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  • Was Good Before it Got Mainstream..

    Season 1 was the best. Season 2 was okay. Season 3 was bad. Season 4 was awful. I didn't even bother watching the 5th season, or the spin-off's. The episodes used to be really interesting and full of drama. But now, MTV always have to hype up the previews just to get ANY viewers. I actually tuned into season 4 to watch the Bitchuation get his ass handed to him by Ron. Only to find out the idiot bashes his head against a wall in a fit of rage. A WALL. Seriously...? The real fight was only about 2 seconds long. The whole fight was caused because Ron and Sam still can't move on. The sex must've been good or something, since they're still 'sooo in love with each other', despite them doing everything but beating each other's faces into hamburger meat in the third season. That new girl who replaced Angelina (who I wanted to massacre every time I saw her, heard her, etc.), Deena, who likes to toss salad (if you know what I mean...) is annoying and has really nasty habits. The boys on that show aren't cute at all. Pauly D is really old and he's not as drop dead sexy as people say he is and he thinks he's an awesome DJ, but he's not all that. But he's fun-loving and cool in my book, cause he doesn't act like the Bitchuation. Hmmm, speaking of him... Mike looks like a pig on crack, Ron's okay looking, and Vinny is probably the best looking guy on there, but he's still pretty average. Snooki is a whiny drunk. I couldn't stand her in Season 4. All she'd do is moan and whine about her midget boyfriend, Jionni. And she'd always bring the other girls into the drama. It's not all about you, princess. The only people who I actually like on that show are Jenni and Pauly D, because they don't cause as much drama as their roomates. Everything on that show looks so staged and fake. This show's lost the very little charm it had.
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