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  • Season 5
    • 6/2/13
      Can't get enough of the "Jerseylicious" drama? In this tabloid-style special, we recap five seasons of catfights, starting with the longest running battle: Tracy versus Olivia. And when Gigi got between these two stylists, we uncover the most epic battle of them all! Cathy and Gayle have also had their tiffs, but Cathy created a bigger issue with Anthony when he fired Filly for posing in "Playgirl" magazine. Plus, see the fashion revolution of each cast member, and we reveal their Jersey horoscopes.moreless
    • 5/19/13
      Following Tracy and Gigi's physical altercation in the first half of the reunion special, the cast returns to finish hashing out their differences. Tracy and Corey remain backstage to cool off from their emotional confrontation, while Gigi opens up on why it's so hard to be in the same room with the couple. Plus, Frankie's family and new girlfriend Brooklyn appear in-studio, which creates one big awkward moment for Gigi who has never officially met her replacement! Meanwhile, Filly's scandalous "Playgirl" photos are unveiled to the cast--leaving Anthony feeling satisfied with his decision to fire Filly. And before the end of the reunion, Tracy and Corey come back out for another fighting match with both Gigi and Olivia!moreless
    • 5/12/13
      Deception ran deep, friendships were broken and fights were terrifying in the fifth season of "Jerseylicious." Now, see the cast face off in a no-holds reunion! From style to friendships, it was a season of change and the cast is coming clean about the feuds that fueled the most dramatic season yet. We recap Olivia's single life and her mix-up with Frankie, and reveal never-before-seen shots from the night they met! Plus, good-girl Gigi finally sounds off on her big break-up, lost friendships and her kitchen confrontation with Olivia. Then, it's the biggest battle yet when Gigi and Tracy sound off on their former friendship. Does Tracy hit her boiling point when Gigi brings up her parents? See things quickly get physical and find out who exits the stage in part one of the most dramatic Jersey reunion to date!moreless
    • 5/5/13
      In the season finale, Olivia gives her all at planning Bergen Night Out--and her hard work pays off when her boss asks her to host both the red carpet and the fashion show. With Olivia on the path to becoming a style expert and host, Bergen Night Out is a complete success--until Gigi confronts Tracy about her ex being at her birthday party. Meanwhile, Filly approaches Olivia about moving to Los Angeles with him. Will she relocate to further her career and leave Jersey behind for good?moreless
    • #NotSorry
      Episode 13
      Olivia continues to expand her career as a style expert with her latest job as a junior contributor at For her first assignment, Olivia shoots a video review of a fashion boutique in New Jersey but worries that she won't live up to her editor's high expectations. Tracy throws a lavish '80s-themed party for her 25th birthday, and when Corey invites Gigi's ex Carmine, Gigi is furious! Later, Frankie opens up about his feelings for his girlfriend Brooklyn. Things are going great for the new couple, but when he starts to feel pressure from everyone around him, he wonders could he be ready for marriage?moreless
    • 4/21/13
      When her mom questions her single lady status, Gigi realizes that she still has feelings for Frankie and sets up a date with the woman who knows him best--his mom! Will the feelings be mutual, and will Frankie give Gigi another shot? Meanwhile, Olivia interviews for her dream hosting job, while Anthony is faced with a few hard decisions after Cathy ends their salon partnership.moreless
    • Surviving Sandy
      Episode 11
      After Gigi and Tracy's nasty fight, Jersey has another disaster to deal with--Hurricane Sandy! Grateful that their salons were left untouched by the storm, Gayle and Anthony team up for a fundraiser to help those who lost everything. But what will happen when Hurricane Gigi and Hurricane Tracy meet again? Plus, Olivia gets upset when her friends pressure her to go on a blind date--and The Glam Fairy herself, Alexa Prisco, becomes a Glam mommy!moreless
    • Love Inks
      Episode 10
      Anthony orders all hands on deck for the release of his and Olivia's book, "The Glamour State." No expense is spared on the fabulous celebration of everything Jersey, from wild style models to boardwalk games and more! But do the new authors make a fatal mistake when they invite Gayle and Gigi to the posh soiree? Anthony's legacy is on the line. Plus, Tracy has been looking to get a tattoo for years and now has the support of her fiance Corey, but her friends intervene to save her skin. See if Tracy gets some fresh ink of her own.moreless
    • What a Tease
      Episode 9
      Olivia heads back to school to pursue her dreams of becoming a TV host. But when she takes classes in the city, she finds there's still a long ways to go--and her Jersey accent is just the first hurdle she'll need to conquer if she wants to pursue her life dreams. Plus, now that Filly is officially fired from Anthony's salon, will he focus on modeling or head back to making pizzas? Then, Tracy's maid of honor Sammy sits her down to tell her she's completely lost her career focus and solely cares about planning her wedding. Will this ruin their friendship or open a new business venture for Tracy? Meanwhile, has Gigi lost a friend in Michelle when she gets caught in a game of telephone? See the drama unravel!moreless
    • 3/17/13
      Filippo's modeling career is beginning to sky-rocket and his first major photo shoot could be with "Playgirl." However, when he tells his mother Cathy about this new project, she is not pleased! But does mother know best? Then, Anthony learns about his photo shoot and threatens to fire him if he goes through with it. Meanwhile, Olivia wants to become a style expert and TV host. She decides to do ambush makeovers at the mall. She may know how to style, but her on camera work may need a little help. Then, Tracy has babies on the brain while helping Alexa prepare for her little one. Her friends think she should wait a bit after marriage, but Tracy has her mind made up!moreless
    • Do or Dye
      Episode 7
      Olivia and Nick are getting along great and she really likes him, but when everyone begins questioning their relationship status, Olivia becomes overwhelmed with anxiety. Also dealing with anxiety, Tracy continues to plan her wedding, but Corey notices that she is getting too stressed out and plans an intervention--with all her friends! Meanwhile, Gigi is feeling like a more mature woman after trying to hash things out with Tracy and Olivia. She decides to throw an event embracing change. However, not everyone is accepting the event--and the change.moreless
    • 3/3/13
      Anthony's dream is becoming a reality when he begins the photo shoot for his upcoming book on the 225th anniversary of Jersey's fashion and beauty. With only two days to shoot the photos, Anthony doesn't want any drama getting in the way, but things don't exactly work out as planned. After Gigi's talk with Olivia and Tracy, she thought that everything was smoothed over. However, Jackie decides to get involved in their drama, leaving Gigi feeling attacked. Then, to make matters worse for Gigi, Olivia gives her a reason to leave the shoot.o, Tracy officially makes the move to Staten Island where she and Corey can escape the Jersey drama!moreless
    • 2/24/13
    • 2/18/13
      Anthony is looking to create a legacy for himself, so he comes up with the idea to publish a book on the history of New Jersey style. He also thinks this is the perfect time to do so with the 225th anniversary of Jersey becoming a state. To help with his book, he asks Olivia to style the models and get the rest of the AR Salon team on board. Later, looking to avoid more drama with Gigi, Tracy decides to move to Staten Island with Corey.moreless
    • 2/11/13
      It should be the happiest time in Tracy's life as she and Corey start shopping for wedding venues. However, Tracy can't get over the fallout she and Gigi had, and she succumbs to the last resort of asking Olivia for advice. Then, Anthony visits The Gatsby to check out some of their high-tech dryers, but when he returns to Anthony Robert Salon with new ideas, Cathy is not pleased. Meanwhile, Jackie tries to hook Olivia up with her cousin. Will it be love at first sight or a disaster in the making? Find out!moreless
    • The Naked Truth
      Episode 2
      After her huge blowup with Olivia, Gigi realizes Tracy is the reason they are having issues with their friendship. In order to fix things, Gigi decides to talk to Tracy about her true feelings on their friendship and her wedding. But their conversation gets heated and leaves Tracy in tears. Meanwhile, at his monthly Blow Out Day, Anthony tries to convince Olivia to return to his salon. Then, Filippo signs with a modeling agency and has his first underwear photo shoot.moreless
    • 1/28/13
      In the season premiere, Gigi and Olivia are both freshly single--but could Olivia be after Gigi's ex? Plus, Tracy is well into planning her wedding and is turning into a bit of a bridezilla, so much so that Gigi considers dropping out of her wedding party. Gigi claims she doesn't like Tracy's cheetah-print dresses, but could it be that she's actually jealous she's not the one walking down the aisle? Then, Glam Fairy guru Alexa shares she's not only happily married--but they're expecting one more! Plus, Anthony is turning 40, and he'd like a carefree birthday--but parties in Jersey never go down drama free!moreless
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