revealed as the biggest scandal in the history of the modern world. I dont think this show is too off from what could potentially happen if a government fell in a country such as the USA. Towns could turn on each other for supplies. Close nit towns like Jericho would do their best to help their neighbors. I hope another station picks this up before fall, because it has some good potential. Maybe not a real long series, unless the writers can come up with some good ideas for the future. Like the government being reinstated but the army is spread thin and has a hard time keeping gang lords in check. Who knows.

    I will miss this show.