Jerry Coleman

Thursday 8:30 PM on Premiered Sep 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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Jerry Coleman

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Jerry Coleman fronts a gang of misfits drifting their way through High School in a Scrubs meets Seinfeld style single-camera format show.

The focus is on Jerry Coleman with his narrations and his many misadventures through life, finding himself in the process.

His so-called friends nicknamed "The Seinfeld Gang" consist of Andy Johnson, the sex-obsessed jiggly and giggly dude, George Heyward, and El Salvadorean immigrint whose bookish tendencies prove to be his undoing as he is hastily remorseless and with evil deep inside him ready to purge. Dave Lemons is a wobbily geek who's been mothered way too much in his life to rebel, and can shock you with how very dumb someone can be.

Revolving around the gang is Chantal Roy, a sweet and innocent girl with a typical school girl crush on Jerry, but will doing anything to be with him, giving up on any morals or principles. Too bad that Jerry's heart belongs to another as Gwen Stefalin, the pretty and popular girl takes his breath away with every graceful movement. She's cocky (if she had one) and a bitch, but this only covers the loving and misguided heart she has. Too bad she has a boyfriend- the insepid Duane. Lastly, there is the lovable and confused Mr. Smack who can't deal with teacher-student relations. He befriends Andy, and becomes closer to him in more ways than one. (Not in a gay way)..moreless

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AIRED ON 9/26/2004

Season 2 : Episode 1