Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • This episode is an example of why the series was cancelled - it has almost all of the flaws which beset the series in general. But did CBS cancel it for its weaknesses or its strengths?

    I didn't care for this episode, or for that matter, the entire series, as much as everyone else seems to have. Why?

    At first it was because of what I consider to have been several bad errors of fact... foul-ups the screenwriters made in their depiction of how nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout work (something I know more about than either they or their technical advisors apparently do), going all the way to firing a mortar round out of a 120mm tank main gun (how, exactly, without serious modifications to the gun requiring the presence of an armorer from General Dynamics Land Systems or the Army?) and hitting what they were aiming at first try.

    These wouldn't be such bad defects if there was enough substance to the plot to get me, the audience, to cooperate with the writers by suspending my disbelief in the rather distracting errors. The characters were weak and, frankly, not very sympathetic. And the warfare between Jericho and New Bern was too contrived to ring true.

    I can understand why many people are upset by the cancellation of this show, but I can also understand why it was cancelled. There were several episodes of "Jericho" which I clicked off because I frankly didn't much care for them. Not only did they not entertain me, they actually annoyed me rather badly - either through weak plotting or factual errors which betrayed a "don't care" attitude on the part of the writers.

    CBS has axed much better series than this one ("The Agency" prime among them, even though that series also had serious flaws).

    I wonder, though, if CBS cancelled Jericho for its strengths, and not its weaknesses - every time CBS has a show that extols the martial virtues (again, "The Agency" is a prime example), the show goes away. "JAG" and "NCIS" seem to be the exceptions that prove this rule, but these were both primarily cops n' robbers shows set in the military - not primarily military shows. I don't hold out much hope for "The Unit," either - I'm sure that there are decision-makers at CBS who have grave misgivings about it right now. At bottom, CBS seems to see its role not so much as a news and entertainment channel as a social engineering company. They're everything they accuse Fox of being, just the opposite political polarity.