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  • The reason why MTV fails nowadays.

    After watching the season finale of the 2011 season of Beavis and Butt-Head, I was excited for the next season to come out in 2012. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of MTV giving shows like this another season. MTV, either change your name or go back to airing music programming like you used to do because I am tired of you airing reality shows all of the time! Now let's get to the point. Jersey Shore is the WORST TV PROGRAM TO EVER AIR IN AMERICA EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! The show really gives Italians a bad name and makes me ashamed to be a descendant of an Italian. Yes, one of my ancestors was Italian so this show is an insult and mockery of Italians and New Jersey and I'm sick of it!!!!!!! I have no idea why teens like this show at all. They don't even care that a MUSIC television network is airing REALITY SHOWS now! So even if you're Italian, a descent of an Italian, or not, you will hate this show! Thank God it's cancelled! But now we have other bad spinoffs to take care of. >:c

    Rating: -infinity/10
  • a show satan himself would despise

    hey remember when mtv came out with funny stuff like beavis and butthead, daria, clone high and even jackass or when they played music, mtv went from playing song by nirvana too watching "people" fuck,get into fights and party, you know things that you could be doing instead of watching jersey shore.
  • What a cheap show. It`s pathetic

    The show really gave Italians a bad name. Plus, it made New Jersey look very bad. The theme song for the introductions was too bland and had a throw up feeling to it. The show is the biggest low fo MTV by far. There was nothing good from this show. Just a critism after critism routene just waiting to happened.
  • My poop would be a better TV Show

    The only people who like this show are the dbags of america and the stupid swag teens who are an embarrassment to my generation. There's not one thing good about this show. Sluts drinking until they can't talk and douchebags taking advantage of them, and one one pumping it's fist like he's in a fight with oxygen. Oh, and they're all orange.
  • You either love it or you hate it!

    Frankly, the show gives me diabetes, and I only started watching it when it was featured on season 8 of Beavis and Butthead. When it comes down to the (albeit distorted) aspect of youth culture though, as a guy, I found it mildly entertaining with some corny heart-felt lessons of fraternity, an (albeit even more distorted) incite to the mentality of promiscuous women and sorority, all the cliched drama of any reality show, and a soundtrack consisting of an up-to-date techno-bop club music genre that our current generation of 12 to 14-year-old girls, part of the majority of the MTV audience, listens to. Yeah, certainly compelling to watch, but with crap like this on television today, much including MTV, it kinda makes one wonder why "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" got canceled after two seasons, AND THIS DIAREA DONKEY SHIT COMING OUTTA MY DICK ENDED AFTER SIX!!! It's taken the current generation to hell in a hand basket. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  • It all makes sense why people these days are so dumb now, especially kids.

    Jersey Shore has got to be the worst shit MTV ever made. If the "M" means "Music", why can't they show music programs? Why do they have to make all this reality crap? Reality shows are dumb. I can't believe kids under the age of 13 watch this crap, that's why kids nowadays are bad behaved and fucking idiots, because of shit like this. This should be banned and never seen again. God, I can't believe I said Nickelodeon's new shows are making kids dumb, but kids actually watching this?!?!? MTV to me now means "Moron Television" because we have crap that makes people dumb, and most of their shows are about dumb people. Beavis and Butt-Head is decent, but not special. This show should get a zero, but I can't give it a 0 unfortunately. Parents should be aware of this show and ban their kids from watching this. If I were a parent, I don't care if my kid is 17, I would not allow him to watch this bullshit.
  • welllllllllll

    It started out good ended Badly :)
  • Embarrassment to the Human Race

    This show and the people in it are an embarrassment to the human race. The people in it are worthless trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. This is what is wrong with society. Anyone who likes this show is just as bad, so if you like this show, you are the reason that television sucks so much today. Absolutely nothing happens on this show. They drink, smoke, eat, screw, skip work, repeat. Whoopdie-freakin'-doo. What is the point to this show? Nothing; there is no point, and it is not even entertaining because it is so aggravating. Of all the people on this show, Jenni is the least trashy, pathetic, and worthless, even bordering on respectable (isn't she the oldest?) I don't think that she has had sex with anyone except her boyfriend(s) since the show started. Gasp! Someone on the show is not a dirty whore? Perish the thought!
  • H O R R I B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    This show is fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD it's on its final season....END THE TORTURE...I would give it a 0 if I could.
  • Kill it. Kill it with fire.

    What has the world come to? Don't watch it. Nuff said :(
  • Was Good Before it Got Mainstream..

    Season 1 was the best. Season 2 was okay. Season 3 was bad. Season 4 was awful. I didn't even bother watching the 5th season, or the spin-off's. The episodes used to be really interesting and full of drama. But now, MTV always have to hype up the previews just to get ANY viewers. I actually tuned into season 4 to watch the Bitchuation get his ass handed to him by Ron. Only to find out the idiot bashes his head against a wall in a fit of rage. A WALL. Seriously...? The real fight was only about 2 seconds long. The whole fight was caused because Ron and Sam still can't move on. The sex must've been good or something, since they're still 'sooo in love with each other', despite them doing everything but beating each other's faces into hamburger meat in the third season. That new girl who replaced Angelina (who I wanted to massacre every time I saw her, heard her, etc.), Deena, who likes to toss salad (if you know what I mean...) is annoying and has really nasty habits. The boys on that show aren't cute at all. Pauly D is really old and he's not as drop dead sexy as people say he is and he thinks he's an awesome DJ, but he's not all that. But he's fun-loving and cool in my book, cause he doesn't act like the Bitchuation. Hmmm, speaking of him... Mike looks like a pig on crack, Ron's okay looking, and Vinny is probably the best looking guy on there, but he's still pretty average. Snooki is a whiny drunk. I couldn't stand her in Season 4. All she'd do is moan and whine about her midget boyfriend, Jionni. And she'd always bring the other girls into the drama. It's not all about you, princess. The only people who I actually like on that show are Jenni and Pauly D, because they don't cause as much drama as their roomates. Everything on that show looks so staged and fake. This show's lost the very little charm it had.
  • just stupid

    This show is ridiculous. The guys are freekin man whores and they are how old, should be grown out of that discusting behavior. Deena and snookie are straight up trashy whores Its a show about drunks!
  • Disgrace to the human race

    The above reviews say it all.
  • This is just sad

    I'm sorry this is so bad i wish i could give this show a .25 out of 10 but i can only give it a one out of 10
  • Can't believe this is what the world is coming to.

    Liked at first then just got repetitive.Sad to hear about the shore. Glad it is over soon.
  • They should name this show drama with no point.

    These people portray themselves to be drunks. They wake up and drink. They go to bed drunk and just try to see who they can randomly sleep with or who they can fight or what to cry about. The tv show makes money off making fun of these people. I feel bad for them. There is so much more to life.
  • I hate this show.

    As a proud resident of the state of New Jersey, these New York guidos make this state look like more of a shithole than it already is. I pray everyday that these people get killed somehow. I must say thank you to Chris Christie for removing the tax reductions for the production of this tripe.
  • funny

    This show is the funniest drama filled shows. This show is the shit keep it going
  • This Show is Good...

    I mean this has had it's drop down the reason i didn't want to watch it any more is because my certain charecter Mike was being turn against and I didn't really want to see that happened to one person against 6 others I thought they treated mike wrong at points in the season and I just couldn' watch that any more.
  • People who live in Jersey Shore make Italians look bad, not the show.

    The show highlights moronic behaviour that occurs every summer on the shore. Don't hate the show, hate the people on the show, who I find hilarious. Maybe we should spend less time complaining about shows being "terrible" and maybe take a stronger look at American culture and the behaviour they promote on their reality tv shows. If I lived in America, I would be ashamed that my country turned people like that into celebrities.
  • TV show that is disgraceful to noble Italians and the entire human race.

    Ok, this show is ruining every italian heritage. This is disgraceful to good italians like Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino.

    Concept: Garbage, it includes laying around the corners of the streets and beaches, Fist pumping and doing stupid things.

    Episodes: Just like above. Getting into some fights is the most things that happen here.

    Overall: I'll give this a -1 for ruining the Italian heritage, and being stupid that it ruins the rep. of the human race.
  • Watching this show may only be for an hour, but it more feels like I spent 20 hours of my life I will never get back

    I want to know why MTV allowed this show to air in the first place at all. I already hate reality TV with a passion and this show alone fueled my hatred for it even more. I caught this show on TV the other night and since I never heard of it, I figured I should see it, and after enduring it, I was really appalled. I have seen a lot of bad reality shows, but this tops them all in terms of badness. All the characters in this show are really unlikable in every way, shape, and form they are arrogant, stereotypical, and some are insecure. The characters in this show do not do a single thing that will make you like them at all, they are just terrible stereotypes. To make matters worse, they are Italian descendants and I feel sorry for anyone who is Italian descendant and for mocking them. As for story, all the characters do is party again and again to be famous. Last time I checked though, to be famous, you had to work to be it. This show is just an epic failure from beginning to end and this show deserves to be canceled and the people of New Jersey need to chase MTV and these characters out of their state. It's not only a disgrace to Italians, but it makes New Jersey look bad, and I am willing to bet that any New Jersians try not to talk about this show. Do not watch this show and let it finally be canceled like it should have been after the first season.
  • What is wrong with Tv producers?

    I thought spongebob was bad news, but this show is just disgusting. The reason people love it so much is their sooooo ugly that can't look away and they're trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with them.


    A group of white trash people who are extremely desperate for money, so they dress act and are white trash that party make out and punch eachother in the face for money
  • How these disgusting and awful people have their own show is way way beyond me

    This show is probably the worst reality show ever( To be honest I do not like reality shows in general.) but never in my life have I seen such you know whats this bad before ! Seriously, these people are the most unlike able people I have ever seen in my life. As, for what happens in this show there really is not much besides the fact that they party, although they do some other stuff but they mostly just party. One thing that makes me really sick is that this show truly truly makes Italians look bad and New Jersey look bad too! ( I know that has been pointed out many times but I can not help but metion this cause it is so true.) With all of this being said just stay away from this show, it is that bad!
  • Jersey Shore

    i absoloutly love jersey shore , i watch it every single week . sammy and jwow are my fav girls and my fav boys are ronnie , vinny and pauly d.
  • I'm embarrassed for all people of Italian descent.

    After going through the hell of watching an entire episode I have to speak out against this monstrosity that is called a television show. It's really a disgusting program, filled with trashy, disgusting people. Hopefully these people are just characters, instead of actual people. But then again I have come across unbelievably out of this world people before, so I wouldn't be surprised. Furthermore, this is degrading to anyone of Italian descent. It makes anyone from Jersey look bad. How anyone enjoys such trash reality television such as this is beyond me. It's just some of the crap the characters say and do, are so disgusting and sad, they really are weak characters. And don't get me started on Snookie...she is so insecure, obviously. The excessive fake tanning will affect her in her later years. These people will be quite pitiful in 10 to 15 years from now, if they keep up they way they are. Actually I hope these people truly grow out of their sad ways, and become more exceptional people. But now, all I have to say is; "Way to make Jersey look like trash."
  • Wow, and I thought the current shows on Disney Channel were trash.

    What the hell is this? Really, what is this show about? This has got to be the stupidest most obnoxious pile of dung to ever hit TV screens since Wizards of Waverly Place. And it's on the channel that was formerly known as Music Television, MTV (which influenced rival Disney Channel and sister network Nickelodeon to go the same direction, only toned down so it can appeal to kids).

    The show focuses on a group of people who do nothing but party hard and get drunk and wasted.That's all the show's about, nothing else. Some of the cast members' actions include the following.

    1. Getting into fights

    2. Publicly being disorderly and drunk

    3. Just being plain stupid

    Who thought of this idea? Seriously, this is the type of garbage that makes "Wizards of Waverly Place" look like a Steven Spielberg movie. This show is a disgrace, not only to Italian-Americans or Americans in general, but is also a disgrace to human beings in general. It does nothing that will interest anyone with sense, and the only people who would love this garbage is people with no class, high-school dropouts, and just people who are just plain white trash. This show is nothing but a big fat f***ing faiil! I recommend this show to absolutely no one.
  • Can you give a frikin zero on this website?


    Can you give a frikin zero on this website? Stupid, obnoxious, annoying, ignorant and everything i would expect from New Jersey. New Jersey isn't bad. Not everybody in New Jersey acts like that, i have friends who live in New Jersey who hate this show even more than i do. I didn't see a full episode i saw ten to 15 minutes before going to the bathroom to wash out my eyes.The series follows the lives of eighthousematesspending their summer at theJersey Shore. Bad t the bone. Basically Total Drama Island in New Jersey and without the entertainment. Obnoxious cast.


    Michael Sorrentino aka "The Situation"
    (bombed at the roast of Donald Trump, just saying)

    Jennifer Farley aka "JWOWW"

    Nicole Polizzi aka "Snooki"

    Paul DelVecchio aka "Pauly D"

    Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

    Sammi Giancola aka "Sweetheart"

    Vinny Guadagnino

    Angelina Pivarnick

    Deena Nicole Cortese

    Bad cast. Go away!

  • Oh my gosh, I can't stand this crap. How does everyone love this crap?


    Okay, most of the my friends at school love "Jersey Shore". I really don't understand why anyone would love to watch this crap?. Seriously? what is wrong with the intelligence of people these days. This show just makes everyone much more stupid and that's probably how America started to get missed up after watching television crap like this. All reality shows are just pretty much crap and I hate them so much. Why the (bleep) does everyone love "Jersey Shore". It's not even funny at all. It's just a bunch of slutty, insincere, and stupid adults that just go party and so the most stupid things. Ugh, everyone on this show just drives me insane. Why is this show renewed for a 4th season? how can everyone love this. It just drives me crazy knowing that people actually love this and think it's comedy. This show shouldn't even have started in the first place. This stupid MTV show gives bad examples to children, teenagers, and adults. If you are wondering why people are so stupid, insincere, and just slutty. The answer is because they watch television crap like "Jersey Shore", "16 and Pregnant", "Teen Mom", and every single reality show that MTV airs because they apparently have no intelligence. Overall, please stay away from "Jersey Shore"... the only example they will give you is just party and do stupid things... I can't stand this show, please get it off the air already. 1/10

  • These characters are annoying but amusing


    As much as i want to say that i don't like this show, i can't. But i also can't say that I like it. I've watched between 5-10 episodes now out of boredom.

    I think most of the "characters" be it Snooki, Situation, etc. aren't really likable but they are entertaining and in the end television is about entertainment.

    People shouldn't take this show too seriously and take it for what it is: entertainment from a group of snobby douche bag party animals.

    They make me laugh and entertain me at the same time they're annoying me. It's not something I'd recommend anyone to watch but if you're bored with absolutely nothing to do, then it's something to do.