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  • Embarrassment to the Human Race

    This show and the people in it are an embarrassment to the human race. The people in it are worthless trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. This is what is wrong with society. Anyone who likes this show is just as bad, so if you like this show, you are the reason that television sucks so much today. Absolutely nothing happens on this show. They drink, smoke, eat, screw, skip work, repeat. Whoopdie-freakin'-doo. What is the point to this show? Nothing; there is no point, and it is not even entertaining because it is so aggravating. Of all the people on this show, Jenni is the least trashy, pathetic, and worthless, even bordering on respectable (isn't she the oldest?) I don't think that she has had sex with anyone except her boyfriend(s) since the show started. Gasp! Someone on the show is not a dirty whore? Perish the thought!