Season 1 Episode 17

Winter's End

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • well an atom bomb may have destroyed Denver, but it seems a stupid bomb hit Jericho, because there is nothing intelligent in this episode.

    I love this series, I just wish that the characters would have a little bit of common sense. But what have we got? Supposedly common small town folk, behaving like big city people think of them, a bunch of stupid hicks.

    First of all, there's the subplot with Hawkins. Nothing much happens, even though it's a major part of the screen time. Hawkins cleans up the mess of Sarah's blood and guts, gets the body buried (er, isn't it winter? isn't the ground frozen?), doesn't get caught out (yet), Darcy doesn't rat out on him (oh, maybe she did, we don't really know), but he does find out about the guy Sarah killed...

    And then there's Dale and Gracie's store. This farmer guy had a deal with Gracie, but he's not honoring it. Dale demands his fair share. Does he negotiate? Does he reason with him? Does he explain how important keeping his word is for future deals? How the farmer is going to need supplies and it's Dale that will have them? No. Any of that would take half a brain, but Dale is just a stupid country hick, right? so he takes his gun, loads it up, and gets his portion at gunpoint. And then there's the deal about the generators. Like a generator is some mystical piece of high technology that's beyond most country folk, and someone out in New Bern knows how to make them, and so the Bernies have them over a barrel. Hello! even a quarter wit country boy knows that a car alternator is a generator, and doesn't take a whole lot of know how on how to stick a fan blade on an alternator and stick it on a pole. It's the dumb-ass writers that are ignorant of basic mechanical or electrical know-how. Now, of course, an alternator on a stick (with voltage regulator of course) is just gonna make about 14v electricity, so it wont do to power regular 120v gizmos, but hey, 12-14v systems can do a lot. and hey, many people have regular generators already designed to run off of gas or diesel, those could easily be converted to run off wind, water, or even horse power. And with power inverters, a car voltage system could easily be cranking out 120v. But does anyone in Jericho know this? Nope. Again, the city slicker writers think all country folk are dumb hicks. AND then to add insult to injury, the mayor, the former mayor, and all the other top dogs in town don't know the first thing about negotiating. The Bernies have them, they gotta have the power, and so they'll take whatever deal is offered. The Bernies at least know this, and then, having gotten their demands, demand more. They need to borrow ten men to help build the generators???? What freakin' idiot wrote this crap? and Jericho says, OK, sure, we don't need our best farmer to get the spring crops going that we promised you 10% of. Sure, take our best guys. If the scripts don't get any better, this show is gonna go down the drain fast.
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