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  • Oh my gosh, I can't stand this crap. How does everyone love this crap?


    Okay, most of the my friends at school love "Jersey Shore". I really don't understand why anyone would love to watch this crap?. Seriously? what is wrong with the intelligence of people these days. This show just makes everyone much more stupid and that's probably how America started to get missed up after watching television crap like this. All reality shows are just pretty much crap and I hate them so much. Why the (bleep) does everyone love "Jersey Shore". It's not even funny at all. It's just a bunch of slutty, insincere, and stupid adults that just go party and so the most stupid things. Ugh, everyone on this show just drives me insane. Why is this show renewed for a 4th season? how can everyone love this. It just drives me crazy knowing that people actually love this and think it's comedy. This show shouldn't even have started in the first place. This stupid MTV show gives bad examples to children, teenagers, and adults. If you are wondering why people are so stupid, insincere, and just slutty. The answer is because they watch television crap like "Jersey Shore", "16 and Pregnant", "Teen Mom", and every single reality show that MTV airs because they apparently have no intelligence. Overall, please stay away from "Jersey Shore"... the only example they will give you is just party and do stupid things... I can't stand this show, please get it off the air already. 1/10