Season 1 Episode 23

Why We Fight

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • This is what the entertainment world should be. This riveting episode had you on the edge of your seat with suspense at one moment or crying the next.

    In this episode Jake has a flash back of his brothers wedding and his best man toast, which at the end of the show is a sentimental reminder of what kind of relationship he and his father had in the before D-day and what they share now.

    New Burn is at it still and they mean business they want what Jericho has and are willing to kill to get it. The mayor of New Burn has a twisted sense of fair play and rite and wrong. For some reason known only to him, he blames Jericho for the misfortune that has befallen his town. So now he will be both judge and jury for them all, and take what he feels belongs to New Burn even if it is the town of Jericho's land and farms. The show starts with mortars going off in town and Jake and his mother are caught in the middle of it.
    The two mayors speak on walkie-talkies and Jericho is informed that they have 1 hour in which to surrender all of there land and farms not to mention the salt mine or they will continue to be bombed every hour on the hour until nothing is left or everyone is dead.
    The Mayor of Jericho sends out some scouts to take out the mortar throwers and gives the order to kill the New Burn Men with out checking to see if it is a trap. Which it is, so all but one scout is killed.
    After the scout fiasco the mayor of Jericho is a little gun shy and wants to make a deal, even if the rest of the town is lost he just is trying to save lives.
    In the mean time, Jake and his brother are hi jacking a truck of supplies and find an old adversary. The Thief (Jakes girl friends dad) agrees to help the town that turned him out in the cold and then ends up turning on them in the end anyway. The whole episode comes to a head when New Bern and Jericho meet at the Stanley farm to make there final stand, as Johnston puts it. During the first attack Johnston is shot, Jake and his brother carry their father into the farm and try to save him. Johnston tells them to stop and lets them both know how much he loves them both. He also passes a message to his wife of love and then tells Jake how proud he is of him. The actors were great in the scene I was crying like a baby. Wright after he speaks to Jake he dies and the brothers are left to finish there fathers work of protecting there town and home.
    A little tid bit by the wife of Robert Hawkins the so-called CIA or FBI agent. She figured out why everyone wanted the nuclear bomb. Not to get rid of the terrorist's, but the bomb could identify who actually set off the other bombs. Therefore, in all actuality, the bomb has a type of fingerprint on it. They need to find a scapegoat or get rid of it; we shall see which it is?
    Now back to the fighting Jake tells the mayor of New Burn that he holds him personally responsible for his father's death and Jake would be collecting in person soon. Then you see all of New Burn show up with all there support and the new military flies overhead toward Jericho, but not in time to stop the shooting. Jake gives the order to start shooting and you cannot see it but you hear everyone shooting and dieing.
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