Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Its a sad day in Jericho as one of its doctors "buys the farm" as they say.

    The doctor Jake and Eric brought back from Rogue River - Kenchy Dhuwalia is called in, half drunk, to try and save April - the baby has already been lost. Kenchy has been drinking ever since he tried in vain to save the hospital patients in Rogue River who had been shot by crazed members of Ravenwood. He is clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He tries in vain to save her and even Jake knows deep down April isnt going to make it either but convinces him to at least finish the surgery to allow family and friends time to say their goodbyes. April was clearly a character without a future but still, she was just so nice its sad to see her go. Even Eric was feeling horrible about the situation. Meanwhile Hawkins is busy trying to cover up the killing of Sarah by his daughter Allison with a number of suspenseful close calls as the Sheriffs deputy starts asking questions about Sarah. He is also trying to hide the bomb in a new location and once again the deputy shows up nearly discovering his secret. I suspect they wouldnt be happy with Hawkins having a thing like that in town any more than his wife Darcy was. They also discover the body of the assassin Sarah killed and ask Hawkins about it. Fortunately someone saw else Sarah driving that night.

    There was one semi-bright spot as the first power generating windmill from New Bern arrives to being supplying some power without resorting to the generator currently running off bio-diesel which is in short supply. Heathers friend tells Jericho that Heather chose to remain in New Bern for now - it didnt sound like he was being truthful. Then negotiations take an ominous turn as trust is in short supply and to insure Jericho delivers part of its Spring crop to New Bern they take several of Jerichos men to New Bern to help in the production of the other windmill generators need by Jericho. Johnston makes a comment regarding the suggestion by Gray that Jericho reneg on their promise to deliver food to New Bern, he says "Thats how wars get started" - this is a possible foreshadowing of Episode 19, Casus Belli and could be where they have to bring out the TANK !

    While not as good as the action packed previous episode it wrapped up the role of April effectively, developed the character of Dr. Kenchy Dhuwalia and set up action for future episodes as Spring approaches. Next week Mayor Scumbag aka Gray Anderson stirs up big trouble as he deals with the refugees Roger brought to town.
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