Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • What the puck happened in this episode?!

    I can't begin to understand why on God's earth would they want to kill April and her baby[Tracey]?!
    I truly can't!!!
    And to think that i was looking forward to this episode all week!!!

    They killed a truly powerful storyline here.
    Jericho is about a town that is facing trails and testing due to war----i get that; however, it is more than a town struggling to survive physically! What about emotional survival??? Doesn't that count for something???
    By killing April and her un-born child, they killed a great storyline. One where the audience would have gotten a chance to see how people deal with war on a emotional and romantic level. What was the point of Eric having an affair; April getting pregnant; and they subsequently having a divorce...if the jack@$$es of writers were going to abort the storyline??? I can't believe they did that? Have their brains taking a complete leave of absence???
    Have they gone stark raving mad???
    Answer me!!!

    On another note, why the hell did they send Stanley on that "trip"??? That is the beginning of an abortion of another great storyline!
    I am fed up of these @$$-holes messing up great storylines!

    What the crap have television come to??? Or is it just a "tele" without a vision???

    Nevertheless, as pissed as i am now, i'll probably cool down in a few days...hopefully, by then, the writers would ahve returned to their senses and redeemed this show...until then---this episode SUCKED BIG TIME!!!