Jersey Shore

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2010 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Jersey Shore Season 2, Creepin' - aired 8.12.10

    This episode continues the story arc of Ronnie getting drunk at South Beach clubs and making out with random girls, only to have Sammi take him back at the end of the night (hence the episode title Creepin'). We're also introduced to the gang's new jobs at Lecca Lecca Gelato Caffe on 11th & Collins, which sports an iconic statue on its porch: a grey granite dog with bugged out eyes and the neck of a camel. However, the bigger story is Angelina's (Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick) disruption of the house and we realize that the show might need a casting change.

    The episode opens with fallout from Angelina's fight with Pauly and Mike. Angelina slapped Pauly's face a few times and then denied doing it. Pauly and Mike react by losing their cool and pushing her away, and at that point it's clear that Angelina's alienated both the girls and the guys in the house. As Pauly puts it, "I can't believe that she would step on the only toes that she had [left] in the house." The following morning, Angelina apologized to Pauly for slapping him. He said he'd accept the apology and they'd be housemates but they wouldn't hang out together. In a catch phrase for the evening, Pauly tells her, "Just do you." (According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase is similar to "do what you do," as in "they see how you are and plan on doing their own thing.")

    Angelina's ability to cause commotion is unmatched by the rest of the cast – even Ronnie. After Angelina is friendless in the house, Snooki – by Mike's suggestion – invites Angelina back into the group of girls provided that Angelina apologizes for talking trash about them, so she apologizes. The tension seems to disappear and the show moves on to other topics. As a production note, I wouldn't be surprised if the show pushed the girls' reconciliation with Angelina so they wouldn't have an isolated (and thus useless) character after she parted ways with Pauly and Mike at the start of the episode. While controversy helps ratings, the discord surrounding Angela was ruining the flow of the show …

    'Jersey Shore' is still at its best when its characters are loose and having fun. This is in contrast to many of the other roommate reality TV shows which prop up one-dimensional characters with constant bickering. The 'Jersey Shore' cast members, particularly Mike, Vinnie and Pauly, are at their creative best when they're having fun and not bogged down in conflict. That's why the content on 'Jersey Shore' seems so much more fresh than anything the star writers of AMC's 'Mad Men' can come up with, and incidentally, a major reason why 'Jersey Shore' clobbered 'Mad Men' 2-to-1 in a ratings battle of the hot summer TV series. Other cast members such as Snooki and Ronnie are also most interesting when they're having fun and letting it all hang out: it's where their personalities – and the true genius of the show – come out. It's each character's flake and spontaneity that caused the show to grow 194% in ratings this summer according to the latest Nielsen ratings. And for now, it works.

    The episode tidies up its story lines with Angelina back with the group for now, Mike trying to shield the guys from grenades, and Ronnie calling Sammi his girlfriend while they're working at the gelato shop. However, in the last minute of the episode, Snooki and Jenni are eating curbside on Lincoln Road discussing how to tell Sammi about Ronnie's creeping, and as the music and credits roll, we see Sammi home in bed and Ronnie out at the clubs dancing with other women and drinking it up. We can expect fireworks next week on that end.

    It will also be interesting to see if Angelina will survive as a cast member. Has she turned the corner and is here to stay or will she fall victim to a casting change?

    Quote of the week: Vinnie, on Jenni's club dress with no center in the front: "Jenni's [beep] definitely defy gravity. I think Albert Einstein should come back and rewrite his laws of physics and work it around Jenni's [beep]." (Note: Albert Einstein lived in New Jersey too after emigrating to the U.S., on a leafy Princeton area street. Is Einstein passing the laws of physics torch down to Vinnie?)

    - Adam S., a former staff writer for and, grew up on the Jersey Shore.