Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Two steps forward, one step back. Some crucail issues were addressed, some dead weight gotten rid of,and some soap opera thrown in for good confusing measure.

    First off the good (and there was a lot of it in this episode). They killed off a semi major/regular character April, and have brought Kenchy in as the town doctor. I like Kenchy; he's world weary, burnt out, a borderline drunk, i.e., he has personality (something April didn't).

    The bargaining for crops/salt .vs. wind power turbines shows the differential value that distinct, seperate communities would quite rightly place on different commodities. Another good dose of realism here! The notion that New Bern would want hostages is also smartly done (foreshadowing for the Casus Belli episode), as is Dale's taking the law into his own hands. It's also nice to see events start to spin out of Hawkin's control.

    Now the bad (there wasn't a lot, but boy was it painful).

    New bad boy Dale and Skylar in bed together. This seemed maulin and awkward. Note to Dale; you idiot; you just robbed a man at gunpoint; have you ever heard of the word repurcussions?. Ah well, maybee this will lead to a hardcore episode about social breakdown, but I doubt it.

    Mimi telling Stanley that she loved him and vice versa

    If you could remove these two subplots/scenes and drawn out the New Bern negotiations, I would have given this episode a 9.

    At least they can roast April and have a barbeque. Bout 100 pounds of meat right there.