Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Just when you thought things couldn't get worse. May contain spoilers

    I was lukewarm about this show in the beginning but now I love it. I think it is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It had a slow start creatively, but now it's amazing. Drama, suspense, Skeet Ulrich, and it's a modern day western! Also I've always wanted to know what happened after the nuclear disaster or the natural disaster before things get better again (ie the end of Deep Impact). I was sad to see April go but the time had come for there to be some direct impact due to the times. They had way too many near misses. In the new world someone had to die and as characters go I was glad it was April. Though I think they could of done alot with the baby storyline. Dale's getting quite gun happy these days, I wonder if they are going to address all these kids roaming around. That's why the government instituted mandatory schooling, kids with idle hands and no parents is not a good thing. Should be interesting to see where Dale and Skylar go, there has got to be some reperccusions.

    Nice to see Hawkins not having control over everything. Though I can't stand his wife. Maybe its her bad haircut-or her acting....can't tell.

    Good twist with having the ten men go to the other town. Something better not happen to Stanley though. He's too great of a character. Great episode and can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. People better start watching again. I don't want it to be cancelled.
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