Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Survival is getting harder and one of Jericho's finest says goodye.

    I couldn't believe it, April and her baby die. It was real tearjerker moment. I can't believe they killed her off, she wasn't my favorite character but she was one of those background characters who you're so sad is gone. I especially broke down when April says that she likes the name Tracy. I think she was still thinking that the baby survived. It was so sad. This episode also shows that Gray Anderson is not capable of being mayor. I can easily see how panicky he became during the whole wind turbine argument came up. Those guys from New Bern are really shady. What happened to Heather anyway? I hope she's not dead, I can't stand to lose another lovable background character. I'm very worried about the guys that went with them. They're one of the strongest in Jericho and it would hurt the town really bad if they died, especially Stanley, he can't leave Bonnie and Mimi behind.

    I was very nervous when they said that a body was found in the woods. I thought Robert was busted for sure. If they find the body of the hitman, then in no time, they'll find Sarah's body. I'm just waiting to see what he has to say when that happens

    There were also a lot of character developments in this episode, like Dale becoming not-so-wimpy, Mimi becoming less princessy, and Kenchy finally pulling his share. I'm really gonna miss April, but I can move on and watch the next episode.