Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Somber Winter

    One of the qualities about the show is that it does a lot of unexpected things and this one is another on their list, it takes out the character April. The loss of her reminds me of how characters get marked off in other shows like 24 and Lost. Both of them have always had characters depending on how well attached or unattached to them you wouldn't think they would die but they do, it just sets up the jepardy level showing how unsafe the major and minor chracter truely are. I'll admit I was never really attached to her character much, but she was a good woman and I would think that she would have the baby and start up some sort of family relationship with Eric, current significant other, her and the baby. But I honestly didn't think she was going to die but she did, which I'll admmit I felt sad and wonder about the future of many of the other charcter's of Jericho. But also in this episode we discover chracter as well as some other unexpected thing happening which makes us worry just as much. Dale is starting to become more of a man, take charge and control of things, especially with his relationship with his significant other. The new mayor isn't quite working out, I always knew that he wouldn't be a good mayor he's just a bit weak and can't really think things though very well. Robert's is as usual becoming more and more detached from not just his family but Jerico himself, I can't help but feel he should keep his business a secret anymore because it seem like too big a problem for Robert himself to solve it was also sort of a weakness of his keeping too much to himself because he felt it was the only way to protect others and himself, unfortunately he's biting more than he can chew as we seen his so called significant other Sarah almost killed his family, as well as a close call with a baddie. He needs to at least tell Jake the the other team members about it, before things get worse and he might not ever go back to his family (well if he can get back to them), sure one man can win a battle but it takes an army to win a war. But the other unexpected thing is our would be allies back in Black Jake demand something more in order to get the windmill built and working, something Jeriko may be unable to give them. So for coladeral they take at least about 10 people from their town as hired hands to help built a windmill. Of course the team reluctantly agrees, and we can't help but wonder whether the allies will keep their end of the bargin but most of all will Eric, Heather, and Stanley survive. Only time will tell from the passing seasons.
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