Jersey Shore

Season 2 Episode 4

Breaking Up

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Sammi and Ronnie's relationship is strained further, and the other girls come up with a plan to let Sammi know the truth about what Ronnie is doing behind her back.

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  • Jersey Shore Season 2, Breaking Up, aired 8.19.10

    Is the Jersey Shore's Sammi Sweetheart so fundamentally flawed that she can't break out of the box her character is in?

    And can Sammi and Ronnie stand alone as compelling characters after their inevitable breakup?

    In this episode, Sammi tells Snooki, Jenni, and Angelina that she'd never forgive them if they knew something about Ronnie and didn't tell her; and the girls decide to write an anonymous letter to Sammi exposing Ronnie's "creeping." We'll need to tune in next week to see if they go through with giving Sammi the letter.

    Is Ronnie and Sammi's constant love-hate relationship good for the fans of the show? Do we want to see this played out every week, with a fight followed by Sammi taking Ronnie back? At the clubs, the Situation sums up what we're all thinking when he asks Ronnie-Sammi "How much can you fight!? Every day?"

    Betrayal is a major theme of tonight's episode: Should Sammi blame the guy who doesn't know better or can't help himself, or should she blame her housemates for not telling her? It seems that Sammi is holding her housemates to a higher standard (the girls are required to tell her). But she gives Ronnie a free pass. In one scene, the group plays a game of anonymous questions drawn from a bowl and Ronnie stumbles through his answer to "Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend or boyfriend?" Sammi senses Ronnie's misbehaving, but she loves him so much that she refuses to believe it. That seems to be why the group doesn't know how to tell her – because she might go back to Ronnie even if they tell her.

    By contrast, Snooki gets a drunken call from her boyfriend Emilio in which he admits that he cheated on her, and then he recants and says he's "just kidding." So Snooki doesn't know whether he did or didn't cheat, but she makes a decision and ends the relationship … signified by Snooki and the girls breaking plates in the back porch area (fun to watch, sort of like their version of flipping over a table as they did in that other New Jersey reality show about housewives.)

    Not much else happens in the episode. The show seemed out of synch like it was stuck in motion until the Sammi-Ronnie thing gets resolved.

    Which brings us to the larger question: if Season 2 can't get past Sammi and Ronnie's roller coaster relationship, week after week after week, then is this show any better TV than shows like 'Gossip Girl' or 10 year-old DVD's of 'The Real World?'

    - Adam 109S, a former staff writer for and, grew up on the Jersey Shore.moreless

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