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Six stylists from New Jersey fight for the spotlight in this new comedy docusoap on The Style Network. Get ready for big drama, big families, and very big hair!

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    Gigi you can be a nice person but you take your friends for granted and you always creat drama and sometimes very childies;two faced and always blameing others for something you did its time to grow up and you need to let frankie go its starting to get obsessive

    Olivia you are a very sweet and quiet person and the most mature and kind hearted person and you a very good friend to them all and why do they give you trouble just for being friends with frankie it seems they always pull you into the middle of theyre drama you such a good friend they take you for granted I love your style and if I were your friend I wouldnt take you for granted

    frankie you a different carriecter in a good way you smart you always stay away from the drama and you a very loyal friendmoreless
  • YouTube season 6

    I just saw that season 6 is uploaded on YouTube as it airs.

    Name for episodes;

    Jerseylicious S06E01

    Jerseylicious S06E02

    Jerseylicious S06E03

    Jerseylicious S06E04
  • dying for s06 jerseylicious

    from Australia I cannot find any episodes of season 6, can anyone help missing my favourite show
  • Reunion Show Part 1

    Really Tracy? You are such trash, and ignorant, your supposed to be a mature woman planning to get married and start a family, but you are still screaming and hitting people, I am surprised no one has pressed charges on you yet. There are other ways to deal with situations than yelling and hitting. When you have kids is that how you are going to raise them by yelling and hitting them all time? Grow up already.

    When you had that altercation with Gigi at the book party and Anthony spoke to you about the upcoming Sandy fundraiser he put you right in your place watch that episode again and listen to how childlish you where talking to him "I said to corey" yada yada yada, Anthony was right he pays your salary to work not to see or hear your childlish drama.moreless
  • jerseylicious

    Why did they put Tracy in the commercial with Olivia talking about the new fashion shows? She has nothing to do with Olivia's new job so keep Tracy out of Olivia's life, PLEASE !!!!!!!

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