Jersey Shore

Season 2 Episode 2

The Hangover

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2010 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Jersey Shore Season 2, The Hangover, Aired 8.5.10

    Can spontaneous, seemingly-unscripted sound bites carry a show to immortality? Has MTV threaded the needle of success for today's ADHD audiences?

    In this episode, we are shown the gelato place where the group will eventually start their first day of work. Ronnie and Sammi undergo an endless and painful to watch cycle of fighting, followed by Sammi going home early in the night, followed by Ronnie picking up girls and then crawling into bed with Sammi. And Angelina nearly incites a house riot when she inflames Pauly and Mike followed by JWOWW nearly taking a swing at her.

    But the moment of the night was far less predictable. After Snooki ruins dinner by dropping the chicken on the floor, Mike "The Situation" orders takeout:

    Mike: Yeah I'd like to place an order for pickup please.
    Delivery Guy: What's your name?
    Mike: Situation.
    Delivery Guy: The name?
    Mike: Yes that is Situation, capital S I T U A T I O N.
    Delivery Guy: Whatever man. What's the order?
    Mike: [Instead of getting mad at the guy on the phone, Mike sees the absurdity in this and laughs it off].

    So far, the trio of Mike, Pauly, and Snooki are the only ones capable of delivering such a weekly line-heard-around-the-demographic. The one you hear the next day on The Soup. The one that gets referenced on Chelsea Lately. The one that Conan O'Brien would elevate. The one they mention on ESPN's Sports Center and which goes viral on Youtube and throughout the hallways of schools.

    Wit isn't a stranger to JWOWW or Vinnie but they're not the vehicles for it. The 3 faces of the show: Snooks, The Situation, and DJ Pauly D, are the Jersey Shore's formula for success. Sure there is the oft-repeated lingo, such as G.F.F. (grenade free foundation), G.T.L. (gym, tan, laundry), or the one used to describe Ronnie this week (I.F.F. – which is synonymous with Ronnie messing up big), which makes the show fun. Sure there is the shock value -- symbolized by Pauly's cement hair up-do (he said in an interview he uses Joico's Ice Spiker, which is like Dawson Creek's Dep Gel on steroids), Mike's 8-pack abs, or Snooki's spray tan and hair poof. Are those merely the window dressing to get us to tune in?

    So after these first couple weeks of Jersey Shore's Season 2, we see the golden sands between South Beach Miami and South Jersey lined with a few key story lines, namely Ronnie-Sammi's hoopla and Angelina's commotion...

    But the pop of the waves comes from the memorable sound bites from The Three Stars.

    Reality moment most real: Changing of the t-shirts. The guys wear 1 shirt post-shower and put on the decked out, fresh t-shirt when it's time to go out (this is true, at least for those of us who grew up on the Shore).

    - Adam 109S, a former staff writer for and, grew up on the Jersey Shore.