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  • Watching this show may only be for an hour, but it more feels like I spent 20 hours of my life I will never get back

    I want to know why MTV allowed this show to air in the first place at all. I already hate reality TV with a passion and this show alone fueled my hatred for it even more. I caught this show on TV the other night and since I never heard of it, I figured I should see it, and after enduring it, I was really appalled. I have seen a lot of bad reality shows, but this tops them all in terms of badness. All the characters in this show are really unlikable in every way, shape, and form they are arrogant, stereotypical, and some are insecure. The characters in this show do not do a single thing that will make you like them at all, they are just terrible stereotypes. To make matters worse, they are Italian descendants and I feel sorry for anyone who is Italian descendant and for mocking them. As for story, all the characters do is party again and again to be famous. Last time I checked though, to be famous, you had to work to be it. This show is just an epic failure from beginning to end and this show deserves to be canceled and the people of New Jersey need to chase MTV and these characters out of their state. It's not only a disgrace to Italians, but it makes New Jersey look bad, and I am willing to bet that any New Jersians try not to talk about this show. Do not watch this show and let it finally be canceled like it should have been after the first season.