Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Holy moly

    The real battle begins
    after the motars fail to convience jericho to surrender
    the new bern invasion starts.
    They begin to over run farms outside town
    and our "general" johnston reasons that the best place to make a stand is brads farm.
    Unfortunately they lack the man power even with all the rangers and the deputies.Dale however convinces the refugees to fight in return for a share of the farms when the dust settles.
    Hawkins uses his satelite link to feed info to the rangers about enemy movements.
    the battle begins as several trucks pulls up and dozen of heavily armed New Berners open fire.
    Jake manage to take out a heavy machine gun and calls up the tank for reenforcments.The new berners scatter.
    Unfortunately a train is heading to the farm with hundreds more troops and the enemy is gearing up for another attack.
    Hawkins rides out to help the rangers and take the tank to stop the train??Johnston dies and jake takes over refusing to surrender to constantino.
    The battle starts

    A brilliant episode ,the pay off for a year of tension and heartache for the people of jericho.
    I still cant belive johnston died
    I cant wait for constantino to get his.
    win, lose or draw
    next season ,cant wait
    it gonna be a right rave up i tell thee
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