Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • This episode was a day unlike any other in Jericho so far, as the previews were telling us. Losing on of their own brought several characters closer together, while setting up the development for other characters to step in. An emotional episode...

    that made me cry and consider what it would truly be like if this were to happen in real life. Without all the modern technology we have today, this kind of situation is a very real possibility and it is one that would scare anyone. People don't just die from having babies nowadays. But, not having the power and lighting to perform a proper surgery, nor the sterilation of instruments and knowledgeable staff to assist and work together as well as not having the proper equipment all contributed to bring about the painful death of April. It was a very emotional episode and painful to watch.

    I was very touched that April named the baby and that Eric was with her when she passed away. They were still married and her family has never been mentioned, so I'm glad she wasn't alone even though they weren't together anymore. Mary's support of Eric also really touched me. She hasn't every been resentful of his history with April and that says something about her character, even though they did have an affair. I really hope they are able to come through this when Eric is returned to Jericho. I think they are a good couple. I also can't wait for Stanley to return and see where the relationship with Mimi goes, but it will be fun to see Mimi and Bonnie get to know each other during his absence. I think his absence is exactly what those two need to help them bond and become friends. They can be good for each other.

    I am looking forward to the next episode and I know it will be just as good as of the previous ones so far! I haven't been disappointed yet.
  • my my my..

    i sure didnt expect april to die nor her baby for that matter, it was really sad to see that bit of the episode and eric poor thing.. at least he had his entire family with him to comfort to that police officer who keeps checking on the hawkin's family he's beginning to annoy me with his stupid questions .. i mean seriously how can he possibly show up every time hawkins is doing something he's not supposed to..bloody to mimi finally she's connecting with stanly's sister and at the end her scene with stan that was soo cute.. jake didnt have much to do with this episode not like the last ones.. though he had a very strong influence in bringing the doctor back to suture april even though his efforts were futile..and i wonder what happened to heather did she really now wana go back to jericho or is something stopping her .hmm.i guess we'll have to wait and see.. all in all it was a very good episode
  • Beautiful.

    This must be one of the most heartfelt episodes of Jericho, to put it simple, one of their best for this season so far. At least this is from my side - I loved it.

    All the things said, all the things done, all the things that happened, they had a very strong touch on me, and I really hope this won't be a one of a kind episode. This has really proved to me what a wonderful series this is, and that it was completely worth it to watch it from day one. I'll be sure to turn in every Wednesday.
  • So much happening in this episode!!!

    I love this show! Every episode keeps up the momentum from the last and the basic reason why I started watching this show is not lost. There is something truly primal about the idea of the end of life as we know it. True, these people have a little to hold on to (electricity, each other, etc), but the way they seem to hold it together amazes me.

    I have been waiting to see more about how other towns are surviving, and it looks like I will get the chance. Jericho has got to be the last vestage of human hope in the United States, and I can't wait to see how it is in the rest of the country. Some people may call some of the scenes cheesy (the ones that make me cry, but make my husband roll his eyes), but to me, they are excellent interpretations of how things would be. That's another reason I loke this show - something for everyone. I love this show!!!
  • An excellent episode where a lovely character died.

    This show simply gets better with each episode. I have been very impressed with the character development. In this particular episode, the people of the town are faced with winter getting even worse. April, the nurse who is pregnant, becomes ill and it becomes a fight for her life.

    I was particularly impressed with the character development of Dr. Kenchy. He was a troubled individual who was thrust into this situation and had to respond. Initially, his response was understandable, but disappointing. However, in the end he made the right response and is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the town.

    I think that this becomes the entire thrust of the show...the people of this town are good people. We are able to see that all of these people are working for the good of all involved. Unfortunately, some of these efforts are at conflict or objectively wrong. As a consequence, there is great conflict. I would not say that any person in this town is bad, but they sometimes make some bad choices.

    Also, the conclusion of this episode set up some great situations for future resolution as the season comes to an end.

    This episode was sad as well because April was hurt throughout the show and finally, she is the one who dies. It touches upon reality, that there are bad things that happen to very good people.

    Great episode.
  • Its a sad day in Jericho as one of its doctors "buys the farm" as they say.

    The doctor Jake and Eric brought back from Rogue River - Kenchy Dhuwalia is called in, half drunk, to try and save April - the baby has already been lost. Kenchy has been drinking ever since he tried in vain to save the hospital patients in Rogue River who had been shot by crazed members of Ravenwood. He is clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He tries in vain to save her and even Jake knows deep down April isnt going to make it either but convinces him to at least finish the surgery to allow family and friends time to say their goodbyes. April was clearly a character without a future but still, she was just so nice its sad to see her go. Even Eric was feeling horrible about the situation. Meanwhile Hawkins is busy trying to cover up the killing of Sarah by his daughter Allison with a number of suspenseful close calls as the Sheriffs deputy starts asking questions about Sarah. He is also trying to hide the bomb in a new location and once again the deputy shows up nearly discovering his secret. I suspect they wouldnt be happy with Hawkins having a thing like that in town any more than his wife Darcy was. They also discover the body of the assassin Sarah killed and ask Hawkins about it. Fortunately someone saw else Sarah driving that night.

    There was one semi-bright spot as the first power generating windmill from New Bern arrives to being supplying some power without resorting to the generator currently running off bio-diesel which is in short supply. Heathers friend tells Jericho that Heather chose to remain in New Bern for now - it didnt sound like he was being truthful. Then negotiations take an ominous turn as trust is in short supply and to insure Jericho delivers part of its Spring crop to New Bern they take several of Jerichos men to New Bern to help in the production of the other windmill generators need by Jericho. Johnston makes a comment regarding the suggestion by Gray that Jericho reneg on their promise to deliver food to New Bern, he says "Thats how wars get started" - this is a possible foreshadowing of Episode 19, Casus Belli and could be where they have to bring out the TANK !

    While not as good as the action packed previous episode it wrapped up the role of April effectively, developed the character of Dr. Kenchy Dhuwalia and set up action for future episodes as Spring approaches. Next week Mayor Scumbag aka Gray Anderson stirs up big trouble as he deals with the refugees Roger brought to town.
  • A very intense episode.

    Wow is about all I can muster at the moment. This was a very intense episode. There are quite a few unresolved issues and questions that make you want to come back for more. Events occur that nobody expects, especially the death of an important character. Feelings are expressed that everyone watching has been waiting for for a long time. Many of the characters are coming into their own skin, such as Eric, Kemchy, Mimi, and others. The episode sends you on an emotional roller coaster until the very end. As always, "Jericho" doesn't disappoint. This is an amazing show.
  • Just when you thought things couldn't get worse. May contain spoilers

    I was lukewarm about this show in the beginning but now I love it. I think it is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It had a slow start creatively, but now it's amazing. Drama, suspense, Skeet Ulrich, and it's a modern day western! Also I've always wanted to know what happened after the nuclear disaster or the natural disaster before things get better again (ie the end of Deep Impact). I was sad to see April go but the time had come for there to be some direct impact due to the times. They had way too many near misses. In the new world someone had to die and as characters go I was glad it was April. Though I think they could of done alot with the baby storyline. Dale's getting quite gun happy these days, I wonder if they are going to address all these kids roaming around. That's why the government instituted mandatory schooling, kids with idle hands and no parents is not a good thing. Should be interesting to see where Dale and Skylar go, there has got to be some reperccusions.

    Nice to see Hawkins not having control over everything. Though I can't stand his wife. Maybe its her bad haircut-or her acting....can't tell.

    Good twist with having the ten men go to the other town. Something better not happen to Stanley though. He's too great of a character. Great episode and can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. People better start watching again. I don't want it to be cancelled.
  • This show is not all about a bomb...get over it!! :D

    April dies and so does the baby. I honestly thought she would just lose the baby but she's gone, too. I wish Dale would die but instead he and Skylar got to make out. Dr. Kenchy is drunk and cool. How is he getting drunk!? I don't know...I don't really care either. It's a TeeVee show, I'm just watching. :D Eric leaves Jericho to go build some windmills..he's off with Heather. When is she coming back...don't know...don't really care right now. Robert Hawkins was in a pickle and got out of it. Jimmy was hilarious. I'm sad to see him and Darcy apart and I hope they work all that stuff out. Jericho is getting themselves into trouble with the deal they made for the windmills but we'll see what happens later, I agree, they should have more help by the time New Bern comes over to collect their crops.
  • I can't believe I cried.

    I absolutely love this show. I am so happy it became about the people in Jericho instead of some sci-fi kind of thing (nothing wrong with Sci-fi though).

    Seeing the emotion in the Green family when April died made me get teary, you could actually see how much they mean to each other. The interaction between Mimi, Bonnie and Stanley was wonderful also. I am glad that Mimi and Bonnie are developing a relationship since Stanley has been taken from them. I truly hope this show gets a second season.
  • great episode

    April collapses at work and goes into early labor. Jake gets the drunk Kenchy to come to the hospital to treat April. Hawkins is having problems with his personal life as his wife refuses to talk to him. Dale confronts a farmer who refused to honor passed deals with Gracie. This episode looks good, it slows down a notch after the high octane episode of the previous episode. It's a good one though, the writers fleshed out all the main characters, the supporting casts did well, the story didn't look dry, there's some fluidity in every scene, it's a watchable episode.
  • Winter, Son's April Death, April's Death, Despair, Nuclear Threatening, Hunger Threatening. Hope?

    Continua saga familiei Green in lumea post nucleara cu o noua drama, moartea lui April si a fiului nenascut. Incercarile de a o salva sunt sortite esecului de la inceput din cauza salbei inzestrari a spitalului. Dale dovedeste ca a devenit barbat si ca de aici inainte lupta pentru supravietuire va deveni apriga. Zece oameni din oras printre care Stanley si Eric devin moneda de schimb pentru trocul dintre Jericho si o localitate vecina. Acolo vor fi realizate zece mori eoliene contra 700 kg de sare si 10% din recolta din toamna urmatoare. Continuadestramarea pentru familia Hawkins, Darcy si copiii se separa de Robert. Amenintarea nucleara din preajma acestuia aduce blestem si moarte. Enjoy!
  • April goes into labor.

    What a bittersweet episode.

    I was surprised that the writer had the guts to let April die. I always liked her so I wasn't too happy about that, but it did lead the way to some new, potentially interesting storylines.
    Eric going away and Heather not returning with the wind turbine makes me wonder whether everything is OK. Will Eric and Heather need rescueing sometime in the future??

    Dale standing up for himself and getting some girl action was a good development, I thought. I hope he's growing up.

    Stanley and Mimi, what can I say. It was on the cards and finally it happened. I'm glad for them and with the little bonding between Mimi and Bonnie, it might just work out, especially with Stanley gone too. I just hope he returns quickly, I like Stanley...
  • Alot of the true feelings of the towns people was revealed during this episode.

    I thought that this episode brought out the true feelings of the Green brothers,and Eric's true feelings for April.Was very impressed at the mother for putting her anger aside to tell Eric that they would care for Mary while he was away.A mother always puts her childs needs above her own and the character just showed this.
  • Survival is getting harder and one of Jericho's finest says goodye.

    I couldn't believe it, April and her baby die. It was real tearjerker moment. I can't believe they killed her off, she wasn't my favorite character but she was one of those background characters who you're so sad is gone. I especially broke down when April says that she likes the name Tracy. I think she was still thinking that the baby survived. It was so sad. This episode also shows that Gray Anderson is not capable of being mayor. I can easily see how panicky he became during the whole wind turbine argument came up. Those guys from New Bern are really shady. What happened to Heather anyway? I hope she's not dead, I can't stand to lose another lovable background character. I'm very worried about the guys that went with them. They're one of the strongest in Jericho and it would hurt the town really bad if they died, especially Stanley, he can't leave Bonnie and Mimi behind.

    I was very nervous when they said that a body was found in the woods. I thought Robert was busted for sure. If they find the body of the hitman, then in no time, they'll find Sarah's body. I'm just waiting to see what he has to say when that happens

    There were also a lot of character developments in this episode, like Dale becoming not-so-wimpy, Mimi becoming less princessy, and Kenchy finally pulling his share. I'm really gonna miss April, but I can move on and watch the next episode.
  • Tragic episode.

    This episode was a bit ERish. April collapses and Dr Dhuwalia has to operate on her to save the baby, the power cuts out so the surgery is done by torch light. In the end April looses the baby and tragically dies herself with Eric holder her hand, the whole Green family come together to grieve her death, very touching.

    The guys from Black Jake come back with the Windmill and they make a deal with Jericho to make more windmills in exchange for 10%of Jericho's spring crop and lots of Salt from the mine. They also require some men to go with them to help them build the Windmills and also to keep them as collateral so they will actually receive the food. Stanley and Eric go with them, they say there goodbyes and Stan and Mimi tell declare their love for each other which is a tear jerker in itself.
  • Poor Jericho.

    Well, Jericho lost one it's most prominate doctors. Not only did April, who seems to have given her life to help others by exhausting herself, die, but also a poor little baby. No grandchildren, no son/daughter for anyone. It would of been an interesting storyline if the baby survived, but I guess not. I'm glad the doctor stayed on, I like his character. I wonder what is going to happen to the men that left Jericho to help with the windmills (where is Heather too)? Something fishy is going on there. Does anyone else think Hawkins family moving in with the Deputy is a good idea?
  • 2 sweet lives sad episode

    I thought that the Heart Of Winter was the most emotional episode but I was wrong. April's baby...lost. But even worse, April herself; a beautiful soul who the town needed as a doctor and her friends and family needed for love...gone... She was cheated on, lost her baby and then lost her on life. Why couldn't Eric who I still dislike could have gone. I liked the guys from the other town in Black Jack but now I am worried, Eric and Stanley and 8 others off with them and no sign from Heather, she decided to stay? Sort of an emotonal filler episode. I hate the Robert storyline right now.
  • Well... what a way for things to turn out for April & the baby...

    While I don't agree with killing off April, or her unborn child, I can see why the producers took the route they did with her. For one thing, she hasn't been seen since the episode in which we got to see what happened the day before the bombs went off. That was certainly one clue that something nasty was coming to that particular character.

    Secondly, some woman actually do have complications during a pregnancy. Even in today's world with all of our medical advances -especially in prenatal care, some woman still die of pregnancy complications and/or devliery issues. April had pregnancy complications. And with the lack of the proper medications on hand, the proper equipment, and trained docters that specialize in high risk pregnancies, death was bound to happen to at least the baby, if not both mother and child. Again, I don't agree with killing off April or the baby, as there were still some great storylines that could have been played out. But now that they have killed off April and the baby, other possibilities can happen -like Eric actually being forced to actually deal with the choices he made (in reguards to cheating on April, and then actually leaving April for Mary).

    And while he could have dealt with those issues while April was alive, there's also a deeper sense of ... dealing with them, Eric no longer has the option of going back to April, to talk to her, to seek her forgiveness, etc, if and when he'd actually chosen those options.

    I wouldn't wish the death of a child, unborn or even as an adult, on anyone. But with Eric losing the baby & April, Eric will do some major soul searching, and hopefully come away from this experience a better man for it.

    I don't think he would have done that soul searching, not this spiritually (if you can call it that) deep, without their deaths...
  • Sad episode to date.

    A very sad episode and that I hate it that April died and that her baby will never know the name of her mother. Glad that she got to name the baby before she died. Which is a comforting fact. Gary I think should step down as mayor as he isn't no good. Can't wait for next week's show.
  • April looses the baby, Hawkins scrapes by on lies..

    The windmill promises to bring some power back, but food supplies now and in the future don't look like they will be enough. April looses the baby, Hawkins hides the package again, and avoids being implicated in the body found in the woods. There will be more friction and turmoil between surrounding cities as long as there is a shortage of food and power. While overall law order is being maintained, the less important issues and contract disputes still don't make life easy or fair in Jericho. If they can make it through the winter it will be a step in the right direction, maintaining order and producing enough food to make it through next year and to barter and trade may make or break everything.
  • Review

    April randomly going into the hospital was a decent storyline because of the character devolopment that spanded from it, but it didnt make for the most exicting of an episode. After April died I thought the episode got some life to it, with the conclusion to the trade coming in the episode as well as two huge character devolopments.

    Mimi and Stanleys scene together was huge. Just to see how far they have come since the beginning of the show was just great. Dale and his girl finnaly doing something was another nice moment in the episode, again that happens in the end of the episode.

    Heather not being there was interesting, either she grew away from Jake or something happened to her that we dont really know yet. Eric also made a huge commitment in this epsiode, leaving the town for a while to help build the windmills. Im sure we wont see him for a while, but his storyline needed a little something anyway. Overall, one of the worst of the season but the ending of it was solid.
  • Thought this show was faltering, however the second half of this episode reedeemed Jericho for me

    I have to admit i was getting slightly bored with Jericho, gone is the tension about the bomb and all the suspicion and gone is the mystery surrounding some characters. With that i thought it was going to fail, and the first half of this episode confirmed this for me. I didnt care about any of the charcters any more, it all seemed a bit boring. However the entire scenes within the hospital and operating room were brilliant. It was tense and heartbreaking at the same time, something i didnt think they would do with it (i had a feeling they would go with the happy ending with everyone ok and april alive)
    Hopefully Jericho keeps like this now (maybe drop some other mysteries in) but the human survival element is what is keeping this show great.
    A bit of coldplay always helps aswell
  • April goes into labor

    April goes into labor early and has the baby. The baby dies which broke my heart. Then April died! I was absolutely shocked at this turn of events. Eric was with her which was nice at her end. I was severely disappointed in this turn of events, however. Why is it writers are determined to kill off the nice people but drag out story arc's like Hawkins? Stanley and most of the good people left are off to New Bern and promising away part of their spring crop at the same time. I just don't understand what exactly they are doing that for.

    It was an extremely downer episode.
  • Two steps forward, one step back. Some crucail issues were addressed, some dead weight gotten rid of,and some soap opera thrown in for good confusing measure.

    First off the good (and there was a lot of it in this episode). They killed off a semi major/regular character April, and have brought Kenchy in as the town doctor. I like Kenchy; he's world weary, burnt out, a borderline drunk, i.e., he has personality (something April didn't).

    The bargaining for crops/salt .vs. wind power turbines shows the differential value that distinct, seperate communities would quite rightly place on different commodities. Another good dose of realism here! The notion that New Bern would want hostages is also smartly done (foreshadowing for the Casus Belli episode), as is Dale's taking the law into his own hands. It's also nice to see events start to spin out of Hawkin's control.

    Now the bad (there wasn't a lot, but boy was it painful).

    New bad boy Dale and Skylar in bed together. This seemed maulin and awkward. Note to Dale; you idiot; you just robbed a man at gunpoint; have you ever heard of the word repurcussions?. Ah well, maybee this will lead to a hardcore episode about social breakdown, but I doubt it.

    Mimi telling Stanley that she loved him and vice versa

    If you could remove these two subplots/scenes and drawn out the New Bern negotiations, I would have given this episode a 9.

    At least they can roast April and have a barbeque. Bout 100 pounds of meat right there.

  • well an atom bomb may have destroyed Denver, but it seems a stupid bomb hit Jericho, because there is nothing intelligent in this episode.

    I love this series, I just wish that the characters would have a little bit of common sense. But what have we got? Supposedly common small town folk, behaving like big city people think of them, a bunch of stupid hicks.

    First of all, there's the subplot with Hawkins. Nothing much happens, even though it's a major part of the screen time. Hawkins cleans up the mess of Sarah's blood and guts, gets the body buried (er, isn't it winter? isn't the ground frozen?), doesn't get caught out (yet), Darcy doesn't rat out on him (oh, maybe she did, we don't really know), but he does find out about the guy Sarah killed...

    And then there's Dale and Gracie's store. This farmer guy had a deal with Gracie, but he's not honoring it. Dale demands his fair share. Does he negotiate? Does he reason with him? Does he explain how important keeping his word is for future deals? How the farmer is going to need supplies and it's Dale that will have them? No. Any of that would take half a brain, but Dale is just a stupid country hick, right? so he takes his gun, loads it up, and gets his portion at gunpoint. And then there's the deal about the generators. Like a generator is some mystical piece of high technology that's beyond most country folk, and someone out in New Bern knows how to make them, and so the Bernies have them over a barrel. Hello! even a quarter wit country boy knows that a car alternator is a generator, and doesn't take a whole lot of know how on how to stick a fan blade on an alternator and stick it on a pole. It's the dumb-ass writers that are ignorant of basic mechanical or electrical know-how. Now, of course, an alternator on a stick (with voltage regulator of course) is just gonna make about 14v electricity, so it wont do to power regular 120v gizmos, but hey, 12-14v systems can do a lot. and hey, many people have regular generators already designed to run off of gas or diesel, those could easily be converted to run off wind, water, or even horse power. And with power inverters, a car voltage system could easily be cranking out 120v. But does anyone in Jericho know this? Nope. Again, the city slicker writers think all country folk are dumb hicks. AND then to add insult to injury, the mayor, the former mayor, and all the other top dogs in town don't know the first thing about negotiating. The Bernies have them, they gotta have the power, and so they'll take whatever deal is offered. The Bernies at least know this, and then, having gotten their demands, demand more. They need to borrow ten men to help build the generators???? What freakin' idiot wrote this crap? and Jericho says, OK, sure, we don't need our best farmer to get the spring crops going that we promised you 10% of. Sure, take our best guys. If the scripts don't get any better, this show is gonna go down the drain fast.
  • What the puck happened in this episode?!

    I can't begin to understand why on God's earth would they want to kill April and her baby[Tracey]?!
    I truly can't!!!
    And to think that i was looking forward to this episode all week!!!

    They killed a truly powerful storyline here.
    Jericho is about a town that is facing trails and testing due to war----i get that; however, it is more than a town struggling to survive physically! What about emotional survival??? Doesn't that count for something???
    By killing April and her un-born child, they killed a great storyline. One where the audience would have gotten a chance to see how people deal with war on a emotional and romantic level. What was the point of Eric having an affair; April getting pregnant; and they subsequently having a divorce...if the jack@$$es of writers were going to abort the storyline??? I can't believe they did that? Have their brains taking a complete leave of absence???
    Have they gone stark raving mad???
    Answer me!!!

    On another note, why the hell did they send Stanley on that "trip"??? That is the beginning of an abortion of another great storyline!
    I am fed up of these @$$-holes messing up great storylines!

    What the crap have television come to??? Or is it just a "tele" without a vision???

    Nevertheless, as pissed as i am now, i'll probably cool down in a few days...hopefully, by then, the writers would ahve returned to their senses and redeemed this show...until then---this episode SUCKED BIG TIME!!!